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Steve Nissley: Quality products and services.


(1) Steve Nissley of Fishersville, Virginia welcomes you to this website of services, recreational products and fun themes of entertainment and recreation for your life.


 (2) “Building better lives together”; on the road, at home, on the farm, at camp, at the beach, in the woods, or out on the town.

(3) Thank you for coming to join Steve Nissley here at the home of recreation and fun ideas for your favorite hobbies and sport life! 


(4) If you are here looking for pages of fun ideas for recreation or want to see the musical instruments and other products available for purchase, Steve Nissley invites you to check out those items on the relevant pages on this website.

(5) If you are in search of a certain page, Steve Nissley invites you to check out the site map to your left or up at the very top or you can use the drop down list above to go to the page of your choice.

(6) Realistically, Steve Nissley’s site map on the left is quite likely to be the easier option to maneuver about to find what you are searching for.

(7) You may also use Steve Nissley’s search box to type in any word. For example if you are looking for a certain type of musical instrument like a guitar, flute or trumpet or other products of interest you can type a word of your choice in the search box.



(8) If you came here to learn as much as possible about Steve Nissley interior painting, please refer to the various "Painting" pages, or you can type words in the search box like “door painting” for example, or you can simply skip down to the lower part of this page and read about Steve Nissley painting here as well, if that is what you would prefer to do.


(9) Steve Nissley is so glad you have chosen to be here. This artistic website is composed of many fun themes, hobbies & activities, entertainment, services and many enjoyable quality products to choose from. 

(10) Steve Nissley takes great pleasure in welcoming you here at his theme of “recreation fun for life” and to introduce you to the website pages of articles and entertaining stories etc. that he has written along with the various services he offers and the fun recreational products available.

(11) Steve Nissley believes you will pleasantly enjoy the many fantastic quality product pages he has been adding from time to time for your useful enjoyment and recreation. 

(12) You have come to the right place with lots of new ideas to re-create your recreational life.

(13) Steve Nissley invites you to browse through this entire website to enjoy the many products and services and entertaining stories and articles of this website now and bookmark the pages you like the most for your pleasure, or simply continue having fun reading this entire Steve Nissley web page first, before continuing on to the next Steve Nissley web pages of enjoyment for your entertainment and recreation.  


(14) Steve Nissley has designed each of his web pages to lead you to some type of entertainment or recreational product or a service or entertainment either for your own benefit, or the benefit of others in your life, or both. 

(15) While it not being the original intent, this website somehow has become a consolidation of five prior websites, which Steve Nissley has combined into one fun package deal.

(16) The five websites that Steve Nissley had maintained over the years were as follows;

(1) painteryourway.com.

(2) buildingbetterlivestogether.net 

(3) recreationfunforlife.com  

(4) foreverhappy.com

(5) SteveNissley.net


(17) The consolidated one is of course SteveNissley.com



      Who Steve Nissley is

(1)  If you want to know more about Steve Nissley and his personal background and who he is in this world, you are invited to keep reading this Steve Nissley page. 


(2) Steve Nissley is a naturally born citizen of the United States of America, he was born in the State of Virginia.    

(3) Steve Nissley is a native of the village of Fishersville in Augusta County between Waynesboro and Staunton nestled in the central part of the Shenandoah valley basically near the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Alleghany Mountains being about 30 miles due west.

(4) Steve Nissley lives in one of the most gorgeous valleys in the country and has had the privilege of being brought up here and wouldn’t trade it for the world.  

(5) Steve Nissley does get itchy feet to travel at times to see what’s out there. Steve Nissley has always had this burning desire to bust loose and explore someplace else in the world, "anywhere but here", he says.

(6) But it seems like each time Steve Nissley leaves to go someplace else, whether it is only for a few days or for longer periods of time, he gets homesick very easily. It seems like Steve Nissley is always happy to come back to the valley, most natives of the valley would probably vouch for that also! 

(8) Steve Nissley was born to a large farm family in the Amish and Mennonite culture and heritage, which may have been a very good way of life back then.

(9) Steve Nissley’s parents, having been born and raised Amish, moved here from Kent County Delaware, in the Dover area, where they were raised. They later left the Amish and became Mennonite.

(10) Still later they settled for Amish Mennonite along with some participation with the old order Amish church still, simultaneously.

(11) Amish Mennonite is a step up from Amish and is a step down from Mennonite.

(12) Steve Nissley’s dad once asked him how he thinks he would have felt about it if the move from Delaware and the culture change from Amish to Mennonite, then to Amish Mennonite, had never happened.

(13) Steve replied that in such a case one would probably be ignorantly happy to have remained in ignorance as an Old Order Amish person, but that he is "very happy now that it is as it is"!

(14) Whenever you have a normal conversation with Steve Nissley, if he uses unclear terminology due to his Amish Mennonite heritage and culture, or if he says or writes things that are unclear please bring it to his attention.

(15) Steve Nissley is committed not to allow any irresponsible communications stemming from his heritage and culture to be in the way of any of his terminology so as to hinder, harm or hurt any of his relationships or friendships or to hurt or harm his social life or business dealings.

(16) What in life can be more important than to have clear communication in relating with our fellow human beings?


(18) All too often humans, especially anyone who was born in the Amish and Mennonite culture, may have been slightly reluctant in the past to take personal responsibility in a moment of any misunderstandings that may have been caused because by peer pressure or because of wanting to look good.

(19) Feel free to speak to Steve Nissley about it if you feel that he has not spoken clearly or appropriately concerning a matter.

(20) If Steve Nissley has been unclear in his speaking or has left you with unanswered questions about anything please make it known.

(21) Steve Nissley grew up in a large family on a small beef farm in the village of Fishersville VA in conjunction with another farm which his dad had also owned near the village of Stuarts Draft VA.

(22) Steve Nissley's parents moved to Stuarts Draft from Dover Delaware in 1951, perhaps in part to escape the rigidness of the "Old Order Amish community" in Delaware

(23) Thanks for the influence of numerous kinfolk already living in the Fishersville and Stuarts Draft area that took and welcomed them in as newcomers.

(24) Steve Nissley was born with the natural artistic talent and a passionate love for the interior painting trade, it seems as though he was “born with a paint brush in his hand”. You can read about his painting services in the painting section of this website.

(25) Steve Nissley's dad took great pride raising his children the right way with integrity and teaching them "hard labor”, and by all means, “do it right” if it was "worth doing at all", he would say. 

(26) Steve Nissley is grateful that in their youth, their dad had trained them hard labor, success, and perseverance.

(27)This training has really helped prepare Steve Nissley to establish himself and succeed in life in general and in his professional interior painting contracting business.

(28) Steve Nissley could not have asked for a smarter dad. One can imagine he is smiling down on his children now with great pride at their accomplished lives of success. 

(29) Steve Nissley’s dad was raised in the old time Amish Community of Delaware; his own father was a horse and buggy Amish Pastor "Bishop” in the Amish church in 5 church districts.


(30) Steve Nissley is one of the son’s of the late Ira D. Nissley, and their mother Matilda.  

(31) More often than not, Ira was called "I D", he had adopted a business title “Nissley And Son’s”. 

(32) Steve Nissley is sometimes called “Steve Jr” or “Ira Jr” or "I D Jr" though neither name is officially accurate. 

(33) Sometimes his friends call him Stevie or Steven. On his birth certificate, his official given name is Steven Eugene Nissley.

(34) Steve’s dad, the late Ira Nissley, was a Builder and a Master Brick and Block Layer; he also trained others in the trade.

(35) Steve Nissley’s dad, the late Ira Nissley, was also known as a Machinist. Plus that, Ira was also a Farmer, a Machinery dealer and a Real Estate and Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Salesman. Steve enjoyed this saying; “we don’t call these sweepers, we call them vacuum cleaners because that is what they are” end quote.

(36) The late Ira Nissley was also a real estate investor and mortgage broker. Before he passed away, he asked Steve Nissley to continue that legacy, which Steve Nissley may do in the near future.

(37) Steve Nissley is a grandson of the late Pastor "Bishop" David LeRoy ("Roy"). Nissley. The late “Roy Nissley” family came the east from Kansas.

(38) It could be possible that some of the Nissley’s ancestry may have settled in Kansas as a result of having migrated from Russia.

(39) It was said that some of the Russian Mennonites, who had fled the Russian communist persecution against any Christian religion, migrated to America. It was said that some of them settled in Kansas.

(40) It was said that they brought with them their prize red wheat from Russia and raised and harvested they the wheat in Kansas. That is how Kansas became known for growing and producing Russian red wheat, so it was said.

(41) But Steve Nissley is a direct descendent of Christian Nissley who supposedly sailed here from Germany several hundred years ago.

(42) As a result of having no resources of his own to pay his ship fare, Christian Nissley was supposedly stranded on the ship, unable to exit until someone was willing to pay his ship fare.

(43) Research revealed, or so Steve Nissley was told, that Christian Nissley was supposedly taken under the wing of an Amish man who paid his ship fare.

(44) Steve Nissley was told that this is probably how it came to be that Christian Nissley was introduced to the Amish way of life. 

(45) It is supposedly not believed that Christian Nissley was previously of the Amish or Mennonite culture. 

(46) Beings that Steve Nissley also does have some difficulties at times pronouncing the sounding of some of the other difficult Amish or Mennonite names, he certainly understands if you have difficulty with the pronunciation of the name Nissley.

(47) The pronunciation of Nissley is pronounced as it is spelled, or so we say. Northerners seem to have the easiest time with this. There are only short vowels in the name.

(48) Southerners tend to draw the name out by pronouncing it with a long "i" or sounding out the "i" as an "e".  The actual "e" in the name Nissley is rather subtle or silent or carried out as a long "e" In writing it out some have written Nicely or Nicley or Nessley or Nisly or Nisley.

(49) While these are all correct names in themselves, they are independent names, and likely came from the original name, none of them are the correct way to spell or pronounce "Nissley".

(50) Steve Nissley is believed to be in the sixth generation going forward. 

(51) Please, if you have any further information on this subject of Steve Nissley's family tree, or if you know of someone who does have, please do not hesitate to let Steve Nissley know about it.

(52) Steve Nissley wants to do some traveling in search of kinfolk, friends and other lost connections in the Amish and Mennonite communities across the nation. Help Steve Nissley build a family tree story.

(53) Steve Nissley would like to find some Amish kinfolk who would teach him how to operate a farm horse to plow a field; this would be a good experience and valuable knowledge. It could turn out to be a good experience to be able to drive a road horse, he is hoping he could adapt to the real country life and live like the Old Order Amish do for a short while. 

(54) Steve Nissley wishes he could find all the living descendents of Christian Nissley and Thomas Lee if it were possible, but that is a much larger task than Steve Nissley wants to take on right now, but still, if you are one of those descendents in the following paragraph, let Steve Nissley know.

(55) Steve Nissley wants to find as many descendents as possible of his paternal great grandparents, “Abraham and Elizabeth (Kauffman) Nissley” and Moses and Lydia (Miller) Schrock, and also as many descendents as possible of his maternal great grandparents: Noah and Matilda (Yoder) Lee and Gideon and Lydia (Yoder) Byler.

(56) If you have any such information, if you care to, please send Steve Nissley all the info you have on hand. Thank you so very much!

(57) If you care to, each of you who is a descendent of those mentioned, please send me your name, address, phone, email etc.

(58) And if you don’t mind, please include a brief personal statement or brief life story on a 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of copy paper and send it to Steve Nissley by snail mail or ask him for an email address. Thank you so very much!

(59) Please feel free to use both sides of a regular 8 1/2 x 11 size sheet of copy machine paper. Please include your signature on both sides as permission to use the page in the “family tree book”. If you email it you can sign it electronically

(60) When Steve Nissley has printed the book, it will be available on a 
donation gift basis to cover expenses.  A pre-donation gift would be more helpful so that Steve Nissley can cover the expenses already.

(61) If you are part of the family tree and would like to help, you may send Steve Nissley a suggested gift of about $14.00 to $18.00 of any amount towards the book that you feel is reasonable or appropriate.

(62) You may send the gift to Steve Nissley P.O. Box 1062 Fishersville VA 22939 or you may use the gift form. Thank you! 




And now for Steve Nissley interior painting


(1) :n this portion of this web page, if you feel at some point that it seems as though Steve Nissley is repeating himself below here somewhat in regards his last name and his background and as to whom he is as a painter, it is probably true in a sense.

(2) But Steve Nissley chose to do it that way because he is basically describing himself below here in a slightly different way in light of who he is as a interior painting contractor, even though he is the same person otherwise.

(3) Also keep in mind that what follows here is basically what you will likely see in the other Steve Nissley “painting” pages if you read them as well.








Steve Nissley painting: 

By Steve Nissley,  A hearty welcome is extended to you.



Section A: Steve Nissley painting service


(1) Steve Nissley is a professional Interior luxury painter for your home, your local & travel painteryourway interior Steve Nissley painting person.    

(2) Steve Nissley thanks you for your interest in his residential & commercial fine Steve Nissley painting business.

(3) Steve Nissley is joyful to provide you with first choice professional interior paint projects. His upscale interior paint projects are a priority because he is totally committed to his specialty; Steve Nissley interior paint projects.

(4) Because Steve Nissley likes to do a lot of traveling and he has kinfolk scattered across many states, he is offering painting services state by state in the following states

Alabama (AL), Arkansas (AK), Delaware (DE), Florida (FL),   Georgia (GA) Illinois (IL), Indiana (IN), Iowa (IA), Kansas   (KS), Kentucky (KY), New York (NY), North Dakota (ND) Minnesota (MN), Missouri (MO), Maine (ME) North Carolina (NC), Ohio (OH), Oklahoma (OK), Pennsylvania (PA),  Tennessee (TN), Texas  (TX) and possibly others.   








Section B: Steve Nissley painting service


(1) Established 1987, 25+ yrs of excellence! Steve Nissley is a skilled experienced interior painter since more than 30 yrs ago! 

(4) If you have a completion deadline for the Steve Nissley painting project that must be met or if you have a certain proposed start date and a proposed completion date for the Steve Nissley painting project, he will try his best to accommodate your needs.

 (2) Steve Nissley painting availability varies; there are times when he has just gotten done with a Steve Nissley painting project.

(3) In such cases, Steve Nissley may have an interval in his painting schedule available for you, before the next Steve Nissley painting project is due to be commenced.

(4) But there may be times that Steve needs to schedule your Steve Nissley painting project on the bottom of the list for Steve Nissley painting projects.

(5) In such a case Steve Nissley will probably get to your Steve Nissley painting project within two or three months, or he may be able to fit yours in a interval that comes up sooner than that between two other Steve Nissley painting projects.



Section C: Steve Nissley painting service


(1)  As a confident leader in the Steve Nissley painting industry, Steve Nissley says; “Steve Nissley is the guy that knows the trade”, quietly “raising the bar”.

(2)  “Steve Nissley is the one for you”, setting a prime example in the glamorous luxurious Steve Nissley painting.

(2) The Steve Nissley painting contractor business is very well established, it is a well known reputable superior painting company. Steve Nissley is highly recommended for top quality craftsmanship in the east, west, north and south.

(3) Steve Nissley has many years of experience in providing painting. Many of Steve Nissley’s individual painting customers have regarded Steve Nissley as “incomparable”, saying Steve Nissley was the best available choice of the decade for luxury painting anywhere nearby, value for value


Section D: Steve Nissley painting service


(1) Steve Nissley; Travel painter: Having been born and raised in the Amish Mennonite culture; often times when Steve Nissley goes traveling, according to the customary cultural ways, for lodging purposes they as a people keep a habit of staying for the night with kinfolk or friends or other Amish or Mennonite connections in traveling. 

(2) This type of lodging arrangement is commonly practiced among Amish and Mennonites for a spontaneous gift or a much smaller fee than what the expense of a motel would be.  

(3) Steve Nissley feels ok about it if there is no regular bed readily prepared. Steve Nissley will gladly accept meager accommodations if necessary.  

(4) Steve Nissley will often accept a sofa bed or couch, or even rough it with a pillow and sleeping bag on the basement floor or in the hay & straw barn.

(5) In nice weather Steve Nissley enjoys sleeping outside in a sleeping bed. Also camping with friends and kinfolk is fun.

(6) These types of classical travel arrangements are great to make Steve Nissley painting projects more accessible and more readily available from east to west, pending his current independent schedule as a painter, and his availability.

(7) This type of travel Steve Nissley painting arrangement is very much like the new "couch potato" program Steve Nissley has recently discovered on the internet where you can register and hang out as travelers, getting to know and mutually trust other registered users and crash on their couches. Very unique!

Section E: Steve Nissley painting service


(1) Because of his life circumstances and because of the close knit culture Steve Nissley was raised in, he could very easily be available to travel most anywhere from east to west to serve you with Steve Nissley painting business!

(2) Pending his schedule in the Steve Nissley painting business and pending his availability, he may be able to provide Steve Nissley painting in any remote locality in VA or in other States, from east to west.


(3) In the state of VA, Steve Nissley’s “primary service area” for Luxury painting includes the I-81/I-64/29 corridors in the cities, towns & surrounding areas of the counties of Augusta, Albemarle, Greene, Madison, Rockingham and Rockbridge.

(4) Steve Nissley’s “secondary service area” in VA for Luxury painting in Luxury painting includes the 29/I-66/I-95/I-495 corridors in the cities, towns, and the surrounding areas of the Counties of Culpeper, Fauquier, Fairfax and Prince William. 

(5) The general span of area where Steve Nissley has consistently provided services as a professional painter the most frequent, in the past 25+ years of business, was in the inner and rural areas of Madison, Charlottesville, Waynesboro, Staunton, & Harrisonburg; mainly within about 40 miles of the Afton Mountain portion of the local Blue Ridge Mountain.


(6) Because Steve Nissley likes to do a lot of traveling has kinfolk scattered across many states, pending his high class interior wall painting schedule and his availability; he is offering eloquent interior Steve Nissley painting services state by state in the following states and possibly others;

(7) Steve Nissley interior room painting for [primarily in Virginia (VA)] Ohio (OH), Delaware  (DE), North Carolina (NC), Georgia (GA), Florida (FL), Pennsylvania (PA), Oklahoma (OK), Indiana (IN), Missouri (MO),  Kansas (KS), Tennessee (TN) Kentucky (KY), North Dakota (ND) Illinois (IL), Iowa (IA), Upstate New York (NY), Arkansas (AK), Texas (TX), Alabama (AL), Minnesota (MN).

(8) A few of the other states where Steve Nissley may be the easiest and the quickest inclined to provide Steve Nissley interior home or office painting a little more quickly than the rest of them; besides providing High Class painting in Virginia; are the states of North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida, Georgia, North Dakota and Upstate New York.

(9) In the state of Massachusetts and in the other states mentioned, depending on the circumstances, and his availability, Steve Nissley offers contracting & subcontracting services for; interior painting of business offices, commercial Industrial warehouses, stores, storefronts, restaurants, cafés, cafeterias,  delis, community halls commercial kitchens, etc  (new construction or existing building structures).



Section F: Steve Nissley painting service


(1) Most of Steve Nissley painting business is generated through Customer referrals and repeat business from east to west and north to south. 

(2) His customers are generally more than satisfied and confidently recommend reputable Steve Nissley painting to friends and neighbors with pride. Thank you!

(3)This is the best method of advertisement that Steve Nissley could possibly wish for! Thank you! And thank you for confidently doing business with Steve Nissley.

(4) Anytime you need Steve Nissley paintings please feel to call him to discuss in detail any desired Steve Nissley paintings needing to be done.

(5) When you call, ask for “Steve”. His cell telephone number is 540-255-3787. Put his name and number in your billfold and cell telephone contact list and stick up it on your refrigerator door. Tell a friend.


Section G: Steve Nissley painting service


(1) On this Steve Nissley painting page, there is a lot of important information here that He would like for you to know and to be aware of concerning his luxurious Steve Nissley painting and policy if you don’t mind.

(2) It is not required that you read the entirety of this top notch page about Steve Nissley painting, or anything at all beyond this point in this Steve Nissley painting page if you really do not wish to do so.

(3) However, you may actually enjoy it to the hilt; you may want to read all of the detailed information on this classy top notch Steve Nissley painting page in its entirety.

(4) If so, He would encourage you to read this entire Steve Nissley painting page either before you call, or after you called me. Either way is ok. It is written and designed for your enjoyment


Section H: Steve Nissley painting service


(1) What follows hereafter; Steve Nissley has grouped up this Steve Nissley painting page in numbered sections to make it easier to select the particular subject you are interested in learning more about. The sections are listed below.

(2) Each paragraph is also numbered so you can easily retreat back to something that you had read earlier. Be sure to write down the section and paragraph number and also the page title of this particular Steve Nissley painter page.

(3) There may be portions of this Steve Nissley painting page that you find more interesting to read than other portions.

(4) Check the subject list and scroll down, skimming through each section to find the specific subject or the specific portions of a subject of your interest concerning his independent Steve Nissley painting. 

(5) Most of your initial questions are answered concerning his policies and how he does things uniquely in Steve Nissley painting operations. 

(6) You may feel free to contact Steve Nissley on this website or by telephone with any further questions as needed concerning Steve Nissley painting business.  

(7) As he said, you can ask for himself (“Steve”) when you call.




The said numbered “sections” of this Steve Nissley painting page also have numbered paragraphs for your record keeping for future reference, and are listed below here, and can be found in the order listed:



                           The Sections list:



Section 1: his social & Steve Nissley painting business name

Section 2: his Amish Mennonite Heritage & principles

Section 3: training in business via his dad

Section 4: carrying on his dad’s legacy

Section 5: his early start in painting as a teen:

Section 6: childhood dream of Steve Nissley painting:

Section 7: Steve Nissley painting business to eventually include a walk in paint shop:

Section 8: establishing Steve Nissley painting business

Section 9: Who Steve Nissley is as a local painter person:

Section 10: travel painteryourway Steve Nissley painting:

Section 11: loyal communication / commitment:

Section 12: Steve Nissley painting discussion & clear understanding:

Section 13: fair negotiations

Section 14 bartering for Steve Nissley painting

Section 15: providing generously:

Section 16 charity Steve Nissley painting:

Section 17: performance & skill:

Section 18: Steve Nissley’s reputation

Section 19: Red paint & other bleed through

Section 20:  Steve Nissley 100% guarantee guidelines:

Section 21: quality v. inferior paint products:

Section 22: the correct primer results:

Section 23: bonding primer types:

Section 24: using toxic primer:

Section 25: Steve Nissley earth friendly products & practices:

Section 26: chemical cleaning agent toxics:

Section 27: shopping around for the best paint:

Section 28: uniform paint for ceilings V. blotchy finish:

Section 29:  despicable “goes on pink dries white” paint

Section 30:  various sheens of paint:

Section 31:  matching colors and sheens new V. old:

Section 32:  color matching & disgruntled sales agents:

Section 33:  staying away from 24 hr discount stores:

Section 34:  more about paint types and brands:

Section 35:  other cosmetic issues in preparation for Steve Nissley painting:

Section 36: removing or painting over wallpaper:

Section 37: materiel’s; filling nail holes, patching & calking

Section 38: Steve Nissley painting tools and supplies

Section 39: Steve Nissley painting reparation procedures

Section 40: air, moisture & room temperatures

Section 41: Steve Nissley painting lighting needs

Section 42:  removing bees and wasps nests:

Section 43:  spray paint wrought iron etc:

Section 44: antiques painted by Steve Nissley:

Section 45: paint your empty house:

Section 46: to paint rentals & investments & real estate on the market:

Section 47: paint various types of ceilings:

Section 48: Steve Nissley paint walls:

Section 49: Paint rooms:

Section 50: Steve Nissley paints doors:

Section 51: paint windows:

Section 52: paint floors:

Section 53: Steve Nissley trimming it out:

Section 54: paint porches

Section 55: paint barns and sheds:

Section 56: garages painted by Steve Nissley

Section 57: paint fences:

Section 58: paint newly constructed homes:

Section 59: Steve Nissley painting restaurants:

Section 60: paint warehouse, industrial & commercial buildings:

Section 61: Steve Nissley office painting

Section 62: paint Churches & Community Halls:

Section 63: decks painted or deck staining:

Section 64: Steve Nissley painting Gift certificates & Christmas gifts:

Section 65: Non discriminatory Steve Nissley painting:

Section 66: Local Steve Nissley painting in these cities towns’ counties subdivisions:

Section 67: Steve Nissley painting Poetry:

Section 68: additional paint projects

Section 69: extras including janitor services:






The said numbered “sections” from the list above begin below the line here:



                             The Sections:



Section 1 >   Steve Nissley’s social name and painting business name:


(1) Steve generally do Steve Nissley painting business operations under his own good name, although he may at times use a Corporation.

(2) As a highly recommended Steve Nissley painting contractor, most of his customers either call him Steve, Steven, Mr. Steve, Mr. Nissley, Mr. Painter or Mr. Painter Man.

(3) As a Steve Nissley painting contractor, occasionally some of his customers actually call him “the paint man with the yellow business card”.

(4) Although, as a Steve Nissley painting contractor, sometimes in the past Steve Nissley has also given out business cards of other colors, including various shades of yellow, white, lavender, red, pink, purple, green, blue, orange, gold, beige, brown, and tan, etc.

(4) As a Steve Nissley painting contractor, his birth name of course is Steven. But most people call him Steve and he usually introduces himself as Steve. Some of Steve Nissley’s dad’s friends often either called Steve pet names or called him after his dad, like Ira Jr. or I. D. Jr. or called him Steve Jr., neither of these is correct, but he didn’t mind.

(5) Apart from being called Steve Nissley as a friend or a painting contractor, some of his friends like to call him Stevie, Stevo, or Sir.

(6) Some of Steve Nissley’s friends at times simply like to call him “Nissley” because there are so many guys around with the name “Steve” and because the name “Nissley” is uniquely unusual around here. It is more of a northern or western name.

(7) The proper pronunciation for the name “Nissley”, as in Steve Nissley painting, is to use only SHORT VOWELS; most of the emphases in the name NISSLEY is put on the two SS’s, sort of like you were going to “sssigh” but not quite like saying “sshhh…”.

(8) The sound of the “I” in the name “NISSLEY” is neither pronounced like a long I nor like a long E. And please keep in mind that the sound of the E is also not actually pronounced like an E.

(9) Also, please keep in mind that NISSLEY is definitely not pronounced like “NESTLE chocolate” or like the sound of “NEEssley”, in other words it is neither pronounced like N E S L E E  or   N E E S L E E  or  N I S L E I. Some have mistakenly called us Missley

(10) Steve Nissley’s mom was born and raised a Lee, so he does have Lee in his blood, therefore, either in a personal level or in Steve Nissley painting business, there is really no harm done with the pronunciation “NissLee”, but that is still not the proper pronunciation.

(11) That pronunciation would be fairly accurate though if one E were left off. In other words, the sounding of the E as in LEY (in the latter half of Nissley) should be softly pronounced a little more like “Leigh” without putting any emphases on either the G or the H in “Leigh”.

(12) The name “Nissley” is a German name, it is frequently found in PA and particularly Kansas where my granddad was from. Steve Nissley has read somewhere that the name Nissley stems from the name “Nicolas”.

(13) The idea that the names Nissley and Nicolas being in the same family linage may subconsciously be one of the reasons that Steve often gravitates to watching DVD movies that are played by the actor Nicolas Cage to chill out after a long hard day of creative Steve Nissley painting.

(14) Sometimes he feels like he can really admire the character that is usually portrayed by Nicolas Cage in most of the movies he acts in.

(15) Not always, but in many cases Nicolas appears heroic, and Steve Nissley really does enjoy watching him acting out his unique characteristics as a hero in a story. Nicolas nearly always plays out his character in the movie portrayed as self giving, displaying an unselfish sacrifice on behalf of the well being of the other characters playing in his movies.   

(16) Whether on a personal level or in the Steve Nissley painting  business, either way, he really does not mind what someone may choose to call him so long as you call him. Furthermore Steve Nissley feels like there is no harm done spelling his name with all lower casings; > IE: Steve Nissley.

(17) And be sure to call Steve Nissley in time for Christmas dinner, or to socialize, and when they open the gates of heaven over yonder, like “when the roll is called up yonder” as that one song goes.

(18) According to biblical scripture, Steve Nissley will even have a new name in heaven! Steve Nissley is so curious what that name will be after his interior Steve Nissley painting business and life is over on this earth!





Section 2 >    Amish & Mennonite Heritage and Principles in Steve Nissley painting business:



(1) Steve Nissley painting entrepreneurship was founded with the legacy of honesty that was passed down, instilled so early in his life by his dad, stemming from the Amish & Mennonite culture and heritage in which he himself was raised, and raised all of his own children likewise.

(2) But let Steve Nissley be quick to say that one cannot honestly lift the culture up above other cultures. While the Amish and Mennonite culture has basically carried its own weight with a legacy of truth and character, there is no one, no, none have ever walked on this earth with a 100% flawless record apart from Jesus Christ himself, whether in the Steve Nissley painting  business or in any everyday life situation.

(3) Steve Nissley’s own parents were both born and raised in very large families on hard laboring farms in the old time horse and buggy Amish culture in the Dover DE area. It was the “Old Order Amish” Community of Kent County, Delaware, an extension of the PA Dutch, German Culture and Heritage".

(4) Steve Nissley’s grandfather was an old fashioned “Amish Bishop”, as Senior Pastor of the entire 5 district community. Steve Nissley’s dad was raised up very strictly as a PK (preacher's kid) by his parents.

(5) A few years after Steve Nissley’s parents were married, they moved to VA, settling in the Amish & Mennonite Community of Stuarts Draft & Fishersville.

(6) Some of Steve Nissley’s parent’s close kinfolk from Delaware and elsewhere, and also some of their Delaware friends were already well established in either the Amish community or the Mennonite community here in the Shenandoah Valley.

(7) This is how it came about that Steve Nissley and his siblings were so fortunate as to have been born in the beautiful dogwood and cardinal state which everyone endeavors to keep earth friendly green and very alive with the cardinal and the dogwood tree. This was a perfect place for Steve’s parents to raise the kids as a family and for Steve Nissley to establish a painting business!

(8) At first, still being old order Amish when moving to Virginia, his parents then joined the more lenient local old order Amish Church in Stuarts Draft VA, but in a few years they uprooted and switched over to an even more lenient Mennonite church, of course that very much disappointed their old order Amish parents back in Delaware.

(9) With the influence and intervention of the Amish and Mennonite elders and kinfolk, Steve Nissley and his siblings happened to get an extra dose of the indoctrination of the intensified church doctrine and dogma from both view points, but eventually, miraculously they finally did learn to trust thier spiritual well being to the hand of God independently on their own level of understanding as separate individuals.  


(10) Thank God the supplier of good gifts, in thier youth thier dad consistently taught them high achievement success and perseverance in real life, not only in the hard laboring farming occupation but also to be independently business minded, whether in the Steve Nissley painting business or otherwise.

(11) Steve Nissley and his siblings grew up in on small family farm in the village of Fishersville, along with another farm, which our dad had also owned, in the Stuarts Draft area. Their dad was surely the smartest man around. 

 (12) Besides being a farmer, their ingenious dad was very skilled with a welder, he could fix nearly anything with hammer or a welder or a piece of old baler wire, the kind of wire from old fashioned hay baling machines that were run by steam engines like Steve issley had seen at a old time steam show once.

(13) Steve Nissley’s dad was also a well known used farm machinery dealer, an excellent skilled machinist, a master brick and block layer in masonry, a professional realtor, a friendly Electrolux vacuum salesman and an independent real estate investor.

 (14) Because of the Amish and Mennonite farming culture and heritage that Steve Nissley’s dad was trained in, he constantly kept his children in check and kept them very active on the farm and to be better and better examples to others.

(15) Steve Nissley’s dad faithfully passed down his own father’s historic teachings and training on to his children, including principles of integrity for Steve Nissley painting business.






Section 3 > Business training from Steve Nissley’s dad from young up:



(1 ) Steve Nissley’s dad proudly turned him and his siblings out to be individuals with a strong healthy attitude, a relentless will and a appreciation for an honorable reputation in business relations, whether it were to be in Steve Nissley painting or in something else entirely.


(2) Steve Nissley’s dad drilled it deep into his children’s young minds to be self sufficient, productive, responsible, resourceful, useful, loyal, reliable, dependable and honest in all of life.

(3) Steve Nissley’s dad trained his children to be of high integrity and of acceptance towards others, training Steve Nissley to treat customers fair in the painting business or any service that Steve Nissley might offer. Steve Nissley’s dad was always concerned about the well being of others.

(4) That concept coming from Steve Nissley’s dad, along with the concept of the golden rule, these have been and still are the foundation and legacy on which Steve Nissley began to build upon and function in his incomparable painting company.

(5) Steve Nissley will always endeavor to maintain a better choice Steve Nissley painting business establishment in that way.

(6) Steve Nissley’s dad’s cultural method of training really did prepare him well with the ability to establish and to succeed in his eloquent Steve Nissley painting venture. This training was very well versed in enabling him to perform properly in the undertaking and practice of his impressive Steve Nissley painting business

(7) Steve Nissley and his sibling’s dad was extremely proud to have observed each of their personal achievements, accomplishments and their successful business ventures as very well experienced independent entrepreneurs; Steve Nissley’s own top of the line painting  trade and his brothers businesses in the building trade, though they have relocated elsewhere.

(8) Steve Nissley’s dad frequently used his numerous one liner’s jokingly with the intent to teach his kid’s important lessons in life! Not only was he joking in a way, he meant it too!

(9) As Steve Nissley and his siblings were growing up, he heard his numerous one liner’s so frequently that they really sank in, he took them seriously to heart, to live them out that way in his personal life and to run his high end Steve Nissley painting  business on the principles he was taught.

(10) Steve Nissley’s dad often jokingly quipped to his kids randomly, “If you don’t know what you are doing, why don’t you ask somebody?” This was thought provoking and has often given Steve Nissley the courage.






Section 4 >   carrying on his dad’s legacy into the Steve Nissley painting business:



(1) Steve Nissley’s intelligent dad’s one liner’s are still in his heart, but his dad is no longer here to be asking him important business questions.

(2) But often times Steve Nissley finds himself realizing that the things he does in my independent painting business, or more perhaps in how he does them, is a direct result of his wisdom and the training that made an impressive impact in his life.

(3) Steve Nissley’s dad’s thoughts have become Steve’s own thoughts. His dad was very proud of Steve’s utter relentlessness and sheer determination to succeed in his life and in Steve Nissley painting business. Steve could not have found a wiser dad elsewhere if he had tried.  

(4) Steve Nissley is mindfully aware that it is possible at times to think in an incorrect way. At times Steve might think twice after the fact when Steve Nissley has acted upon my inherited wisdom or when Steve Nissley has made a point or have offered a suggestion or made a recommendation related to an issue on a Steve Nissley painting project.

(5) Then Steve might begin wonder if he really knew what he was talking about or has he gone insane? So he goes and does research online on behalf of Steve Nissley painting and also ask the experts and comes away pleased that he was all correct in his thinking once again! Steve Nissley was proud that he was not insane after all!

(6) That’s the training and wisdom of Steve Nissley’s dad coming to light; to be sure you know what you are doing, again, as was his one liner; “if you don’t know what you are doing, why don’t you ask somebody”!


 (7) It was his philosophy to hang in there with what we wanted to accomplish and if at first it doesn’t happen right away, “try try again”.

(8) That one liner philosophy has consistently caused Steve Nissley to relentlessly press on with my determination and perseverance whenever the going was rough and seemed hopeless or impossible, either in his straight edge Steve Nissley painting business or in my personal life! 

(9) My favorite one liner saying his dad taught hi is this: “Where there is a will there is a way”! I frequently find this encouraging in my independent Steve Nissley painting business or in whatever it is I want to do.


 (10) Steve Nissley’s dad had asked Steve to carry on his legacy as a real estate investor after his departure. Steve will certainly attempt to undertake the challenge to do so in time, along side of his straight edge Steve Nissley painting business enterprise.






Section 5 > early start in preparation for Steve Nissley painting business:



(1) When Steve Nissley was a teenager, his dad invested in real estate and managed rental property. Because of this scenario, Steve Nissley was often given plenty of opportunity to practice his God given talent in impressive natural born Steve Nissley painting for the empty rental units.

(2) Steve Nissley’s dad was very pleased with Steve’s painting skills, it was with tears of regret that he said he was sorry he did not recognize it sooner when Steve  Nissley’s  natural gift and abilities of fine artistic painting skills started showing up and coming to the surface.

(3) Steve Nissley’s dad was saddened because he had not noticed Steve’s abilities and success soon enough to take steps of thrusting him forward and further into position into residential  painting  way back then already.

(4) But at that time neither of them ever realized the potential or how this natural role in life would eventually impact Steve Nissley in the life of a business person, resulting in superior Steve Nissley painting.


 (5) But as Steve Nissley was getting older, Steve Nissley was somehow naturally getting involved and graciously painted walls in the homes of "the people" within the "Amish Mennonite Community" for his own entertainment and social life; this was really the forerunning of Steve Nissley painting, though Steve Nissley was unaware.

(6) This was like finding one’s own niche in society. When someone in the Amish Mennonite community needed him in their homes to provide quality “Steve Nissley painting”, if you will, it actually was a fun recreational activity in disguise! 

(7) That was really quite a learning experience towards expanding his extensive experience in premium Steve Nissley painting, to improve the praise worthy quality of his natural artistic gift in the right way, an opportunity for which was greatly appreciated.

(8) Steve Nissley still enjoys providing Steve Nissley painting for the Amish and Mennonite community from time to time.  

(9) After all these years, even though it is hard labor, it is fulfilling and creatively inspirational to be in the Steve Nissley painting business, doing the artistic activity he so loves doing.    




Section 6 >   childhood dream of developing a Steve Nissley painting business:

(1) But going back to when Steve Nissley was about eight years old, being his parent’s youngest child, he got a head start in “reliable Steve Nissley painting” if you will.

(2) Being an active inquisitive child, Steve Nissley was constantly seeking out as much recreation and fun as he could possibly muster up in his keen imagination those early youthful days of eagerness.

(3) Any time Steve Nissley could find even the tiniest tidbit amount of paint available for entertainment, he obliviously could be found creatively practicing future Steve Nissley painting techniques as Steve Nissley painted model cars and other metal and wooden toys, again and again. This was a pastime hobby to entertain Steve Nissley’s never ending imagination that.

(4) Later, Steve Nissley was acutely active as He would also paint bicycles whenever possible, and still later, He would paint indoor household furniture and outdoor backyard furniture for his mom.

(5) As time went on, Steve Nissley began to imagine and day dream of the possibility of a future, to independently operate a walk in paint shop as a unique Steve Nissley painting trade, so he had hoped.

(6) But earlier, as a seven yr old child, when Steve Nissley’s dad had inquired  one day out of his fatherly concern as to what Steve thought He would expect to do as an adult for livelihood, Steve Nissley simply said he was clueless.

(7) At that point it had never even entered his young mind even once to be in any kind of independent Steve Nissley painting career professionally in the future.

(8) At that moment, all Steve Nissley wanted to do was to grow up in a flash and get away from it all, and then decide on an active fun career later.

(9) At the moment Steve Nissley was really kind of aggravated that his dad even broached the subject, it somehow stressed him out momentarily, not realizing his dad’s true concern for Steve Nissley’s well being.

(10) But by the time Steve Nissley was about eight years of age, the typical American dream everyone has craved, had already begun “permeating his thinking” in his brain like the “leaven of baking yeast in a bread pan of rising dough”.

(11) As Steve Nissley was testing and experimenting more and more with his new found hobby, stev began to be very impressed with his newly discovered talent that later resulted in Steve Nissley painting business.

(12) Like Steve Nissley was eventually going to entertain his never ending imagination every day by spectacularly painting your antique furniture and toys, that is, until his delightful discovery that residential room painting projects are enjoyable too! 

(13) But at some point in the not so far future, He would be grateful to fulfill that delightful childhood dream of a Steve Nissley furniture paint shop.






Section 7>   Steve Nissley painting business including a future walk in paint shop: 




 (1) So along with Steve Nissley painting entrepreneurship, Steve Nissley may still in the near future open up his dream of a creative walk in shop, to paint your furniture and antique toys before so long.


(2) Along with Steve Nissley painting venture, in his walk in shop, he may want to also sell some furniture and yard ornaments that Steve Nissley has painted in neon colors, where country folks and city folks can walk in clanging those inspiring hanging bells on a glamorously looking front door painted red and green, and decorated Christmassy for the holidays, with a shop full of brightly painted ornaments, antiques, toys and furniture

(3) Meanwhile, along with Steve Nissley painting projects, from time to time, Customer’s have already been giving Steve Nissley the opportunity to take their indoor household furniture outdoors to paint, or to paint their outdoor lawn furniture or toys or ornaments at their residences.

(4) They have also given Steve Nissley the opportunity to paint their recreational play ground equipment, porch swings, metal tool shelving and book shelving etc. at their residences along with Steve Nissley painting. 






Section 8 >    establishing Steve Nissley painting business:



(1)  It was in 1987 that Steve Nissley had decided that the time had come for Steve Nissley to leave the farm and take up an independent entrepreneurship.

(2) The question at hand was, what should Steve Nissley do, there were many options in the field.


(3) After much deliberation, Steve Nissley finally eliminated numerous options and concluded that he would love the Steve Nissley painting business; it was time for Steve Nissley to make painting into a career.

(4) Steve was born with the natural artistic ability for Steve Nissley painting and was very skilled at it like it was what Steve Nissley was born for and was doing it for friends already anyway,

(5) It seemed like that was so much more a reason to make it a Steve Nissley career, so that was what he did.


(6) Steve Nissley was born into this world in the ever present American dream environment already uniquely gifted with the natural artistic talent for Steve Nissley painting. 

(7) Steve Nissley inherited the artistic gift from his mom. Seems like he was born with a passionate love for the “hi fa lutin” Steve Nissley painting trade.

(8) Sometimes it feels like Steve Nissley was actually “born with his tightened around a superior paint brush clutched in his artistic hand”, as a newborn baby that thrashed about screaming at the top of his lungs thrashing with glee to let the whole wide world know without a doubt that this was his natural specialty, let the unsurpassed Steve Nissley painting occupation begin! 

(9) Steve’s highly recommended Steve Nissley painting business entrepreneurship offers the homeowner or retail business the satisfaction of knowing that your Steve Nissley painting needs will be met the real way, with knowledge, skill and dependability.






Section 9 >   Who Steve Nissley is as a local painting business person:


(1) As a family and as a people, and as a local person, and as a painting contractor, Steve Nissley, it had always been a philosophy and theory and policy in the Amish and Mennonite culture at large, to consistently give a customer more and more value for value.

(2) It is Steve Nissley’s personal belief that he should do everything possible to make a painting customer well satisfied above measure.

(3) Steve Nissley has always maintained a good legacy from his dad’s training to provide honest Steve Nissley painting according to the golden rule and to give people more bang for their buck. Steve Nissley likes the saying, “give more value as though you have received 10% more”.

(4) If you live in Steve Nissley’s local primary serving area and would like to have references for luxurious home painting business as Steve Nissley the painter man, you may ask a neighbor nearby if Steve Nissley did premium painting for someone in your local neighborhood.

(4) Otherwise, someone locally may know of someone else for which Steve Nissley has provided premium home painting.  

(5) All told, Steve Nissley has no doubt painted professionally for at least 1500 customers over a period of over 25 years.

(6) Otherwise Steve Nissley can provide two or three painting references if you need it.

(7) As for character references, if you feel like you need one before using Steve Nissley painting business, you could ask most any anyone of the local Amish or Mennonite community in the Stuarts Draft VA area.

(8) Any of them who are at least 25 years old will probably know of Steve Nissley, or they may know someone else locally who knows me quite well that could give a character reference on behalf of Steve Nissley as a former Mennonite, or presently as one well experienced in the local painting business.






Section 10 > Steve Nissley painting along the way, easy travel painteryourway:

(1) Beings that Steve Nissley is often going traveling at a distance, if you live on the far side of this state or another state. If you live in another lovely state, Steve Nissley may easily be able to provide you with painting. 

(2) Who knows, while you are reading this, there is a chance Steve Nissley could be traveling through or near your area in search of and connecting with Amish or Mennonite kinfolk or friends, perhaps even currently providing them with some great wall Steve Nissley painting. 

 (3) So let Steve Nissley know if there are any Amish or Mennonite families near where you live where he may be able to stay while traveling about with my golden rule Steve Nissley painting contracting business.

(4) Even if they are not found listed in either the "Amish Mennonite Directory" or the “Mennonite Your Way" Travel Directory, Steve Nissley may be able to obtain lodging with them while providing you with Steve Nissley painting.

(5) If you are in need of Steve Nissley room painting, say the entire interior of your house, he may be more apt to arrange a Steve Nissley painteryourway trip just for you.

(6) Or perhaps Steve Nissley can negotiate with you to paint a multiple room painting deal when you want a room or two painted along with two or three of your friends who also want a number of rooms painted in conjunction with yours.

(7) If you are presently, or if you had been, of the Amish or Mennonite Community or the Holiness Movement or a similar hospitality minded group, and are open to this type of hosting, here is a way you might be able to barter room Steve Nissley painting if you want to have the walls or ceilings or windows and doors or the wood trim in your house professionally painted without charge.

(8) If you live in a extended area of VA or in another State and are willing to barter by providing lodging for Steve Nissley while he provides professional Steve Nissley painting for someone living outside of Steve Nissley’s primary or secondary painteryourway serving area, providing that he feels comfortable with the proposed lodging arrangement with you.

(9) If Steve Nissley is staying at your place while providing Steve Nissley painting for someone else, he will gladly stay a bit longer to also professionally paint a room for you, using your paint, and waive the Steve Nissley painting charges for you.

(10) It intrigues Steve Nissley to see if he can find simple comfortable lodging with a few nice Amish farmers along the way; Steve Nissley would like to spend some time plowing with ranch horses the old way, even if they don’t need any refined professional Steve Nissley painting done just yet, or ever. 





Section 11 >  painteryourway Steve Nissley painting commitment.



(1) Steve Nissley says his dad took great pride in raising his children to be in commitment to do the right thing, and to “do it right if a project was worth doing at all", his dad would say as another one liner. 

(2) This was one of the things motivating Steve Nissley’s choice of idiom when he chose and adopted and committed to the terminology of “painteryourway” in connection with Steve Nissley painting.

(3) Because the terminology of “Painter your way”, not only means “Steve Nissley comes your way” but it also means “Steve Nissley does it your way”.  That is a promise to you in Steve Nissley painting projects.

(4) Even if he may think your way of wanting it done is not the correct way to do something, Steve Nissley will still do the Steve Nissley painting your way as you requested it to be done

(5) This is because a customer is always right” according to Steve Nissley’s golden rule policy in his painteryourway painting business; Steve Nissley adopted this golden rule policy from his dad who was also a devoted stickler for the adherence of that noble philosophy.

(6) Ultimately, Steve Nissley‘s utmost priority in premium local and travel painting is to always do whatever it takes to please painteryourway customers and keep them happy at all times.

(7) A painteryourway customer’s satisfaction is always of the utmost importance to the reputation of Steve Nissley and his zealous painting business, and the future existence and endurance thereof. There are no short cuts, customer satisfaction is essential.

(8) As for clear communication, whenever you and Steve Nissley has a conversation about a Steve Nissley painting project or staining project, please alert it to Steve Nissley’s attention if he uses any kind of unclear terminology at all.


(9) If Steve Nissley happens to say or write anything at all that is unclear in the context of superior painteryourway painting or in the context of any other issue or subject.

(10) Too often humans are too reluctant to take personal responsibility for any misunderstandings in a business discussion, about painteryourway Steve Nissley painting or otherwise.

 (11) Steve Nissley is committed not to allow humanity to cause any such irresponsible terminology to stand in the way of painteryourway Steve Nissley painting communications.







Section 12 > Steve Nissley painting discussion with clear understanding:


(1) In the event that someone else has offered what you might have thought was to be a good deal, have they clearly stated whether their proposed price includes 2 or 3 coats or more if necessary to hide the old colors?

(2) Have they clearly told you that to provide efficient results in it could even take 5 or 6 coats to totally hide the gruesome bleed through of any old existing color of deep dark green or deep dark blue color?

(3) Did their proposed offer include the walls or ceilings in your home include all of the closets? Did it include all the ceiling including the stairwell ceiling? Did it include the kitchen cabinets, or wood trim? Did it include the chair railing, or doors, or window trim or window sashes or the  of the doors?

(4) Or in the end, will they either have to leave some things undone that you failed to mention?

(5) Are you going to mistakenly think they treated you unfairly by compelling you to shell out a larger amount of cash than you expected simply because you failed to effectively communicate with a clear and thorough discussion as to what you really wanted them to do?

(6) Whether it is Steve Nissley or another contractor, it is important for both parties to know what is expected.

(7) If there is an agreement on a specific project for a specific price, it is important to discuss exactly what you want the Steve Nissley painting project to include, avoiding any misunderstanding.

(8) If you initially said you didn’t want the hallway closet included in Steve Nissley painting venture, and he accordingly quoted a fixed price, but later you changed your thinking and decided to have Steve Nissley paint the closet after all, you will be required to compensate Steve Nissley to paint the closet.

(9) Or suppose you had told Steve Nissley that you were going to have him paint the kitchen a beautiful tan color, and Steve Nissley priced the kitchen painting expedition accordingly.

(10) If you went out afterwards, intending to buy tan paint for the Steve Nissley kitchen painting venture, but then for whatever reason came back with red paint, you will be required to treat Steve Nissley fair and pay Steve Nissley for painting extra coats of red.

(11) It is only right that you compensate Steve Nissley the difference to paint the kitchen red as opposed to having Steve Nissley paint the kitchen tan like you had originally agreed to for the Steve Nissley painting project.

(12) Steve Nissley does practice the theory of being fair and to always give painting customers extra value for value. That is one of the reasons for the long term success of his golden rule luxury Steve Nissley painting entrepreneurship. 

(13) If you want a particular closet painted along with the rest of the Steve Nissley painting project, you need to tell Steve Nissley in the beginning before he quotes you a price or you may mistakenly feel in your heart like the project was never completed and Steve Nissley may never even know how you felt. 

(14) To Steve Nissley it is a commitment of integrity to always keep his word and do everything that he has agreed to do, and even more sometimes, as one with a grateful heart in the golden rule Steve Nissley painting.

(15) If necessary Steve Nissley will bend over backwards in sacrifice to make his word good. But at the same time, Steve Nissley expects the same integrity of you. Thank you!







Section 13 >    negotiating a fair deal with Steve Nissley painting:



(1) Steve Nissley painting is generally "priced according to a set contract price. A fixed price for a painting project brings fairness to the table for both the customer and  Steve Nissley the painter.

(2) When you and Steve Nissley agree on a contracted price for a painting project, Steve Nissley will not request more money if it takes longer than he had thought it would take to do the amount of specified Steve Nissley painting that you and Steve Nissley has negotiated and have come to an agreement for. 

(3) You will only pay the one quoted price, for the said specified Steve Nissley painting project. This remains true either way, whether it takes less time or more time for Steve Nissley to paint it, the contract price for the painting specified service project Steve Nissley provided remains the same.

(4) Unless of course you decide you want to renegotiate to alter an agreement, like Steve Nissley said earlier, if you are rethinking a color or to add additional items to the Steve Nissley painting agreement, like adding a closet or a few more doors or windows then you need to make an adjustment to the original agreement with Steve Nissley to compensate the difference gap. 

(5) In many situations, if it is feasible, Steve Nissley will likely come out to meet with you to evaluate the selected Steve Nissley painting project in detail that you want to have done.

(6) Or otherwise, Steve Nissley can simply discuss price with you over the phone for you when you describe the preferred painting you need in detail to him on the phone.

(7) If the Steve Nissley painting project details turn out to be too complex to visualize on the phone, and you feel comfortable doing so, you may use a digital camera or phone camera to snap pictures of the painting project as desired and e-mail the pics to Steve Nissley. That’s the amazement of modern photography and computer technology, ahh!  

(8) To be able to quote a price for the Steve Nissley painting venture at hand, Steve Nissley will need to know for sure what all you want to have included.

(9) For example, considering what you might wish to have included in your Steve Nissley painting project, Steve Nissley may need to know if you want to include your ceilings and the walls or just the walls or just the wood etc.

(10) It is important to know at least the basic idea of your color choices for a Steven Nissley painting project, do you already know what new beautiful color you want to use to cover and hide the old faded color, and what color is it that you need to have covered?  

(11) Usually “Steve Nissley painting” customers provide the paint, or send him after it, but there are a few who prefer a fixed turnkey contract price including all the materials for the Steve Nissley painting. Generally Steve Nissley is willing to do that, pending the situation.

(12) However, in the long run, for a Steve Nissley painting venture, Steve Nissley has a tendency to believe that if the customer provides the paint, it is generally more economical for the customer. 

(13) But some customers feel they do not have the time to bother with purchasing paint for a Steve Nissley painting project, or simply don’t want to be troubled by it.

(14) Or perhaps do not feel knowledgeable enough concerning various products for a Steve Nissley painting project.

(15) Or they may feel exhausted walking into a paint store to buy paint for a Steve Nissley painting project like Steve feels exhausted walking into an auto mechanics shop.





Section 14 > Steve Nissley bartering for painting



(1)  Steve Nissley would consider bartering for providing local Steve Nissley luxury painting.  

(2)  If you are low in funds for a Steve Nissley painting project, but you have a valuable car or other items that he may need, or if he believes he could sell the bartered items for a substantial profit, in that case bartering may be well worth Steve Nissley time and efforts.

(3) Steve Nissley is certainly willing to discuss the possibility of a bartering agreement for a Steve Nissley painting project.   






Section 15 >   Steve Nissley painting provided generously



(1) Steve Nissley can’t always be sacrificing time for nothing in return, particularly when pressed for time. It is Steve Nissley does not come up short.


(2) Yet, Steve Nissley believes in being generous, extending grace and charity where it is truly and honestly needed.

(3) Steve Nissley believes in the theory of being generous with his customers and giving them more “bang for their buck”, but Steve Nissley also needs to receive ample “buck for his bang”.


(4) For example, when an impoverished widow living in a mobile home says she cannot afford to pay as much as Steve Nissley quoted to paint her mobile home ceiling or paneling, or the  of her mobile home, or the mobile home doors, if it appears like perhaps she truly cannot afford to pay that much, Steve Nissley may be willing to extend her a break for Steve Nissley painting.

(5) The same could be true if Steve Nissley is painting the floors, ceilings, trim, or walls in a kitchen, or home office, study, library or the prayer room or whatever, for the home of a sacrificial missionary who is home on a short furlough.  

(6) In such cases, or in other circumstances where Steve Nissley may feel conscientiously motivated to give someone a break, or just “because he wants to”, Steve Nissley  may simply say, "just pay what you can afford"  if Steve feels that he can trust the person to honestly treat him fair above his expenses.

(7) Someone had the audacity to ask how much Steve Nissley could cut the price and still make a little money when providing Steve Nissley painting. What kind of an attitude is that? That is certainly not an attitude that cares about Steve Nissley’s well being at all.

(8) So what if in the case scenario man reversed the insulting remark and asked his own self the question as to how much of his own resources he could possibly turn over to Steve Nissley and still survive when Steve Nissley provides him with superior painting??? How would that be for turnaround fairness?







Section 16 > charity Steve Nissley painting:



(1) You might be wondering if Steve Nissley enterprise could simply do golden rule charity painting for free for a widow or missionary or a local church or a charitable organization. Steve Nissley is not saying that he might not sometimes mindful to do so. 


(2) But unfortunately some people either seem to feel somewhat entitled to Steve Nissley charity painting, or else they feel somewhat offended if offered this kind of Steve Nissley painting at a drastically reduced rate or as an outright means of charity, plus the fact that Steve Nissley just can’t constantly be doing stuff at no charge. Steve Nissley has to eat too you know.  

(3)  Steve Nissley would be thrilled to provide charity painting on behalf of a Mission Center in Brazil, Hong Kong or China or most anywhere in a safe place for a Mission Center, or for impoverished citizens of most any foreign country, or for hurricane flood calamity victims.

(4) If someone is willing to fully sponsor Steve Nissley, he would be more than thrilled to take on some charity painting adventures in other countries to bless the needy.

(5) Sponsors may of course be rewarded in this life and in the next life as well if they contribute to such a cause, if you wish to support Steve Nissley in a mission center painting venture you may do so.

(6) If God of victory Steve Nissley go, he will make a way to go provide Steve Nissley painting on behalf of the mission board for a mission center or the missionaries or the citizens of another country.  

 (7) This Steve Nissley painting business belongs to the God of victory and he can send it where he wants it in the way he wants to, whether charity or not. God will provide a way.

(8) Steve Nissley painting ultimately will go where his God of victory wants to send him to, whether in the United States or elsewhere.








Section 17 >   special Steve Nissley painting performance skills:



(1)  People have told Steve Nissley that it is obvious that he has a steady hand with naturally talented skills that are unique and profoundly original.

(2)  Steve Nissley’s loyal customers are often amazed at how he can zip along cutting a delicate artistic straight line with  Sthiseve Nissley painting. 

(2) People are very pleased to see the beautiful results of the skillful natural born gift and knowledgeable expertise that Steve Nissley inherited at birth.

(3)  Steve Nissley’s customers are also pleased with his delicate touch in the Steve Nissley painting results that his Steve Nissley painting Company will so beautifully provide so artistically!






Section 18 >  Steve Nissley painting company reputation:



(1)  That higher level of honorable integrity that Steve Nissley’s dad trained him in to serve the community will always continue to stick around in the brain like forever, compelling Steve to operate his genius Steve Nissley painting business by the golden rule policy.

(2) The golden rule is essential and has always been the primary priority of importance, and has over the long haul been the cause of Steve Nissley’s success in his Steve Nissley painting adventures.

(3) Steve Nissley’s superior recommendable Steve Nissley painting company is very well established and is well known for being a reliable company and is highly recommended for quality craftsmanship and experience.

(4) This Steve Nissley painting company is considered by many of his customers to be your best available choice of the day for superior Steve Nissley painting, value for value.

(5) Everyone truly does know of course, that this entrepreneur establishment, being a high class Steve Nissley painting Contractor in the lead, is among the best of the best in the business.

(6) Still, as in any professional trade, there always will be more for Steve Nissley to learn, with the “ticking clock” of time, by being open minded and alert to new learn.

(7) There are always new painting techniques on the rise and new products popping up on the market for Steve Nissley to learn about. 

(8) It is also important for Steve Nissley to have a listening ear for what other contractors are saying about various products and to be open to hear of their experiences, newer ideas, and to gain more knowledge by listening among contractors, it is important that everyone shares insights with one another.

(9) The reason Steve Nissley painting is so highly recommended in the profession is because; (a) Steve Nissley has authentic natural born talent (b) Steve Nissley uses the finest in quality of paint tools, and will travel out of state to get them if necessary (c) Steve Nissley recommends using superior paint products (d) Steve Nissley maintains the “Golden Rule” policy for Steve Nissley superior painting business.


(10) Some of the clients of Steve Nissley painting actually have gone so far as to have impulsively made boisterous remarks to their friends that Steve Nissley painting  company is recommended to be the absolute best choice in the County, State, Country or the World.

(11) Wow! If all that were really true, Steve Nissley sure enough could have been rather wealthy as a first class Steve Nissley painting entrepreneur!  

(12) In their boastings about Steve Nissley painting though, no one has mentioned the “Mid Atlantic”, “East Coast”, “USA”, “Continent”, Continental Divide, or “Universe” in their praises of Steve Nissley being the absolute best in painting performances.

(13) Steve Nissley so emphatically thanks all of you for the generous recommendation and mind boggling compliments of Steve Nissley painting!

(14) What more can Steve Nissley possibly say in response to all those wonderful remarks about this Steve Nissley painting company, but to also give due honor and recognition to God the supplier of all good gifts and to my dad’s legacy for an “earth shattering” excellent reputation.

(15) Not that religion is a major factor, though faith in God the supplier can make a difference.

(16) A religious view is not exactly the bases that Steve Nissley would suggest or recommend to choose a reliable painting company.

(17) Neither the Amish or Mennonite religion nor some other religion, but rather, the character, reputation and dependability of Steve Nissley who operates the business.

(18) Being known as a reliable and dependable business person in Steve Nissley painting, Steve Nissley always tries to maintain that reputation and to keep everyone as happy as possible on day to day basis, or rather, moment to moment.

(19) Steve Nissley really does use nearly any product you want him to use for Steve Nissley painting, but he simply suggests we should not to be using inadequate products or doing things in a shoddy way.






Section 19 > red paint and bleed through issues:


(1) Steve Nissley may not think to tell you when he first visits, but rarely can you get by with one coat of paint on any wall, but in most cases two coats are sufficient.

(2) When using adequate quality paint, Steve Nissley painting is guaranteed to genuinely cover up and completely bury the old colors sufficiently so that you will be very proud to have guests over for a nice visit.

(3) That is the beauty of the local & travel painter your way customer satisfaction offered by Steve Nissley painting. No matter how many coats it takes to hide the old color, the obnoxious bleed through of the old color will be wiped out and gone forever.

(4) Even if the wall is the same color, or is a little aged or dirty or of a different sheen, Steve Nissley will not charge extra to do it correctly. That is, unless you had told Steve Nissley that you were not willing to have more than one coat of paint, and then later you changed your thinking.

(5) But if you have not been honest with Steve Nissley upfront in your choice of color or sheen or brand or quality of paint, it is required that you compensate Steve Nissley for extra coats of paint as a result of any changes in the painting agreement between yourself and Steve Nissley.

(6) For a Steve Nissley painting agreement, if you want your dining room luxury painting to be some kind of ritzy high class beautiful glamorous red, you may have been told by a well meaning person that if you purchase expensive paint, one or two coats will be sufficient.

(7) Cover it, yes, but hide the old color? Hardly! And using gray primer is a waste of primer, and a waste of a roller cover etc.

(8) For a Steve Nissley painting agreement, be prepared for the fact that it will likely take 5 coats of red paint hide the old color bleeding through, or 1 coat of gray primer and 4 coats of red, even though some well meaning person may have told you otherwise.

(9) Steve Nissley will volunteer his time in the actual luxury painting of the red portion of a normal size dining room in your home for free to the first person to bring a classy red colored paint of any kind to the table that Steve Nissley is finally able to successfully hide the old color sufficiently with only 2 coats of red (with or without a coat of gray primer) and there be not any bleed through at all,

(10) Otherwise, please keep in mind that using multiple coatings of red paint in a classical Steve Nissley luxury  painting project could seem rather expensive for you. Are you prepared?






Section 20 > 100% satisfaction guarantee to you by Steve Nissley:



(1) Even if it is sometime after Steve Nissley has completed the project, if you have discovered an error in Steve Nissley painting performance later on, Steve Nissley is only a phone call away. Please don’t be too shy to call Steve Nissley back to the house to correct a minor or major issue.  


(2)  Steve Nissley “completed” painting projects are 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed when done according to his recommendations and specifications with the following exceptions:

            (a) Any project specified as a “cost cutter” project or Customer provides or requests the use of inadequate products.  

            (b) Recur: the repair of or to paint over stains, nail pops, cracks, holes, wallpaper residue, glue, rust, smoke, water stain or ink bleed.

            (c) EPA; pre 1978 structures: to avoid old paint disturbance; caulking, glazing or patching will only be done over the exposed surface.


 (3) When cutting costs, it should not thought that there is going to be super fabulous Steve Nissley painting project results, or that you will have a beautiful wall to be ever so proudly showing off to your neighbors and friends, only to have both them and you be disappointed. 

(4) Be aware that a faulty looking area in a Steve Nissley painting project could unfortunately show up weak as a result of an inadequate product that you have chosen.

(5) When selecting good quality Steve Nissley painting products to meet a certain goal, there is no realistic short cut to a Steve Nissley painting project being well done with the pride of a peacock. 

(6) A Steve Nissley painting customer may say “oh you missed a spot”. There are times when that may be true. It can be possible to actually or to make an occasional mistake or to miss a spot at times in professional Steve Nissley painting business.

(7) Sometimes things like that do happen to even to Steve Nissley, as among the best as a conscientious painting contractor.

(8) Steve Nissley is always more than willing to correct a botch at some point when Steve Nissley is not in the middle of something else during a Steve Nissley painting venture.

(9) But sometimes it is only a shadow or a reflection or a ruse, often times the wave of your hand will prove that fact and put your mind at rest.

(10) If those options have checked out to be an authentic error on Steve Nissley’s part, don’t hesitate to bring it to his attention if it is obvious that indeed Steve Nissley has missed a spot with a Steve Nissley painting venture.

(11) It may be that Steve Nissley is already aware of the problem and have planned to coordinate the remedy of it with other aspects of the Steve Nissley painting project. 

(12) If the error in Steve Nissley painting is indeed his error, Steve Nissley will remedy the issue at some point, perhaps not immediately if Steve Nissley is focused on something else pressing on his mind.

(13) This is why Steve Nissley specifically uses the word “completed” in his 100% guarantee for Steve Nissley painting projects. It may need to wait a bit if Steve Nissley is busy in another room.





Section 21 > inadequate quality or faulty paint products:



(1) By having a Steve Nissley paint project done economically with only one coat of paint even though is highly impossible that it could hide the old paint sufficiently with one coat coverage, one cannot guarantee satisfaction.

(2) For example, you may feel that a particular paint that Steve Nissley would consider as an inferior product, would be sufficient enough and acceptable for you. Or you may only want Steve Nissley to use what someone may call “slap dash results” or what someone may call “whitewash” for the your painting project.

(3) Steve Nissley cannot venture out of the realm of reasonableness to promise you a spectacular beautiful heartwarming painting project that is pleasant to the eye when cutting corners like that.

(4) Steve Nissley believes you would have an amazing result in Steve Nissley painting if you actually adhere to a superior product that Steve Nissley has suggested to you. 

(5) Certain brands or grades or types of paint simply will not perform well enough for good quality Steve Nissley painting,  Certain brands of paint are way too inferior to some of the other brands that Steve Nissley would be more apt to recommend as quality products.

(6) Besides all that, some paint is way too thin or way too thick of a product to result in good Steve Nissley painting.  That is totally beyond his control.

(7) Also some brands or types of various paints have a harsh or course or hard feeling or appearance to them and may give off a cold unwelcoming unsettling feel to it.

(8) But again, to provide you with Steve Nissley painting, the choice of paint is yours and it is not up to Steve Nissleyto make the decision for you. 

(9) Again, Steve Nissley is willing perform Steve Nissley painting  your way even if he does not consider the end results of your way to be top notch quality.

(10) But Steve Nissley will not in any way shape or form endorse or be at all responsible for the undesirable consequences of the unsatisfactory results of his Steve Nissley painting when doing it in such a way that he cannot conscientiously recommend as top notch quality painting, you cannot expect your neighbors to be overly pleased or envious of your results


(11) You may not want to go the expense or go through any extra trouble or commit in any way to having the best quality paint products to produce the best quality Steve Nissley painting project possible.

(12) That is ok, it is your choice if you do not want Steve Nissley painting  performed in the most recommendable way, like Steve Nissley strongly feels should be done to effectively accomplish the best completed project possible.

(13) But if you don’t mind, allow Steve Nissley to perform the Steve Nissley painting the way he believes that the Steve Nissley painting should be done with the top quality products.

(14) Allow Steve Nissley to use adequate or appropriate primer and paint products and patch & repair products that he believes would produce the best results for the desired outcome of a Steve Nissley painting  project, and please do not add water to any paint at any time, as that could be very disruptive and destructive to the outcome of a Steve Nissley painting venture.

(15) But Steve Nissley will always endeavor to perform your custom Steve Nissley painting  according to your wishes, even if your ideas are way different from Steve Nissley’s expectations. Your opinions and requests will supersede Steve Nissley’s  belief even if you are seriously mistaken, because you are the one that is paying for Steve Nissley custom painting made to order.

(16) Also, if you have any primer or paint or patching products that have been sitting around that have gotten lumpy, you need to either buy new products or get the problem of lumpiness taken care of before Steve Nissley arrives to do the Steve Nissley painting.

(17) Steve Nissley does not want to be standing around waiting while you are screening lumpy paint. Steve Nissley simply does not wish to be sitting around waiting with nothing to do.

(18) Steve Nissley does not offer screening lumpy primer or paint or patching products. It is by far cheaper to buy new products than to have someone to screen it for you.

(19) For quality Steve Nissley painting, Steve Nissley does not want to get stuck with trying to use paint or any product that is either: rusted, insufficient, excessively lumpy or aged, previously frozen, mis-tinted, mislabeled, or in some other way inappropriate, damaged, inadequate or inferior, or any paint or primer that is generic or low grade or is otherwise economically designed.

(20) He tries to avoid using any product that is labeled bearing words or prefixes such as:  IE: “contractor”,  “pro classic” “pro”, “commercial” or “professional”, or similar or like words, as those products are usually anything but that.

(21) Steve Nissley cannot be responsible for any unpleasant results when using inadequate or inferior Steve Nissley painting products.

(22) If you purchase economic or low grade or low quality paint or primer, it just simply does not realistically perform well for nice first class Steve Nissley painting.

(23) But of course, if it is a tried and true authentic commercial paint or industrial paint, if it indeed really is a true commercial paint for the proper commercial use of it, it should be ok for that.


(24) But commercial oil paint, or most any oil paint, does not do as well as latex acrylic generally will for hiding power and for nice coverage, but even with knowing that, some old timers still are ok with oil paint and even prefer having Steve Nissley use oil paint in some cases in Steve Nissley painting.

(25) It is in fact much more difficult these days to find a good quality oil paint product, if you can even find it at all.

(26) One “would be” customer said he wanted Steve Nissley to use only lead based oil paint in Steve Nissley painting, but Steve Nissley told the man that lead based paint was outlawed and unavailable.

(27) The man insisted it was still available and refused to talk to Steve Nissley about it anymore. He probably saw alkyd oil based paint and thought he saw oil based lead paint. The sales of lead based painting products have been outlawed for over 30 years.








Section 22 >   high hiding primer with high odor with correct results:



 (1) For a Steve Nissley painting venture, “Zinsser Cover Stain” oil primer is the best paneling primer product Steve Nissley knows of at this point to get rid of deep stains in dark paneling, but the windows and doors will need to be opened and Steve Nissley needs to have several box fans running to get rid of the extreme toxic stench.

(2) Otherwise, the Zinsser Cover Stain odor may linger much too long, possibly even days after the classy finish coat of the paneling paint is completed.


(3) The principle for a Steve Nissley painting & priming project for old wood is the same as any other old stained wood project, to have the doors or windows and the other wood trim converted over to painted wood in the bath room.

(4) Depending on the depth and darkness and the age of a wood stain has a lot to do with what product is needed to hide it, determining whether to use Zinsser Cover Stain or Kilz Original along with the Steve Nissley painting project.

(5) In a door painting project Steve Nissley painted some years ago, Steve Nissley had a situation that nothing that he had tried would hide the deep penetrating wood stain in some old wooden doors, not even Kilz original.

(6) In that case of door painting, Steve Nissley was told to try an aerosol can of flat white paint; much to Steve Nissley’s amazement the aerosol paint did the trick. So it turns out it hid the interior wood stain very well in that case.

(7) When Steve Nissley is providing Steve Nissley painting for deep dark stained paneling or windows and doors or trim in a family room or whatever, it is probably going to be important to put on three coatings of the “Zinsser Cover Stain” oil primer, but again, Steve Nissley will give up his opinion for yours, it is your house, you may want to avoid dealing with the extreme odor.

(8) For a Steve Nissley painting project, hopefully there will soon be another good water stain and deep wood stain killing product before they outlaw all oil products like Kilz water stain and Zinsser deep wood stain killer, or the aerosol spray paints or Rustoleum or other rust primers and paints.

(9) For a Steve Nissley painting project, one high odor product that Steve Nissley does not intend to ever use again in unventilated tight quarters is a Zinsser paint called “bathroom paint” or anything similar in toxics.

(10) In Steve Nissley painting, Zinsser bathroom paint is one of the worst smelling of any paint product that Steve Nissley has ever used for anything. Steve Nissley was nearly overcome with the toxic fumes, Steve Nissley must refrain from ever using paint with toxic fumes in unventilated tight quarters again.

(11) For Steve Nissley painting, whenever the surfaces that Steve Nissley will paint over, appear to be excessively slick, there is a risk of either latex or oil paint being unable to adhere. Steve Nissley strongly urges and recommends the modern theory of covering it with Kilz Premium latex primer first.

(12) For Steve Nissley painting projects, Steve Nissley has tried so many primers. But Steve Nissley does not know of an equal product to Kilz original or Kilz Premium to prime coat a slick surface for bonding purposes of adhering a finish coat. Not all such bonding primers have proven effective for slick surfaces;





Section 23 > bonding primer types:



(1) So far, for Steve Nissley painting, Kilz premium latex primer has usually been the best reliable choice for the issue of slick surfaces. It is designed to adhere and convert to either latex acrylic paint or alkyd oil paint atop the primer for a beautiful elegant finish coat even if the original paint was a hard oil finish.

(2) But if you prefer not to have the Steve Nissley painting done prepared that way, for fashionable trim or whatever, that is your choice of course but Steve Nissley cannot promise that the new paint product will adhere. 

(3) In a Steve Nissley painting  project, there is really very little or no real benefit or value in the use of present day oil primers over the modern technology of latex primer for preparing slick surfaces, if you choose the correct product for the correct project, latex is the way to go.

(4) There are some types of primer products that Steve Nissley would personally not give a nickel for, for example, the “Kilz 2” latex primer has basically no unique usefulness, and it has little or no purpose worth going after it in particular over another primer for most of your sensible Steve Nissley painting. 

(5) You might have been told by someone to use Kilz2 for water stains or etc but it is a waste of time and money, it is seriously inadequate.

(6) Steve Nissley would prefer to use Kilz Premium latex acrylic primer most of the time when providing Steve Nissley painting in most homes because it is a very good carryover primer for most purposes where another specific primer is not specifically needed or required.






Section 24 >   using toxic primer in Steve Nissley painting ventures:


(1) For a Steve Nissley painting project, if you are a stickler for staying with oil products and would rather have Steve Nissley to use the Kilz Original primer or something similar over the slick surfaces, Steve Nissley is ok with doing it that way.

(2) But while providing Steve Nissley painting, to use toxic paint products indoors, there must be ample ventilation available and box fans blowing out the doors and windows. 

(3) Keep in mind that the odor from any oil primer or oil paint may linger with you for some time after Steve Nissley has completed the painting project and has left the premises and the primer and finish coat both have dried out, more so than when using acrylic latex.

(4) Also keep in mind that oil products take longer to dry in most cases in a Steve Nissley painting project than what acrylic paint products would.







Section 25 >   earth friendly products and practices:



(1) Steve Nissley tries to operate his classy first choice Steve Nissley painting business in a green earth friendly way, and attempt to avoid the use of excessive toxic products whenever possible.

(2) Usually, for Steve Nissley painting business, most modern day interior latex acrylic finish paint that Steve Nissley generally provides is basically odorless, other than to use essential high odor primer and paint products that Steve Nissley uses for specific purposes such as he has mentioned earlier.

(3) Beings that Steve Nissley has been in the Steve Nissley painting business for such a long time, Steve Nissley is immune to the smell of most acrylic paints. Steve Nissley has become generally immune to most the paint odors that Steve Nissley has been consistently exposed to.

(4) But Steve Nissley will still try to stick with low odor paint as much as possible in Steve Nissley painting projects, because there are some that are of higher odor.  

(5) If Steve Nissley can smell the odor of the paint at all, it is probably because it has a fairly strong odor. Steve Nissley can smell “Duron” paint rather keenly! Duron paint is the one of the worst smelling interior latex acrylic finish paint products, so he trys to avoid using Duron products in Steve Nissley painting projects.

(6) Because of Steve Nissley’s immunity of paint odor, Steve Nissley cannot be the judge of the various paint smells for your personal well being, and because the smell affects everyone differently. 

(7) In most cases, by using odorless or low odor paint, Steve Nissley painting customers are actually ok with it to have Steve Nissley paint during the winter months, even with the windows and doors closed most of the time. Unlike in the olden days, when highly toxic lead based paint was commonly used it was a necessity to have adequate ventilation.

(8) Steve Nissley tries to avoid using or being around any type of chemicals unnecessarily with Steve Nissley painting ventures. 

(9) So Steve Nissley is very happy to use odorless or even organic green earth friendly paint products for Steve Nissley painting projects.

(10) There seems to be more and more green earth friendly paint products showing up on the paint market to save the environment. Steve Nissley has found a product that was considered to be organically earth friendly paint; let me know if you would like for Steve Nissley to use organic paint if it is still available.


(11) Some of the other newer paint products that are available on the market today, the products that are supposedly totally odor free, these may or may not be considered earth friendly, and that could also be a matter of opinion probably.


(12) For the sake of future generations and for his own health sake, Steve Nissley is committed to keeping it green earth friendly in Steve Nissley painting business and keep things environmentally safe from toxics as much as possible.







Section 26 > chemical cleaning agent toxics:


(1) As for the goal of not using chemicals in or around Steve Nissley painting operations, please, he appreciates that you also refrain from using any type of cleaning agents like bleach or ammonia or other strong chemicals when Steve Nissley is providing Steve Nissley painting at your place of residence or business. Thank you!

(2) If you were to use Clorox and catch Steve Nissley unprepared when he providing Steve Nissley painting, there is a high chance that He would have to leave for the rest of the day, as Steve Nissley has high intolerance for the fumes of the chemicals.

(3) Because of his intolerance to the smell of bleach fumes, Steve Nissley needs to run box fans to get the air flow circulating around the room as much possible whenever Steve Nissley needs to clean mildew off of the ceiling or walls or whatever.

(4) In Steve Nissley painting project, he then dilutes the bleach in a bucket of water to cut back the toxin fumes and scrub the mildew with a sponge or a rag as quickly as possible, that will zap the life out of the mildew. Steve Nissley then needs to air it out and dry it up really good.


(5) But then with Steve Nissley painting project, before he actually begins to paint the surface, depending on how much mildew stain is still left behind on the ceiling or walls or whatever, even though the bleach killed the mildew, Steve Nissley may still need to use Kilz primer over it.
(6) If you have plenty ventilation, a flat finish should be ok, but if it is an unventilated bathroom, you may want Steve Nissley to use semi gloss paint so that the mildew is not as apt to recur from the shower usage.

(7) Of course if Steve Nissley is using a bucket of bleach water solution to scrub the  porch floor or trim to zap the life out of mildew, he should not be having a lack of ventilation, so the toxic fumes shouldn’t be a problem there.






Section 27 >   shopping for various types of the best paint:



(1) When you are shopping for new paint for Steve Nissley painting project, even if you purchase a standard premixed color, please try to make sure it is shaken in the store before bringing it home so that Steve Nissley does not need to stir the paint, even if you think he might be using it immediately when you get back with it.

(2) If you have paint that you bought several months back, they may be willing to shake it again.

(3) If you happen to have any paint left that is still good from way back when the Steve Nissley painting was done before, hopefully it wasn’t sitting on cement, otherwise known as a concrete floor.

(4) If it was, it could have a rusty bottom from absorbing moisture out of the cement, and perhaps it is not very obvious, in which case it could suddenly spring a huge leak while the paint is being shaken or stirred for the

(5) Usually paint comes in gallons, in which case if you bring me regular size paint stir sticks, that is fine, but sometimes customers insist on purchasing paint in a five gallon bucket.

(6) That is very inconvenient, but if you do decide to get paint in a five gallon bucket, please do be sure to bring a few long five gallon size stir sticks for Steve Nissley painting mission.

(7) Also in addition to that, if you purchase paint in a five gallon bucket for Steve Nissley painting project, please do be sure to purchase a new empty one gallon metal paint pail so that Steve Nissley can pour some of the paint into so it will not be so messy pouring paint into the paint pan, also the five gallon bucket is too large to hoist up the ladder to paint the top edge of the wall or the edge of the ceiling with my paint brush.

(8) Most any small pail or plastic paint bucket could be sufficient in a pinch, but not as nice or convenient to use with Steve Nissley painting. Plastic pails also tend to create more messiness.

(9) That clean cut rim on the inner edge that is only found on a metal gallon paint pail is specifically designed to “undrip” the paint brush, thus eliminating messiness so Steve Nissley can cut a neat clean edge along a window pane. 

(10) Thus, if you purchase paint in those modern fancy attractive one gallon plastic paint pails for Steve Nissley painting, Steve Nissley would still appreciate the empty gallon bucket along with it. But if you did not bring a metal pail, Steve Nissley will still be able to do it well without hardly any mess.

(11) If someone does not care what Steve Nissley cares about, or care about his well being, Steve Nissley can still adapt to whatever he must adapt to anyway with Steve Nissley painting. Steve  Nissley does not enjoy sitting around with nothing to do. Steve Nissley doesn’t want to stand around waiting while you go back to town to get a metal bucket, but he will if necessary.




Section 28 >   uniform paint for ceilings V. blotchy finish paint:


(1)  In a Steve Nissley painting project, when including ceilings in your office or living quarters, In most cases Steve Nissley will suggest, or rather recommend, using good quality wall paint on ceilings rather than the so called “ceiling paint”, especially for the smooth ceilings. Ceiling paint will look blotchy in most cases.

(2) In a Steve Nissley painting project, for what it’s worth to you, in a paint project for ceilings that are smooth, it will appear much more uniform when using regular wall paint, even if the ceilings are textured or swirled or tiled, flat or semi gloss wall paint will look nicer.

(3) In a Steve Nissley painting project, if you want Steve Nissleyto paint ceilings with “ceiling paint” it simply does not look as nice. Ceiling paint is thinner and is designed more for stomped ceilings or sponged ceilings.

(4) But even for those types of ceilings, if it was his ceiling Steve Nissley would use regular wall paint, it simply looks nicer. Wall paint also covers so much better.

(5) Wall paint is three times as easy to use in a Steve Nissley painting project as ceiling paint is if you want Steve Nissley to paint ceilings, just saying.





Section 29 >   despicable “goes on pink dries white” paint



 (1) Steve Nissley is absolutely not fond of the delusional paint that goes on pink and dries white, it is very frustrating. This idea may appeal to you, but to Steve Nissley it is a detrimental nuisance and it really is a bad hindrance in getting a nice appearance, so please don’t think it is making it easier for Steve Nissley by getting that product, but if you choose it, it is doable, but it will take longer to do it.

(2) For Steve Nissley painting to guarantee a painting project, he simply cannot and will not warrant or guarantee or promise that you will have a nice uniform appearance when using a ceiling paint on a ceiling instead of regular wall paint, or when using delusional paint that goes on pink and dries white.






Section 30 >   sheens of paint for Steve Nissley painting:


(1) When choosing the desired sheen of the paint at the store, some of Steve Nissley painting customers still want semi gloss for the walls and ceilings in the bathroom, kitchen & laundry or perhaps even a gloss finish, like it was back in the day when people were in the habit of washing “enamel paint” twice a year.

 (2) One misconception with certain paints is the word enamel. There are many different perspectives views and preconceived notions about enamel paints for Steve Nissley painting projects nowadays because of misinformation. Enamel is simply a label function and can be misleading if incorrectly understood nowadays.

(3) When providing Steve Nissley painting with Enamel paint, it may have at one time in the past, long ago, meant high gloss paint only, or oil paint only, but now in this day and age the word enamel is much too loosely used at the will of most any paint company at the whim of a notion to have a realistic reliable exclusive meaning.

(4) The word enamel can now be found on most any type of paint label, from high gloss paint to flat paint and is therefore a meaningless term. So if someone tells Steve Nissley that they want enamel paint to be used in any painting project, there needs to be more of an understanding and clarification given as to what the person has in mind.

(5) In these modern times, to avoid the intense glare, most people don’t care about washable paint and would rather have a flat finish, beings that washing walls and ceilings is not so much of a common thing to do anymore.

(6) But if you have children or grandchildren constantly putting finger prints on the walls, you may still want Steve Nissley to use washable semi gloss or gloss paint, especially in the hallways and in the children’s bedrooms.

(7) Some people will compromise and choose the satin or eggshell finish to cut back on the shine. It is all a matter of personal opinions, preferences and choices.

(8) But most of his customers would rather just have the flat finish and have it painted oftener rather than going to the trouble of washing walls or ceilings, in part because they don’t care for any shine to glare.

(9) For Steve Nissley painting venture, if a particular color or sheen is not that important of an issue, if you have a variety of cans of paint that have been partially used, you can mix several variations of color and sheen together. You may have a strange variation of sheen as a result.

(10) If you know that the paint is in good condition, Steve Nissley does not mind if you mix them together if that is really what you want to do, that is, if you do it ahead of time so as to not stress him out. Steve Nissley doesn’t want to be involved.

(11) For Steve Nissley painting projects, one important thing to remember is that standard premixed colors such as antique white, dove white, or winter white will normally vary in density of color shade from store to store, and all of the flat, matte, eggshell, satin, semi gloss, soft gloss, gloss and high gloss sheens will vary in density of sheen from store to store.






Section 31 > matching colors & sheens / new paint V. old



(1) Along with Steve Nissley painting, you may need his assistance to pull the refrigerator out of the cubby hole to paint the cubby hole, unless you just want to leave it and have him paint around it.

(2) The same with the electric range, it should be pulled out about 6 inches at least, or up to 5 or 6 feet if the electric cable reaches that far, depending how far down behind the stove you want the paint to go. You may want to unplug it if it is not electronically programmed.

(3) If you have a natural gas stove, it is going to require extra care so as not to break the gas lines. You cannot bring it out very far really.

(4) Pulling out the clothes washer and dryer in the laundry can seriously damage the linoleum flooring. Some customers tell Steve Nissley to paint around the washer and dryer the best Steve Nissley can.

(5) For Steve Nissley painting, the same idea may fit around other large items like a heavy water bed or huge canopy bed or an enormous TV center or gigantic book shelving.

 (6) For Steve Nissley painting project, ordinarily a spot paint project or rather touch up paint for part of a wall may do quite well if you still have proper records of the original paint color, sheen, brand and grade on hand still and the wall has not faded too much for touch up.

(7) But even if you know the exact color chip number and the sheen, brand and grade of the paint product that was used before, the wall or trim or whatever may have faded or yellowed or gotten stained or severely abused in some other way.

(8) In such a case it may not do well to settle for spot paint or rather touch up in Steve Nissley painting project.

(9) For a Steve Nissley painting project, a complete overall creative high class project may be necessary on the entire wall or trim project or whatever or the whole room or whole house, barn or warehouse if it has gotten seriously bleached by the light of day, or stained or abused in some other manner.

(10) When you go to the store to choose a sheen or color tone for Steve Nissley to use in Steve Nissley painting project, please keep in mind that it will vary from store to store, you may want to shop several stores if you have plenty time to compare.

(11) It is not enough to know that the builder told you five years ago that "you now have eggshell sheen and antique white in color". If you were not told what brand or grade of paint that was used, you may need to start all over this time for Steve Nissley painting venture.

(12) However, if you have all the needed information, most of the competitive stores carry one another’s formula in their own computers, so as far as color you could be in luck, possibly even if the color is out dated since the last time Steve Nissley provided you with painting.

(13) In that case all you need to is to decide on a particular sheen and hopefully you will choose the top of the line paint grade for the upcoming Steve Nissley painting project.

(14) But still, it may be that none of that will solve all your problems if you merely want Steve Nissley to spot paint or touch up rather than to paint the whole wall or whatever.


(15) Of course you can also choose the color of the paint the old way by comparing color chips from the store. You can pick up a stack of classy color chip sample cards in town from several different paint stores and look at them for a day or so until it drives you crazy or you can choose from only a few colors.

(16) You can take the individual paint color chips both outdoors and inside look at, and also in the sunlight and in the shade, or under a regular florescent light bulb or another light bulb.

(17) To see what accenting colors you want to coordinate with in Steve Nissley painting event, you can hold the color chips up to the wall or against the carpet, a cushion from the living room sofa, a pillow in the family room, the office chair, the bed sheets, the bed covers, the kitchen counter, kitchen and laundry appliances, or a wall hanging picture in the dining room.

(18) Then you can take the color chip sample card you chose and take it to whatever store that you choose, based on your choice of sheen or brand, they can scan that color and mix your paint accordingly for the Steve Nissley painting expedition.







Section 32 >   color matching & disgruntled sales agents



(1) Some customers prefer a turnkey Steve Nissley painting package, but most of his customers will generally buy the paint or primer or stain products themselves.  

 (2) Let Steve Nissley know if at any time you have any questions or concerns concerning the paint, primer or stain products that you are about to purchase for Steve Nissley painting project.

 (3) For a Steve Nissley painting venture, if you already know what you want, it may be best to go ahead and ask for your products or find it yourself, and do not discuss with the sales person what your intentions are, they don’t have to know what you are going to do with the paint.

(4) Some sales people want to flaunt their supposed knowledge in your face in regards to the paint products you wish to purchase for Steve Nissley painting venture.

(5) But in many cases they are inexperienced and know little or nothing about a real Steve Nissley painting project and may give you incorrect information or advice either unintentionally or unknowingly.

(6) Also, some paint store sales agents may try out your patience by meandering about as a way of bluffing you when you have a request or an agenda about purchasing a certain product for Steve Nissley painting product, if your agenda is slightly different from their own agenda.

(7) The paint store agent may try to bluff you by not giving a satisfactory answer to all of your questions, or try to bluff you by ignoring your questions or requests altogether pretending not to have heard, or by offering unnecessary information to throw you off.

(8) When purchasing paint that is a readymade premixed color, ask the paint sales agents to shake it for you, they should be willing to do that. Don’t let them try to wiggle out of doing it, stand your ground. Just because it was fresh off the truck does not mean it does not need to be shaken.

(9) For the Steve Nissley painting project, if you know the exact color you intend to purchase, the attendants behind the paint desk, if they are willing, should be able to please and accommodate you perfectly by matching the color of your choice to a different brand of paint or to paint dried on a stick.

(10) Most of the reputable paint stores nowadays have the up to date modern computerized equipment that is needed to scan the color of any object that you choose to bring into the paint store with you for color matching the paint for a Steve Nissley painting project.

(11) For a specified Steve Nissley painting project, in most cases the paint sales agent can get a good scan of the object you brought in, and create a sufficient color match if the object of color is flat enough and smooth enough and if it is not either too heavy, too bulky or shaped too oddly.

(12) That is, if they are not too lazy. Make sure they are not trying the scheme of looking superior over you by trying their best to either control, manipulate or to fool you.

(13) Make sure the paint sales agent is not trying out of spite to make you either feel stupid, or feel insignificant, inferior, or irrelevant to keep you in the dark so you stay off their back.

(14) Make sure that the sales agents do not try to simply attempt to belligerently deny you of your own choice of paint in an inappropriate manner for Steve Nissley painting venture.

(15) If they are honest with you and forthcoming and knowledgeable in providing you the service that you were expecting, you should be able to get satisfactory results all around fairly decently most times for a Steve Nissley painting project. 

(16) But perhaps they are not knowledgeable or skilled in preparing the proper paint product for the Steve Nissley painting project at hand and are embarrassed to admit that. Often times they may not know all the options, or they may not want you to know all the options if they feel inadequate.

(17) For example; if they do not get the exact color match correctly the first time, the computer may specifically have an additional correction mechanism option on it to save time so that they can get the color corrected the second time around for your Steve Nissley painting project without having to start over.

(18) But if the sales agents don’t know how to use the color scan corrector, it could be very embarrassing for them, so to look good they want to avoid it altogether. So they may attempt to dissuade you somehow or another, to where you will not have the results you wanted for your Steve Nissley painting project.

(19) The paint sales agents are often easily insulted or hurt or offended or even angered if their advice or statements are either corrected or questioned or challenged. In some cases they may either go off in a rage or clam up and refuse to converse further.

(20) For example; if you want to match your paint to the primer for a Steve Nissley painting project, they may tell you it is impossible because they got it in their head you asked to match the primer to the paint and normally you can only match primer to the paint about a quarter or half to the paint.

(21) While they do of course have some legitimate limitations in the paint stores, sometimes they act ludicrous and don’t want you to know the truth of what options are available for a Steve Nissley painting project, for whatever reason.

(22) In their defense in a small way though, let Steve Nissley point out that the colors may vary when you put a dab of paint on a paint chip. Smear a small dot of high gloss paint onto a mundane paint chip sample card with your finger, then blow dry it with a hair dryer but make sure not to let it get too hot.

(23) High gloss paint will dry out looking a bit lighter than the color of the chip on the sample card due to the dab of paint having a high sheen. This is considered a perfectly acceptable experimental result and common for a Steve Nissley painting venture.


(24) If a paint store agent offers you paint can lid openers with a complimentary lid hook, you may want to accept it out of courtesy, but Steve Nissley would rather use a flat screw driver to open the paint can lids when providing Steve Nissley painting for you.

 (25) Steve Nissley says “using paint can openers with a lid hook to open paint can lid grinds my goat”; to Steve Nissley it is like a student freaking out a teacher by scratching on a blackboard. You certainly don’t need to buy one, at least not on Steve Nissley’s behalf. He would rather not even see a paint opener with a hook.

(26) If you have one, Steve Nissley would so appreciate if you bring a blade screwdriver for him to use rather than a lid hook






Section 33 > staying away from 24 hr. discount stores


(1) Keep in mind too that if you go shopping at some off brand store, even their top of the line paint may be a lower generic grade and you may find that you are not really pleased with the inadequate appearance the finished product will produce in Steve Nissley painting project. 

(2) Generally Steve Nissley has no complaint about the quality of the paint itself in any of the 24 hr “big box” department stores; but absurdly, you just cannot expect to get very good quality service at those ridiculous paint departments.

(3) In a store like that, if you are even able to find an attendant, the attendants who are in charge of the paint desk are not properly trained, at least not satisfactory trained to suit someone operating a Steve Nissley painting business. Putting up with such ignorant service and such waste of time is stressful.

(4) Therefore for Steve Nissley painting  project, he recommended you avoid shopping there unless you just want to walk out with premixed paint, because you could not find anyone available to shake the paint, and when you get home, stir it with a stick for Steve Nissley as soon as possible.  

(5) Consequently, if you specify four gallons of a certain custom mixed color that you picked out so very carefully at a 24 hr box store, you may have four pails of unmatched colors when you get home, this is so unprofessional and extremely preposterous.  





Section 34 >   more on types and brands of paint, primer & stain etc.:



(1)  Here is a partial list of some of the typical brands of paint products that Steve Nissley has used in Steve Nissley painting along with a few Steve Nissley has not used. Some products are actually new to the market or may still be new to Steve Nissley.

(2)  Please don’t buy builder’s grade or contractor’s grades of paint, as you will be disappointed. Please read all Steve Nissley has said about paint products before going out to buy any. Thank you!


(3) Paint Brands, types and grades;

Ace Paints for Steve Nissley painting 

Ace Royal – Ace Farm & Ranch – Barn & Fence – Rust Stop – Royal Floor – Stucco, Masonry & Brick


American Accents Hobby Paints for Steve Nissley painting


Benjamin Moore Paints for Steve Nissley painting

Regal  - Regal Select waterborne - Regency  - Arura – Advance – aura bath & spa -  aura color foundation –  Natural Paint  with green earth promise - ben premium waterborne  – Regal Select High Build – Advance waterborne alkyd – Muresco Ceiling Paint – chalkboard – studio finishes clear – glitter effect – texture paint – ben low voc -  metallics – concepts – impervo – impervex – kitchen & bath – floor & patio – grand entrance



Behr Paints for Steve Nissley painting

Premium Plus Ultra – premium plus


Blue Ridge paints for Steve Nissley painting 


Cabot Paints for Steve Nissley painting

Cabot House Paint (Teflon surface protection, paint vynal & glossy surfaces, shingles, masonry, galvanized metal)


Clark & Kensington paints for Steve Nissley painting

Cure Coat masonry brick & stucco Paint

Cure Coat basement & masonry waterproofing paint

Cure Coat porch & floor paint



Devoe Paints for Steve Nissley painting  

Regency - Wonder Pure - Wonder Tones - Wonder hide  - Ultra Color - Weather King - Ceiling Paint – Wonder Shield – Wonder Pro - Porch & Floor – Velour (oil) Mirrolac Speed – Mirrolac WB - Bar Ox


DuPont Paints for Steve Nissley painting

DuPont  waterborne - Cromax pro super deep jet black wet on wet, versatility in all conditions




Dutch Boy Paints for Steve Nissley painting

Dutch Boy kitchen & bath – classic one wall paint- cabinet & trim -ceiling 


Duron Paints for Steve Nissley painting

Duron Ultra Delux - pro kote supreme - impressions plus

builders masterpiece - painters edge - Weather Shield


Envirocare Moldex Paint


Fuller O’Brien Paints for Steve Nissley painting



Glidden paints for Steve Nissley painting

Glidden Paint    >Premium collection - Spred Complete - High Endurance – High Endurance Plus - Trim & Door Paint   -  Performance Edge – Ceiling Paint - Porch & Floor - Garage Floor – Stucco & Masonry


Hammerite Paint

Hammerite Metal Paint

Hammerite Rust Cap Smooth Finish Encapsulates Rust



Insl-x    Hot Trax concrete & garage floor paint - Cabinet Coat trim & cabinet enamel- Aquamarine swimming pool waterborne paint



Kemp paints for Steve Nissley painting

Kemp Permagold - metallic



Kilz Paints for Steve Nissley painting

Kilz Interior  Paint - Kilz Casual Colors Paint - Kilz masonry waterproofing paint – Kilz ceiling paint – Kilz siding fence & barn paint – Cure Coat – expressions Gallery



Krylon  paints for Steve Nissley painting

Krylon Paint – Krylon Color creations



Laura Ashley Paint 



Olympic Paints for Steve Nissley painting  

Olympic One  - Olympic Premium

Martin Senior paint for Steve Nissley painting


Magnamagic   chalkboard paint


McCormick Paints for Steve Nissley painting

McCormick Premium White –Generation Lighthouse – Tempo Premium - interior trex – Advantage professional coatings – match point – Revo – sure hide – cote all resistant enamel – interlock high performance DTM – Generation Lifetime – permalok elastomeric coatings –


Modern Masters Paint

florescent paint wildfire  UV sensitive( neon?) - metallic bronze paint - copper oxidation reactive metallic metal effects



Pittsburgh Paints for Steve Nissley painting

Manor Hall  - Timeless  - Sun#Proof = performance – wall hide – speed hide – speed craft – speed pro – wall supreme – builders spec pro – monarch mopako – multi pro


PPG Porter Paints for Steve Nissley painting

PPG Porter paints Silken Touch - pure performance – hi hide – pro master – permanizer – acri shield – acri pro 100– advantage - glyptex – breakthrough – accent color – portercept – advantage 900 – floor and porch


Pratt & Lambert Paints for Steve Nissley painting

Redseal – skylight – accolade - pro hide gold – pro hide green – pro hide silver - blok tite –  high build top coat - withstand floor enamel


Rustoleum Paints for Steve Nissley painting

Rustoleum High Heat Ultra Paint brush on or aerosol - High Performance Protective Enamel - Metallic Accents - Farm Equipment Enamel Paint - Decorative Concrete Coating - Topside Marine & boat paint - Marking Spray



Sampson paint for Steve Nissley painting


Sears Paints for Steve Nissley painting   

Painters select – diamond brite -


Sherwin Williams Paints for Steve Nissley painting

Super Paint – Harmony – Classic 99 – Duration – Emerald – Resilience - HGTV Home – A100 – SWP – All Surface  - pro classic – Duration Perma Last - Sher Stripe field marking paint  - Pro Park Zone Mark waterborne traffic marking paint

A new Sherwin Williams product ; Dry Erase Coating



Appliance Paint Liquid Stainless Steel High Gloss Clear


True Value Paint for Steve Nissley painting

True Test


Valspar Paints for Steve Nissley painting   

ultra -   sandstone - signature – Ultra Kitchen & Bath  - ceiling paint – Valspar Chalkboard – Valspar chalkboard Tintable – Porch and floor  - Skidnot –  Duramax – Masonary & Stucco – (Severe Weather = do not buy it)


Wolman paint

Wolman Deck & Porch Paint



Zinsser Paints for Steve Nissley painting 

Zinsser Perma White ; mold and mildew proof




(4) Solid color stain looks very much like flat paint, but it soaks into the wood more intensely and is designed not to chip, peel or flake off.

(5) For Steve Nissley painting ventures, here is a partial list of some of the brands and types of solid color stain and semi transparent products that Steve Nissley has used in numerous staining services from tiSteve Nissleyto time. Some of these products Steve Nissley has not used.


(6) Solid Color & Semi Transparent Stains & Sealers; for Steve Nissley painting and staining projects:


Ace Semi Transparent Stain

Ace Solid Color Stain


Benjamin Moore stains for Steve Nissley painting projects.

Benjamin Moore   Arborcoat  semi transparent wood stain - Solid Color Stain - Arborcoat; clear coat, translucent, transparent  and semi solid


Bickmore pine tar


Cabot stains for staining & Steve Nissley painting

Cabot Semi Transparent Stain

Cure Coat semi transparent concrete stain

Cure Coat solid color Concrete Stain


Devoe stains for staining and Steve Nissley painting

Devoe Solid Color Stain 


Expressions Nature Guard Transparent Deck & Siding


Glidden stains for staining and Steve Nissley painting


H&C Concrete sealer solid color solvent based





Majic Water Sealer


Olympic Stains for staining & Steve Nissley painting

Olympic Semi Transparent Stain

Olympic Solid Color Stain

Olympic Maximum Waterproofing sealant

OLYMPIC Water Guard Waterproofing Sealant



Sikkens stains for staining and Steve Nissley painting ventures

Sikkens solid color stain

Sikkens Stain Semi Transparent Stain


UGL Dryloc masonry waterproofer


Sherwin Williams stains for staining & Steve Nissley painting projects

Sherwin Williams Deckscapes Semi Transparent Stain

Deckscapes Stain Solid Color Stain

Deckscapes Waterborne Toner

Woodscapes Semi Transparent Stain 

Woodscapes Solid Color Stain


Thompsons sealers  for Steve Nissley painting sealants

Thompsons Water Sealer wood preserver



Wolman Dura Stain Semi Transparent Stain

Wolman Dura Stain Solid Color Stain

Wolman finish and preservative deck and siding stain

Wolman Woodlife Classic Clear Wood Preservative

Wolman EHT Exotic Hardwood Treatment

Wolman Woodlife Copper Coat Green Wood Preservative 350 VOC

Wolman Rain Coat Water Repellent

Wolman Creo Coat Wood Preservative



(7) Along with regular Steve Nissley paintings, here is a partial list of other types and brands of “wood stains” that Steve Nissley has used in numerous staining services from time to time.



(8)  Wood Stains;


Ace Wood Stain 

Benjamin Moore Impervo 440 Spar Varnish phenolic linseed castor oil finish

Cabot Wood Stain 

Cabothane  water borne wood floor finish

Cabot deck stain - siding stain – fence stain – wood stain


Gemini Gen Tone or Gem Glo wiping stain


Minwax Wood Stain  


McCormick wood stain


Old Masters wood stain

Concrete Stain 

True Tone


(9) Along with his normal Steve Nissley painting over the years, here is a short list of some of the other products that Steve Nissley has used and some Steve Nissley has not.


(10) Polyurethane;


Ace Polyurethane

Minwax Polyurethane 

Minwax Polyshades

McCormick McPolythane

Varathane Crystal Clear Polyurethane

Varathane Floor Finish Polyurethane

Last N Last Polyurethane wood & floor finish


(11) Along with his normal Steve Nissley paintings, here is a list of some of the brands of aerosol spray cans of Paint products that Steve Nissley has used in some of his contracting projects. 


(12) Aerosol Spray paint; for Steve Nissley painting


Kryon Aerosol Spray Paint 

Rustoleum Aerosol Spray Paint 

Ace Aerosol Spray Paint 

Sherwin Williams Aerosol Spray Paint

Valspar Aerosol Spray paint – Chalkboard Spray




(13) Along with Steve Nissley painting over the years, here is a partial list of some of the brands and types of primers Steve Nissley has used in some of my contracting projects and some that Steve Nissley has not used: 


(14) Primer brands & types & grades;


Ace Primer for Steve Nissley painting

Ace Royal primer

Galvanized & aluminum primer


Benjamin Moore Primer for Steve Nissley painting

Fresh start multi purpose primer




Devoe   primers for Steve Nissley painting

Devoe Primz Killstain  - Killstain WB - Primer new drywall - Primer PVA – high hiding – interior wood -  wood


DuPont primer for Steve Nissley painting

DuPont chroma premier 22088s non sanding etch primer, exceptional corrosion resistance, adhesion to bare steel, galvanized & aluminum


Duron primer for Steve Nissley painting

Duron drywall primer - New construction high build drywall primer -  Duron block kote block filler – terminator stain killer 1, 2 and 3



Gemini coatings sealers & primers


Glidden primers for Steve Nissley painting

Glidden primer - Gripper


Insl-x     Corotech high performance red shop primer


Kilz primers for Steve Nissley painting   

Kilz Original Primer   -  Kilz Premium Primer – Kilz Low Odor – Kilz 2 – Kilz General Purpose – Kilz Max – Kilz Clean Start – Kilz High Build – Kilz Complete – Kilz Upshot Aerosol  - Kilz Aerosol odorless – Kilz aerosol complete – Kilz aerosol original


Pittsburgh primers for Steve Nissley painting

Pittsburgh primer – seal grip


Porter primers for panting service

Porter primer      pure performance – blankit


McCormick Primer for Steve Nissley painting

Mcormick unix stain blocking primer – underlok multi purpose -1st step metal inhibitive rust alkyde primer – acrylok masonry primer – state house –shop kote metal


Moores Primer    (no good at all for reliable Steve Nissley painting)


Valspar primers for painting servce

Valspar Primer Sealer – stainblocking primer – high hiding primer – bare wood primer – bonding primer – premium aerosol spray primer


Sherwin Williams Primers for Steve Nissley painting

Wood Primer = Multi Purpose – Harmony – Promar 200 - & Promar 400  zero VOC - Loxon Concrete & Masonry - PrimeRX Peel Bonding - Fast Drying Primer – Fast Drying Primer - Prep Rite - Pro Block – White Pigmented - Shellac Primer – Premium wall & wood primer - easy sand primer – high build primer – pro industrial pro cryl universal – Quick Dry stain block primer – water blocking primer finish – pro mar metal enamel rust preventive coating primer – industrial & marine coatings primer – dryfall – super save lite dryfall


Zinsser primers for Steve Nissley painting

Zinsser Bulls Eye 123 Primern - Zinsser Cover Stain Primer - Zinsser Bulls Eye Primer -


Lead paint Stop Encapsulation protective elastomeric sealant coating



(15) Even though this is quite a list of brand names for prime coatings and paint options for Steve Nissley painting, it certainly does not exhaust the possibilities of the products on the market; there are many more brands of primer and paint available for potential paint service projects.

(16) Each type of primer supposedly has its own specific purpose and designated, though some primers are not trusted as reliable for Steve Nissley painting projects as specified.

(17) Because, as Steve Nissley stated earlier, some primer does not produce satisfactory results as was expected or was supposedly intended.  

(18) In Steve Nissley painting over the years, Steve Nissley has learned that there are some types of paints & primers that are successful for doing many things.

(19) But there are also types of paints & primers that are only good for doing only a few things or only one thing worth speaking of. 

(20) Some of the primers that Steve Nissley has used in Steve Nissley painting He would prefer not using again for any purpose.

(21) In Steve Nissley painting expeditions, Steve Nissley has discovered that there are some primers that are designed as a better bonding primer than other bonding primers for the explicit purpose of switching over from an existing oil base finish to an acrylic finish.

(22) In Steve Nissley painting events, Steve Nissley has learned that there are some water stain primers that are not even comparably as good as Kilz Original primer.

(23) In Steve Nissley painting projects, over the years Steve Nissley has learned that there are very smelly primers, and there are odorless primers.

(24) There are wood primers and there are also metal primers. There are rust primers and there are also rust paints available, but it doesn’t hold up well if the rust is internal.

(25) As Steve Nissley found in his painting ventures, there are primers that are easy to use and primers that are very difficult to use. There are fast drying primers and there are primers that must be cured longer before putting paint over it.

(26) Along with his normal Steve Nissley painting, there is primer for priming and preparing wallpaper and there is primer for priming over paneling, there is all purpose primer and there is wallboard sheetrock drywall primer.

(27) Some primers have sheen and some do not have sheen. Primer with sheen is excellent to use prior to using finish paint with sheen to produce a more uniform look and uniform feel. However, that may be totally insignificant in most Steve Nissley painting situations. 

(28) For a normal Steve Nissley painting project, it is important in some situations to put on a coat of primer first, but not in all situations. In many cases it is a waste of time and money to use primer where a specific type of primer is not really needed for a specific purpose.


(29) Most brands of paint have at least three or more variations of sheen.

(30) Along with his normal Steve Nissley painting over the years, here is a list of paint sheen options that Steve Nissley has used for various paint ventures according to the customer’s preferences: 


(31) Paint Sheens;


Matte paint 

Flat matte paint 

Flat paint 

Satin paint 

Eggshell paint 

Low Lusture paint 

Pearl paint 

Semi gloss paint 

Gloss paint 

High gloss paint 


(32) When shopping for paint products for Steve Nissley painting, in most cases, oil paint or oil stain is much more difficult to find in this era than back in the day, most of the paint or stain products on the market today is now made of acrylic, or something similar, due to the environmental regulations.  

(33) Again, when shopping for paint or stain products for a Steve Nissley painting project please keep in mind that each brand of paint or stain products has its own scale of higher and lower grades of paint or stain.

(34) For a particular Steve Nissley painting project, paint or stain products that were the best brands or the best products on the market ten years ago or even last year, may not necessarily be the best products this year or next year, and yet they may be the best choice again five years down the road.

(35) Any paint or stain product that was the best paint or stain for a particular Steve Nissley painting project two years ago could now be one of the worst on the market at the present and you would not want to give a nickel for it.  

(36) If you are not acquainted with the hundreds of options or choices in paint or stain purchases, it can be very easy to make a very small mistake that can have major adverse consequences for a particular Steve Nissley painting project.

(37) For example, for the Steve Nissley painting project you are preparing for, you may ask a paint store employee for a can of Kilz stain killer primer, intending to take it home for a specific purpose. If the paint store employee does not ask enough questions or is not knowledgeable, you may be going home with the wrong type of Kilz.

(38) The same with buying good paint products for Steve Nissley painting; naturally you would think that the most expensive grade of paint or stain is superior in quality, in some cases this is indeed true, but unfortunately this is not always true in every case. 

(39) Unfortunately in Steve Nissley painting projects over the years, some of the more expensive primer or paint or stain products are not properly designed.

(40) Some products are not really designed to produce the best overall satisfactory Steve Nissley painting results as what was supposedly intended, if that indeed even was the actual intent. 

(41) It seems like some products are manufactured with the intent to profit off of our fantasy rather than actually performing properly in a Steve Nissley painting project.

(42) Similarity, in the field of dishonest auto mechanics, that would be considered uncouth highway robbery or open freeway theft in disguise for nabbing unwary travelers.









Section 35 > dealing with cosmetic issues in preparation for Steve Nissley painting:




(1)  Sometimes a couple that is expecting a new born baby may want Steve Nissley painting to include a little crib room creatively done in a baby yellow. Later, after the baby is born, depending whether they have a baby boy or a baby girl, they may want to turn the crib room into a blue baby boy sleep room or a pink baby girl sleep room.

(2) When the second child arrives, you now need Steve Nissley to paint another bedroom a darker blue or darker pink or lavender for the first child.

(3) By the time the 3nd child has arrived, you now may need to Steve Nissley turn the bedroom into a bunker room with bunk beds for the first two kids. So now you may want Steve Nissley to creatively paint the bunker room tan.

(4) When your 4th child arrives, the first 2 kids are a little bit older now and may want to split up and choose their favorite paint colors themselves for their new bedrooms.

(5) So now you have the 3rd child in the bunker room for the present time. You might have installed a wallpaper border at the top or in the middle, of the bunker room wall by this time. Now you may want Steve Nissley to paint the walls a lovely peach color. Steve Nissley will carefully paint the walls up next to the border.

(6) Once the older kids are teenagers they may choose some brighter colors for Steve Nissley to paint the walls to go along with the sports teams colors or to match the color preferences of the celebrities they are fans of.

(7) They will probably be putting up plastic sticky stars on the ceilings and using scotch tape for putting up posters and everything imaginable all over the walls.

(8) Steve Nissley always says It is better to allow them to use nails to hang stuff on the walls and use push pins to put up posters rather than using scotch tape or stick tack.

(9) Steve Nissley does not like how that scotch tape or stick tack leaves an obnoxious residue on the walls creating a hindrance to paint it properly, it makes it very difficult to sand it or otherwise deal with the sticky residue.

(10) Steve Nissley says residue and glue on the walls is very annoying. Steve Nissley says residue is difficult to properly paint over, it is virtually impossible to get it cleaned off the wall without using chemicals that might make you ill or to use an electrical belt sander or a circular, rotary or vibration power sander. Most people do not want that extensiveness of a process.






Section 36 > removing or painting over wallpaper



(1) Steve Nissley says the same can often be true after you have removed wallpaper off the walls, or much worse. The walls may be so covered with rough glue as if it were a sand finish or worse and you cannot get rid of all the excessive glue or residue. Not only would it look really rough, but it can create serious problems with bleed through if Steve Nissley paints over the glue or residue.

(2) Steve Nissley says sometimes if the wallpaper was not properly installed, you can severely damage the wall with a putty knife when removing it. You can seriously damage the wall simply by pulling the original drywall paper off, the backing of the wallpaper pulls the sheetrock paper off if it is stuck firmly to the sheetrock paper. This ruins the sheetrock wall.

(3) In either case, about the only thing that can be done with a catastrophe like that, other than replacing the sheetrock wallboard itself is to use sheetrock mud and extensively skim the whole wall before Steve Nissley paints the wall. It is a very expensive time consuming process to skim the wall.


(4) Steve Nissley says he doesn’t know if there are any strong chemical products that would successfully remove heavy glue off of sheetrock without damaging the wallboard or not, but chances are that if there was, it would be highly toxic and put off such toxic fumes throughout the house.

(5) In that case, neither you nor Steve Nissley could safely be there long enough to do it. Besides the immediate danger of allergies and sickness it could be a high risk of long term illnesses leading to death. That is not his cup of tea when providing Steve Nissley painting!

 (6) In one case of removing wallpaper, there were 4 or 5 layers of wallpaper in most places, by the time Steve Nissley steamed it all off with a wallpaper steamer, there was so much ink bleed that had bled deeply into the walls over the years that even the Original Kilz primer was not able to properly hide the ink bleed.

(7) Rather than risk trying any more toxic products like perhaps the Zinsser Cover Stain or other Zinsser products, or other brands of stain killers or sealers that in the end might not suffice, she decided to purchase wallpaper made of a “burlap like materiel” called grass cloth that was designed to be beautifully painted over for a country look.

(8) Of course for Steve Nissley to paint over almost any wallpaper, it can be successful if it the seams are first skimmed and primed over with original Kilz primer.

(9) For Steve Nissley to paint over wallpaper, torn spots or loose corners or edges should be ripped off and skimmed and all the seams should be skimmed. If it has raised print or raised scenic designs, the whole wall should be skimmed or the raised designs will show through the paint.

(10) You may however, be ok with the look of the raised impressions and the seams after the Steve Nissley painting has been completed. That is your decision to make.







Subject 37 > materials; filling nail holes, patching, caulking



(1) There was a master bedroom Steve Nissley was going to paint white, but the previous occupants of the house apparently were thinking it would be stylish to have a sand finish on the walls, but alas, the new occupant said it had to be gone forever, so Steve Nissley skimmed the whole bedroom with sheetrock finish to smooth it out.

(2) Then before Steve Nissley painted it, he primed it well with Premium Kilz primer twice, putting on 2 finish coats of white paint. Steve Nissley was proud as a peacock when he saw how smooth the walls actually turned out to be.

(3) This is the same method that Steve Nissley uses when skillfully skimming over wallpaper or skimming a wall that was damaged by removing improperly installed wallpaper in preparation to paint it.  

(4) For Steve Nissley painting that includes wall repairs, if you have stored a partially used container of joint compound, please do not ask Steve Nissley to use it. He will only do the patching with a “new” container of joint compound.

(5) New joint compound is relatively inexpensive, the most inexpensive purchase for a Steve Nissley painting project comparatively.

(6) For a Steve Nissley painting project that includes wall repair, it is very essential to purchase a “new” container of joint compound so that Steve Nissley can skillfully create a smooth finished wall that looks fit for a king.

(7) Steve Nissley cannot know the condition of the joint compound in a bucket out of your basement if Steve Nissley was not the one using out of it. Steve Nissley says a sudden hidden lump in a container of partially used but otherwise good looking joint compound can flatly ruin a nearly finished patching project.

(8) Steve Nissley says ruining a patched wall could be very costly for you, so please do not try to cut corners with him on the Joint Compound.  New joint Compound is not that expensive!

(9) Steve Nissley doesn’t want any malfunctioned or excessive joint compound on the walls that must be excessively sanded; it creates entirely too much dust, and also creates a host of other problems.

(10) In many Steve Nissley painting ventures, when Steve Nissley uses drywall Joint Compound for patching larger holes and for patching damaged walls, he may then also use it for nail holes now that he has to wait anyway for the Joint Compound to dry on repaired the wall.

(11) In a Steve Nissley painting project, Joint Compound is only the “second best solution” for filling nail holes in a pinch, even though it is not nearly the same.

(12) But when using Joint Compound to fill nail holes in a Steve Nissley painting project, for that Steve Nissley has to be more careful than with lightweight spackling, so as to immediately wipe the excessive smears off the wall.

(13) For a normal Steve Nissley painting project, if the patching is done in the wrong way, or if there is excessive spackle on the wall, it can make a simple task into a major disaster.

(14) For Steve Nissley painting project, if you are feeling very zealous, please do not go overboard in patching nail holes in the wall enthusiastically with spackling or joint compound. 

 (15) All Steve Nissley needs for a nail hole is to dab my finger into a small can of lightweight spackle and rub it into the nail hole and immediately wipe all of the excess spackle off of the wall with my finger.

(16) Steve Nissley says that anything short of doing it exactly that way can cause major problems for him in a interior wall painting project.

(17) If you purchase a small can of spackle for a Steve Nissley painting project, please make sure it specifically says “lightweight” on the can. It is so lightweight that it even feels like the can is empty.

(18) Please get only a small 8 oz can, for easy handling, in most cases it will not even take all of that to fill the nail holes in a normal Steve Nissley painting project.

(19) The spackle is made by “Dap”, “Ace” or “Smart, and there may be a few other brands of “lightweight” spackle.

(20) Please do not try to substitute with a different type of spackling, because there simply is no substitute for the “lightweight” spackle.


(21) Elmer’s wood filler (plastic wood) and Dap Alex 25 yr or 35 yr white “paintable” caulk that is designed for a caulk gun and Dap window glazing are products that you could purchase, but only if you know Steve Nissley will be needing them for Steve Nissley painting venture.

(22) But then again; there is really no substitute for the correct product. Clear caulk labeled as paintable is generally NOT paintable as claimed and can create serious problems says Steve Nissley.

(23) For a Steve Nissley painting project there may be times when Steve Nissley needs some foam insulation, but rarely. For example, there may be a hole in the wall from a slamming door knob. Foam insulation is very messy and difficult to spray, but it is good for a door knob hole in the wall.

(24) In a Steve Nissley painting venture, when using a can of foam insulation, it is considered a “once” application, the balance of it will not be usable later, the entire can must be used up all at once. So, if you have a large crack elsewhere that needs filling, this may be the time to have Steve Nissley to do that too.

(25) Another simple solution to a hole in a wall, one option may be to purchase a self adhesive wall shield to go over a doorknob hole; Steve Nissley could then paint the shield. This may even prevent further door knob damage in some situations where traditional door stoppers are ineffective.

(26) This a list of other patch products on the market that is not needed for any of Steve Nissley painting projects: no vinyl spackling, no water putty, no quick patch, no plaster of paris, no hand squeeze tubes of spackle, no hand squeeze tube of caulk, no hand squeeze tube of nail hole filler, no tube of crack fixer, no filler pencil, no filler stick and; absolutely no clear caulk ever if you want to be confident of good results.

(27) Whenever a tube of clear caulk labeling says it is paintable, it is 99.9% likely to be untrue! The results of using clear caulk can result in much worse circumstances than not using any caulk at all.








Section 38> Steve Nissley painting tools & supplies



(1)  For Steve Nissley painting expedition, if you want to bring him some “BOUNTY” towels Steve Nissley will be grateful for it. If you want to get a disposable paint pan for each color of paint, Steve Nissley will be grateful for that also.

(2) But seriously, Steve Nissley requests that you do not bring cheap paint roller kits or cheap paint brush kits, and please do not bring any paint pads of any kind, none of these items are sufficient to be able to do a Steve Nissley painting project neatly in a professional manner with his artistic hands.

(3) If you purchase brushes and roller sleeves for Steve Nissley to use, please ask him where to go and what to get.  Steve Nissley will use certain top quality tools and if necessary he goes out of town or out of state to get the right brushes and roller sleeves that are needed for providing Steve Nissley painting.

(4) When providing Steve Nissley painting with good tools, Steve Nissley can be very proud of the results.

(5) When Steve Nissley walks back a little ways and turn around and gaze back from a distance to take a good look at the completely finished beautiful Steve Nissley painting project in real elegant classiness, it gives Steve Nissley a warm cozy feeling of satisfaction of knowing that he has accomplished high achievement in ritzy Steve Nissley painting, well done the right way, with the pride of a mother hen hovering over her newly hatched brood of chicks.





Section 39 >   Steve Nissley painting preparation procedures:



(1) Sometimes customers will ask what they can do to speed up the preparation for the Steve Nissley painting process.

(2) Well first of all, when providing Steve Nissley painting, if you really don’t mind, Steve Nissley would appreciate a bottle or glass of either: drinking water, grape juice, apple juice, cranberry juice or blueberry juice or some tea.

(3) Otherwise there really is not a whole lot you can do to speed things up for Steve Nissley. 

(4) Secondly, if you have any pets, to have the rooms painted proficiently by Steve Nissley, you may want to vacuum the areas, such as the walls and the baseboards and the floor near the baseboards to remove any unseen animal hair so that it does not get in the wet paint.

(5) Also, while you are in the process of vacuuming, there are spider webs in kings palaces, so if you see any spider webs in the corners or the edges up above or below, you may want to take the vacuum or a whisk broom to it before Steve Nissley shows up to paint.

(6) When Steve Nissley is providing Steve Nissley painting, he could possibly make a mess of some kind, so it would be great if there is a good broom and dust pan and a trash can available, and a vacuum cleaner if you have one, just in case he needs it to clean up the mess. If not, Steve Nissley does normally keep a small broom and small dust pan in his truck that he keeps handy for Steve Nissley painting projects to use in a pinch.

(7) Also, for a Steve Nissley interior painting project that includes the need for moving things out of the way, it is important to move your eloquent ornaments to another room, and to take your lovely wall hangings down and move them to another room, and especially the mirrors.

(8) Of course if you have put the furniture back in place after you vacuumed the pet hair, it is important to move most of the household furniture away from the wall about three feet.

(9) Steve Nissley can generally assist you in that if you like. You and Steve Nissley can move some furniture together if you need him to before he starts to paint. If you have furniture sliders to use, that will be great.

(10) But in some cases a homeowner will have requested Steve Nissley to do it all himself as part of an agreed to turnkey painting package. That should not be a problem in most cases.

(11) For a Steve Nissley wall painting project that includes the need for moving furniture, most of the applicable furniture should be moved out from the sidewalls about 2 or 3 feet so Steve Nissley can easily get a step ladder in between the furniture and the wall.

(12) Also, if you don’t mind, there is one thing you can do of great importance that Steve Nissley will appreciate very much, that is to remove the light switch wall plates and the electrical socket outlet wall plates and then install them again after Steve Nissley has completed the Steve Nissley painting expedition.

(13) Sometimes the wall plates have been accidently or intentionally painted before and they may as well be included in the Steve Nissley painting project again as well as the electrical sockets themselves, unless you want a change of scenery and purchase new ones.

(14) For Steve Nissley dependable painting projects, some homeowners choose to buy new wall plates even if the old ones had not been painted before.

(15) Not all the wall plates need to be removed to make a way for Steve Nissley independent painting, for example Steve Nissley can neatly paint around the ones that are difficult to remove like the one for the television cable and any wall plates that are already glued to the wall with paint from before when the plates were put on the wall before the paint was dry.

(16) Also, says Steve Nissley, you will likely not want to disturb the ones which,  if removed, it could result in deprogramming the electronic equipment or computerized devices, like the radio clock, computerized phone, TV’s, computers, computerized refrigerator or the computerized microwave.

(17) Steve Nissley asks that you keep in mind that if you are considering new wall plates that are individually wrapped in cello foam plastic, those things are extremely difficult to open and the loose screw is easy to lose, as it can fly anywhere when the cello foam finally bursts open in a flash.

(18) If you are thinking of asking Steve Nissley to add that “supposedly small favor” onto the agreed Steve Nissley painting production as a favor or out of merited obligation on his part, don’t, Steve Nissley will flatly refuse to do it. Steve Nissley appreciates your understanding.

(19) To simply add such a request to a Steve Nissley painting agreement is very unbalanced, because that task is much more time consuming and frustrating than you might think.

(20) If you ask Steve Nissley to do this extra task, you will be required compensate him accordingly, it will be costly.

(21) Another thing that you could do of great importance to speed things up, if Steve Nissley painting includes the interior walls of your residence, If you have nice wine glasses setting on the fireplace mantle, or if you have beautiful chinaware in the china press, you will probably want to get them out of the room, especially so if the china is setting up on chinaware stands on the shelf of the china press.

(22) Steve Nissley says you could put them in a safe place either under the dining room table on the floor or on top of the dining room table so they will not break to smithereens rather than taking them to another room that is to be painted, lest they again be in the way to paint.

(23) Another option would be to wait until Steve Nissley has already painted in the other room and then put the chinaware in that room, if it is feasible to do it that way. Then, later you can return the chinaware to the china press at your convenience after Steve Nissley is finished with the Steve Nissley painting.


(24) You may need to pull back the floor rug a bit so that you can scoot the china press over next to the dining room table about 20 inches away from the sidewall,

(25) Hopefully you will be able to leave about a foot of room between the china press and the table for Steve Nissley to physically squeeze through, but if not then Steve Nissley will somehow make do without.

(26) Steve Nissley suggests that if you have a antique heirloom grandmother clock or grandfather clock with a large glass front and those huge bronze heavy clanging chimes, you want to be careful with your prize possession and move it ahead of time to the center of room next to a large (preferably tall) piece of furniture and cover it with a linen sheet and a medium or light weight rug on top to keep it from getting broken by Steve Nissley’s paint poles.

(27) If Steve Nissley is to paint only the ceilings, it is not important to move all the narrow furniture or the appliances that Steve Nissley can easily reach across with the step ladder, like the china press and a chest of drawers; it just needs to be covered up where it sits.

(28)  But normally, the big chairs and sofas are naturally difficult to reach across and need to be moved about 3 feet from the wall.

(29) You can cover the Chinaware with an old linen sheet or a sheet of plastic if Steve Nissley has agreed to paint the ceiling too. If you do not have any, Steve Nissley will cover them before he starts to paint the ceiling. And if you don’t have plastic or anything to cover the floor Steve Nissley will cover the floor himself.






Section 40 >    air, moisture & room temperatures



(1) If there is a strong breeze, Steve Nissley asks that you do not open the windows, as the breeze will whip through and blow the plastic sheets around and off of the furniture.

(2) Also, when Steve Nissley paints the entrance doors, the breeze will slam the doors shut and he may have to repaint them, plus it may ruin your door gaskets when the doors slam shut before the paint is dry.

(26) If it is raining, the windows and doors need to stay shut to keep the moisture outside or the paint will not dry properly.

(27) It is very important to keep the hot air or cold air out by keeping the windows shut and to have the thermostat for the heat or air conditioning set at about 70F degrees if possible.

(23) This is the perfect temperature for the paint to dry properly, and it will be very comfortable for me as well and less exhausting when it is scorching hot outside.   

(24) Steve Nissley appreciates your cooperation and consideration with temperature and air flow, as otherwise it can result in a stressful situation in various ways for Steve Nissley and could slow down the project performance.





Subject 41 > painting lighting needs for Steve Nissley


(1) As for Steve Nissley’s lighting needs, if the Steve Nissley painting venture is to include any ceilings or the walls or whatever in a darkened area, please do not go overboard in bringing extra lighting, as too much lighting is too much of a good thing and is blinding, especially when Steve Nissley paints a ceiling.

(2) For a Steve Nissley painting project, an extra light could be a very annoying intense disruptive hindrance, and usually it is very much so.

(3) Sometimes Steve Nissley might even would rather have all lights off when he paints a ceiling indoors if he still has a little sun light coming in from outside.

(4) For most any Steve Nissley painting project, if Steve Nissley hasn’t asked for lighting he probably will not need it.

(5) Seriously, with Steve Nissley painting skills, in most cases Steve Nissley has better results when he paints in near darkness than what most people are able to do in straight daylight, and seriously that is no joke! 

(6) And if there are too many lamps in the room, they have too much of a tendency to get knocked over with Steve Nissley’s paint poles, this is very a frustrating and distracting hindrance as well.  

(7) If you wish to produce some lamps in an totally out of the way place ( like out in the garage) where Steve Nissley can find them “just in case”, that would be acceptable and appreciated.





Section 42: removing bees & wasps nests


(1) For Steve Nissley painting ventures, if you have any nests of stinging insects such as hornets, honey bees, wasps, and yellow jackets or bumblebees in the vicinity or nearby, they need to be dealt with somehow, so that He doesn’t get attacked by angry bees.  

(2)  Instead of trying to pass the buck on to Steve Nissley, he would appreciate it if you would took your responsibility upon yourself to get rid of them early on so that they will be cleared out ahead of time so that Steve Nissley can provide you with a competent painting in peace and not need to be distracted or concerned or stressed out about potentially getting stung by stray bees that are still looking for the nest. 



Section 43 > Steve Nissley Aerosol spray paint projects for wrought iron etc



(1) Along with Steve Nissley painting, if you want a new house painted that is under construction he may consent to the spray painting method at your request if you are willing to pay the rent on the sprayer equipment.

(2) Otherwise there is no need for concern about drifting mist of overspray from a paint sprayer, certainly not the messiness from a power roller, as Steve Nissley will not normally be using those items.

(3) In most cases in Steve Nissley’s painting business, you will find that he normally refrains from using spray paint at occupied homes to avoid the drifting mist of overspray.


(4) But along with Steve Nissley painting, aerosol cans of spray paint are excellent to use to paint some things outdoors; wrought iron rails, metal lawn furniture, flower boxes, outdoor decorations, and taking bathroom decorations and other decorative items outside to paint.

(5) In his glamorous Steve Nissley painting projects he abhors the sight of messes with a passion and he conscientiously keeps things as neatly and pleasantly done as possible.







Section 44 > Steve Nissley painting to include antiques painted




(1)  Along with Steve Nissley painting project, you may want him to paint or stain your antique furniture, either indoor household wood or metal furniture or outdoor metal lawn furniture.

(2)  Along with Steve Nissley painting business, you may want Steve Nissley to paint your antique toys, like either the indoor metal push cars and trucks you played with as a kid, or the old metal riding toys you played with outside as a kid, like pedal tractors, cars, tricycles, scooters,  bicycles, etc.

(3) Along with Steve Nissley painting ventures, you may want Steve Nissley to paint your antique lawn ornaments, like old steel wagon wheels old push plows or old horse drawn plows or other horse drawn farming equipment.



Section 45: Steve Nissley paintings that includes the inside of your empty house 


(1) To paint an occupied house knowing it is furnished, it is generally not a problem to plan accordingly.

(1)  And when Steve Nissley  provides painting for your empty house that you have just recently purchased, if you told Steve Nissley you were moving in right away, that is something Steve Nissley normally knows how to deal with, and can adapt to that and plan accordingly.

(2)  But if you have not yet commenced moving into it, if you told Steve Nissley the house would be empty to paint, please do not get box happy and start bringing boxes or loose items into the empty house before Steve Nissley is completely finished, as boxes etc can seriously get in the way.

(3) If you told Steve Nissley the house would be empty and he is planning out his schedule in accordance to believing the rooms in the house will be empty for Steve Nissley painting, a surprise load of boxes or loose items sitting around, really throws him for a loop, it can become a great hindrance to his progress.   

(4) For a Steve Nissley painting project, boxes and loose items are an extreme encumbrance and very annoying. It much more of a hindrance and much worse of a situation to deal with than what furniture would be. Unless you really need to get started moving, please, Steve Nissley will greatly appreciate if you don’t do this. Thank You!


(5) While Steve Nissley is providing Steve Nissley painting, with the allotted time you have given Steve Nissley to get the rooms done, if you feel you must bring a little something into the house, in that case He would appreciate additional compensation.


(6) He would much rather you bring a few pieces of furniture and make sure they are toward the middle of the room, please keep it at least three feet away from the wall if possible so that Steve Nissley can maneuver my ladders around.


(7) Along with Steve Nissley painting, if Steve Nissley is going to be inside the house to paint the skylights or to paint or extra high walls or to paint high ceilings, Steve Nissley is going to need a lot more space than normal to get around with his equipment.

Steve Nissley needs lots of room to be able to get his ladders under the lights and vents etc. to paint the ceiling around the edges of them with a paint brush.

(9) So why not simply keep your word in integrity and keep the place empty like you agreed and make life easier for you and for Steve Nissley? Thank you!





Section 46> Steve Nissley painting that includes rentals, investments and real estate on the market.


(1)  Along with regular Steve Nissley painting, he also paints vacant apartment units, vacant rental homes, vacant rental duplexes and vacant rental townhouses.

(2)  Sometimes Steve Nissley is in agreement with the landlord direct and sometimes he deals with Realtor’s on behalf of their client’s rentals.

(3)  Along with Steve Nissley painting, sometimes he paints for real estate investors and the house may currently be on the market.

(4) Steve Nissley may be dealing directly with the investor or with the realtor on behalf of the investor.

(5)Also there are homes that Steve Nissley paints that are currently on the market for which Steve Nissley may either be dealing with homeowner or dealing with the homeowner’s real estate agent.

(6) It could be you have a house on the market that you have just recently moved out of that you want Steve Nissley to paint the walls.


(7)Without the furniture as a distraction, the focus of a potential buyer will be much more intently directed to the faded walls if the walls are not freshly painted.

(8) Using all white paint, Steve Nissley can do wonders to make a positive impression on a prospective buyer.

(9) In any case scenario in any of the above situations of rentals or homes on the market, please take responsibility for your people moving into a dwelling, to leave Steve Nissley ample space in the same as manner he requested in the previous section.

(10) That way Steve Nissley has room to maneuver about the same as if he was to paint in your own house like he had mentioned. Thank you!







Section 47 > Steve Nissley painting ventures including various types of ceilings:



(1)  Along with Steve Nissley painting ventures, do your ceilings need to be painted? Ceilings look good if they are painted stark white or painted to match the color of the walls. 

(2) For a Steve Nissley painting venture to periodically include your ceilings is something that is very important, yet it can easily be neglected for any number of reasons out of a million.

(3) Along with the Steve Nissley painting, when including den ceiling or family room ceiling, there are some ceilings that have wood cross beams installed that also need to be either painted or stained, or not. And of course there are other ceilings, like the carport ceiling or an open porch ceiling or a breezeway ceiling.

 (4) Oftentimes with Steve Nissley painting customers, the question comes up as to whether textured ceilings can be painted. The answer of course is yes, not only can they be painted, sometimes it is imperative to paint the textured ceilings that are faded or stained or damaged in some way.

(5) If you have a textured surface on the ceiling, if it is still in good condition, you may not want the materiel of your ceiling texture to dry out too much and begin to deteriorate resulting from neglect from the lack of timely ceiling paint along with Steve Nissley painting. When it is neglected, the texture could begin to look horridly unsightly.

(6) Have your ceilings been textured with popcorn spray, or are they rough textured, swirled, sponged or plain texture or were they simply left the plain finished original smooth wallboard?

(7) With Steve Nissley painting, when you have Steve Nissley to paint popcorn style ceilings, you will need to either vacuum off your stylish popcorn balls yourself or have Steve Nissley to vacuum it off for you, to avoid a humongous mess all over himself and everywhere around the place.

(8) With Steve Nissley painting, even if you want to end up with flat paint on the ceilings, it will make it easier to first paint the fancy popcorn ceilings with a semi gloss finish paint, to glue the remaining balls to the vacuumed ceiling before using flat finish paint so that the balls will not still fall all over the place after Steve Nissley has painted the ceiling.

(9) But then you may want Steve Nissley to keep the ceiling shiny with the semi gloss paint instead of having him paint over top of the fresh semi gloss paint with flat paint.


(10) With Steve Nissley painting has been asked to paint ceilings in colors that some have felt was very strangely chosen, for example, Steve Nissley has painted a ceiling to match the sharp bright green walls of the room! Seemingly strange maybe to some, but each to his own liking is fine.

(11) The main thing is to allow homeowners  to choose a color of their own liking unhindered and that is happy with their choice!


(12) With Steve Nissley painting expedition, you might not think much about the immediate need to include your kitchen ceiling. Having the ceiling painted service may be far from your mind at the moment.

(13) Ordinarily you may be much more likely to be looking at your kitchen walls rather than looking at your ceiling as you sit there at the kitchen counter table slowly eating a bowl of oatmeal and French toast for breakfast or sipping your freshly brewed coffee while taking a little time out to read the morning paper, like maybe you are really not that wide awake yet.

(14) You may hear the expression "keep looking up". When your friend tells you to keep looking up, if that statement was said in the context of praying to the one true God the supplier of good gifts, unless the voice of God the supplier brings the ceiling to your attention when you are praying, who does that when they are still half asleep?

(15) Who is then going to look at the ceilings? Ordinarily people are not apt to think about ceilings when they are making a petition to God the supplier, although then again, you might by surprise, because God the supplier really does look out for our everyday needs as he declared he would.

(16) Another thought though, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior usually did actually lift up his head to look at the ceiling or at the stars in the sky with his eyes open when he prayed, so he might have been more apt to notice his decrepit ceilings. Steve Nissley thinks perhaps we humans really should look up to pray more often, that way people are more apt to see what they are meant to see.

(17) Unfortunately, no one continually looks at ceilings a lot from day to day, people are so busy in this era, so it is so often not noticed that there is a drastic need for a ceiling to be included in Steve Nissley painting expedition.

(18) When the ceilings are long forgotten and pushed far back in the background of your brain, the white ceiling will start to fade to a dull sullen appearance or it becomes very faded out or grayed with settling dust over a not so long period of time, then it seemingly will just stay neglected for eons it seems.

(19) Because when the ceilings have become more and more out dated and darkened with age, you start feeling so bad that you begin to look up less and less, next thing you know you are feeling grungy and grouchy, then you are puzzled at the reason why that happened.

 (20) If the unbecoming cross beams and ceilings keep you feeling gloomy unawares, more and more, then naturally it eventually becomes worse and worse with time and it is sometimes years or even decades before it suddenly hits you like a brick between the eyes and it comes to mind the desperate need for Steve Nissley incredible painting to include your plain, smooth or fashionable fine textured ceilings or other styles of textured or rough ceiling.  

 (21) The reason it is so very important that Steve Nissley painting expedition needs to be inclusive of your ceilings is because it brightens up the whole interior of your home and takes the imaginary cloud of gloom away and cheers up the whole family!

(22) Even your pets may very well feel better taken care of  and may seem to be much happier and healthier as a result after the ceilings are included in a professional Steve Nissley painting endeavor.

(23) It can be a great asset to include the ceilings in the Steve Nissley painting venture as a preventive cause. Because in the event that, God forbid, you have a serious water stain from a small water leak along the chimney flashing or in your roof line from the branch of a falling tree, or from a severe flash lightning penetrating hail storm.

(24) Or from being in the path of a destructive high wind thunder storm or nasty tropical hurricane rainwater  blowing in trenching sheets sweeping through and penetrating under the shingles and loosening them.

(25) Or as a result of severe ice build up from a winter freezing rain on a chilly cold autumn night or swirling snow building up from a blinding blizzard in sub zero temperatures.

(23) Or from a leak from a bath tub overflowing on the upper level causing a stain on the ceiling on the lower level because someone stopped up the overflow with a wash rag.

(24) Any unsightly water damaged stain, or even a subtle water stain, could show up much more quickly if the ceiling paint had been kept up to date.

(25) If Steve Nissley painting endeavors would have included the ceilings so that they would still be as white as they ought to be, you could save the roof and ceiling both more quickly, whereas if the ceiling kept being neglected, the water damage could get lots worse before it gets noticed and the roof problem may also get overlooked.

(26) So if Steve Nissley painting includes keeping the ceiling up to date more frequently, it may save you the loss of a lot of greenback cash and tears of remorse in the long run.

(27) Over all, there’s a good chance you and your family will be much more cheerful with the friendly atmosphere in your home when you have kept the ceilings painted up to date periodically every few years consistently in all your rooms.

(28) Steve Nissley urges you to be good to your family and to spend the next few days seriously looking at the situation of your previous ceiling Steve Nissley painting very carefully for fading or stains or deterioration and observe whether you have a need that you had not noticed earlier for Steve Nissley painting to include the ceilings.

(29) Are you looking up now while it is on currently your mind?

(30) You may also need Steve Nissley painting to include the ceilings on the front porch or side porch or back porch or upstairs porch or balcony or the sun porch or the ceilings at your physician practice or it could be at your race car shop, or a tractor dealership or most any retail store or office. 






Section 48 >    Steve Nissley painting including walls:



(1) Along with spectacular Steve Nissley painting, do you want Steve Nissley to include various walls? You may need Steve Nissley to paint all the walls in the entire house all one color by the holiday; “Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day”. Are you choosing a select color for only one wall or a few walls to be painted a different decorative color?

(2) Professional Steve Nissley painting that includes the walls of a house or office or whatever, are usually in the context of four walls in a room to be all one color in unison, but for a different effective creative way of doing things, customers will occasionally request one wall in the living room to be accented with a different spectacular color.

(3) When Steve Nissley painting includes walls to be painted, you may want Steve Nissley to paint the walls in one room of the house to a mauve and the walls in another room in the house to a dark beige or you may want Steve Nissley to paint the walls in all the rooms one unified warm color.

(4) Along with Steve Nissley painting venture, you may want Steve Nissley to use a selective classy Williamsburg color that you choose for the walls of the family room, or you may want Steve Nissley to use lemon yellow for the kitchen walls or the food pantry walls, the laundry walls, the laundry closet walls, or the hallway.

(5) Along with Steve Nissley painting expedition, you may want to choose olive green for the hall bath walls, or pale blue for the dinette walls, or the den walls or the walls in the closets, or the home office wall.

(6) And along with Steve Nissley painting, Steve Nissley needs to know what color you are thinking would go well for the walls in the master suite; (private office, bedroom, walk in closet, his and hers vanity area, the throne room, bath & shower, and whirlpool or hot tub area)

(7) Along with Steve Nissley painting venture, have you perhaps considered a spectacularly luxurious gray colored room with an effective accent deeper gray color for the balcony and hallway wall that goes well with an even  lighter shade of the same effective gray color for the living area of the great room?

(8) And for that board walk of the balcony, do you want that 2 or 3 foot strip of ceiling under it to match the adjoining wall underneath or should it be white like the other ceiling? Would you like to have all that included and completed by Groundhog Day along with the rest of Steve Nissley painting?

(9) Do you want the Steve Nissley painting to include the unique recreation room or the walls and ceiling in the family room and game closet? Do like a warm tone or a cool misty feel?  O you want it done by Ascension Day? 

(10) Do you want Steve Nissley painting to include the old yucky paneling that you simply cannot stand anymore on the walls of the entertainment room, would you like special priming and effective done to get rid of the dark stained look that you are so tired of looking at?

(11) For Steve Nissley painting, in considering including the walls or ceiling for the toy room or doll room, do you want Steve Nissley to paint the same gold color in both of them? Do you want the east corner room to be one color and the west corner room a different shade of the same color in the “Williamsburg” colors or a totally different color altogether for one of them?

(12) For Steve Nissley painting venture, do you want Steve Nissley to include the front entrance or for the side entryway or for the back entry? Do you want Steve Nissley to use a simple regular white paint or a sharp green paint to paint?

(13) Do you want Steve Nissley painting expedition to include the sun porch in time for a Patriot Day party? And what about the stair well steps in the house, do you want Steve Nissley to stain them a special cherry color wood stain?

(14) Do you want Steve Nissley painting business to include the stair case walls painted elegantly in ivory rush green and the foyer window painted in a sharp contrasting teal? Do you want Steve Nissley to finish that by National Boss Day?

(15) Do you want Steve Nissley professional painting project to include the stairwell walls pastel beige, or do you want Steve Nissley to include the upstairs landing area or the linen closet or the cleaning closet and the upstairs bath in a peanut butter tan? Do you want Steve Nissley to complete all that by All Saints Day?



(16) Or you may have a separate little cute dining nook off the side of the one kitchen wall by a bay window that you want Steve Nissley to paint a slightly darker shade of the same special wall paint color tone that is on the majority of the walls of the house.

(17) Your may have a dining room, either through an archway in the partition wall, or distinctly off to itself, that deserves special attention in Steve Nissley independent wall painting contracting project.  

(18) You might like the idea to have Steve Nissley use a contrasting color below the brown chair rail. If it has wanes coating or paneling you might want Steve Nissley to paint it a darker brown than the chair rail.


(19) Along with Steve Nissley painting, Steve Nissley can carefully paint the archway wall between two rooms for you in a medium green. Usually you will find that the flat surface of the archway has intentionally never been covered with wood trim. 

(20) Therefore, when choosing two distinct wall colors for the two rooms, the wall surface of the archway is generally carefully painted the color of the adjoining wall or all of the walls in the room in which house guests are more often entertained, but in some cases that is not necessarily the more appropriate choice; such decisions are often made on case by case basis according to the preference of the customer.

(21) But sometimes if only the one room is painted, there may be a reason that the archway must be painted and that color paint may be the only color you have available for Steve Nissley to paint the arch momentarily.  


Section 49 > Steve Nissley room painting


(1) Along with Steve Nissley room painting expedition, what rooms do you want Steve Nissley to paint besides the kitchen, pantry room, bathroom, laundry room, bedrooms, family room or the other rooms on the main floor or basement or 2nd floor, or 3rd floor or on the upper floor?

(2) Along with Steve Nissley professional room painting, you may want to include an eggshell finish in your sewing room. Steve Nissley realizes not everyone has a sewing room; however, it is a common thing among Amish and Mennonites to have either a sewing room or sewing corner or sewing nook, but not always.

(3) If the sewing room is used for any extensive length of time it could result in greater measures of sewing fatigue when the walls are left a darker color.  

(4) If you do indeed have a sewing room, if you want to include it in a Steve Nissley professional wall painting project, you may want to consider choosing a very light pastel color or white for your sewing room.

(5) In that case you may want the wood trim in the sewing room to be painted white, even if the wood trim in the rest of the house is to remain stained.

(6) Do you want Steve Nissley painting to include the walls and ceilings in the pet rooms? To brighten the rooms up with a glossy paint might improve the atmosphere and perception for your lizard, snake, turtles and other reptiles.

(7) The birds may be singing more in their cages, the hamsters and fish may love their aquariums better and the cats and dogs may be calmer when Steve Nissley is finished with the pet room walls along with Steve Nissley painting contracting project.

(8) Do you want Steve Nissley painting venture to include the fireplace mantle in the guest room? Do you want Steve Nissley to paint the hearth in the guest room a shiny maroon color?

(9) Do you need Steve Nissley painting to include the walls and ceiling and wood trim and the door and window in the side entrance room designed for winter coats and snow boots, so that you can to redecorate it and get it to look nice in time for Christmas?

(10) Do you want Steve Nissley painting project to include the back stairwell off the back entryway to the basement rec-room? Do you want Steve Nissley to paint the stair risers, kickboard, railing all together in an eggshell finish in a medium tan color?

(11) In place of a garage, the Amish often have a big room what they call a wash house since they have no cars the horse goes to the barn and the buggy goes in the tractor shed.

(12) The Amish wash house room is where they keep the gasoline engine powered wringer washer and a host of other things that the rest of us generally do not have.

(13) The wash house is often double the size of a 2 car garage. Besides a place for washing clothes, it is a great big room for snow boots and heavy barn clothes. It is also the canning room and the place to wash garden produce.

(14) If you are Amish you may need Steve Nissley painting to include the walls in the wash house room. Steve Nissley will be happy to paint your wash house.





Section 50 >   Steve Nissley painting to include doors


(1)  In a Steve Nissley painting project, often times in a case of a timely paint project to paint the doors of a new addition to be completed in time for a Father’s Day Gift, or a Mother’s Day Gift, the new entrance doors are likely to be metal doors.

(2)  Often time’s customers don’t realize it, but Steve Nissley requests that you consider ahead of time that these metal entrance doors and also any metal closet doors should be very likely painted even though they already look painted. Very likely what you see on the metal doors is only factory primer.

(3) Consider that in the Steve Nissley painting business, both the inside and outside of any new single or double entrance door or any new garage door should be included.

(4) In the Steve Nissley painting business, consider that it is important to have Steve Nissley to include the whole door frame along with any extra new wood trim that has been installed on the inside or the outside of the entrance way.

(5) In a Steve Nissley painting project, to paint a new building or any newly built addition of any old structure, the plastic window grids on the new entrance doors really should be painted to match the pre-existing painted plastic window grids on your other entrance doors around the house.

(6) In Steve Nissley painting, or other structures, if the old grids on the entrance doors around the place have not been painted, consider that this may be the proper time for Steve Nissley to paint both the old and new doors and grids to match.

(7) In a Steve Nissley painting expedition, to paint any new six panel wooden or metal entrance doors or other wooden or metal entrance doors generally already have factory primer applied, as well as the new six panel wooden interior doors between adjoining rooms, or bi-fold closet doors or raised panel closet doors or louver closet doors or folding doors, or flapping doors.

(8) In Steve Nissley painting project, it is then an option to paint your doors a beautiful white or to specialty color them to match the adjoining trim or the adjoining walls. Color scheme matching each side of each door with each appropriate room or hallway is very important as well, unless you want contrasting colors.

(9) In a Steve Nissley painting expedition, traditionally the doors are generally color matched with the door trim and baseboards, but like Steve Nissley was saying, sometimes customers do request that the door colors be specialty cozy color matched with the specialty cozy colored walls.


(10) This deliberately gives off a very beautiful cozy color specialty look that is pleasant to the eye, whether the new six panel doors are metal doors or wooden doors and whether they are half size or ¾ size or full size doors or closet doors, or pocket sliding doors or other sliding doors, or flapping doors,

(11) In a Steve Nissley painting project, to include new metal doors or wooden doors of any type to be painted in time for a New Years Day fun party or a Halloween trick or treat party, whether they are six panel doors or smooth doors or another type of door, they are best painted after they are installed.

(12) Normally in a Steve Nissley painting project, He would not be likely to stop someone from installing the doors before he paints them, if they are not yet installed.

(13) Because usually, in Steve Nissley painting situation, He would likely rather wait to paint them until after the installation to avoid any possibility of scuffing the fresh paint on the doors.

(14) But in a Steve Nissley painting situation, in the event that the time being of the essence would influence my thinking or pressure Steve Nissley to paint them early, then He would probably consider painting them before installation if it can be coordinated in that manner without hindering or inconveniencing myself or the customer or anyone else.

(15) In a Steve Nissley painting project, it is much easier to paint or stain doors after they are installed, including garage doors, entrance doors, screen doors, storm doors, regular doors, flapping doors, pet doors, swinging doors, pocket doors, other sliding doors, church doors, overhead doors, attic doors, patio doors, basement doors, shed doors, shop doors, barn doors, commercial doors or whatever doors they are. 

(16) In a Steve Nissley painting event, he really does not generally have a problem painting or staining the doors before they are installed if you have a place to set them up if Steve Nissley has plenty time to do it that way before they get installed, but he will prefer staining or painting them after they are installed to avoid any scuffing.

(17) In a Steve Nissley painting event, for painting doors before the installation, the worst thing to do is to lay the doors down either on the floor or on saw horses or pallets or whatever, because then Steve Nissley can only paint one side of the door at a time and the first side of the door will get seriously scuffed when he paints the second side.

(18) In that case He would still need to paint the scuffed side again later after the doors are installed anyway. That is a defeating situation unnecessarily.

(19) In Steve Nissley painting ventures, he needs to be able to set the doors up against the unpainted drywall, otherwise called sheetrock or wallboard (gypsum drywall) where they will not be scuffed, nor scuff a painted wall.

(20) In a Steve Nissley painting mission, if the walls are already painted he needs to set the doors upright on the floor or set the doors against the window trim if the trim has already been installed.

 (21) In a Steve Nissley painting project, when setting the doors to stand upright on the floor to paint the doors, there has to be plenty of floor space available to maneuver the doors around the room without scuffing the painted doors.

 (22) In a Steve Nissley painting project, to paint the new doors that have arrived already pre-hung in the casing, but are still uninstalled, the individual door needs to be loosened from the casing and partially opened, the door and door casing can then be set up to stand up by itself, partially opened on the floor, without leaning the against the wall.

(23) For a Steve Nissley painting event, for any “pre-existing” installed garage doors, installed entrance doors and all other installed doors, whether heavy duty or lightweight, please leave them hang for Steve Nissley to paint them.

(24) Except in rare cases where Steve Nissley may be in favor of it, your task of taking the doors down for him is generally not doing him a favor or cheering himup at all

(25) Generally, in any Steve Nissley painting project or staining experience, removing hanging doors would only be for your benefit, if that, but certainly not to his benefit.

(26) For Steve Nissley, it usually only results in an obnoxious unhandy situation, along with the possibility of scuffing the doors, only to have to touch up or re-paint the doors later, as he had mentioned earlier, the end results will not likely be as nice as it would have been if you had left them hanging.

(27) But again, it is up to you, if you prefer the doors to be painted uninstalled, Steve Nissley is willing to do it your way.

(28) But please do keep in mind, that in any Steve Nissley painting event, Steve Nissley will not be the one removing the doors on your behalf or assisting you in removing doors nor would he hang them nor assist you in hanging them.

(29) Installing doors or taking pre-installed doors down and putting them back up is not in any way a service provided by Steve Nissley. He would not even consider offering this service to you in his professional Steve Nissley painting business, neither the screen doors nor the storm doors.

(30) Steve Nissley can, however, move them around on the floor after you have taken them down, but Steve Nissley will not likely carry them a long distance or carry them outside.

(31) In a Steve Nissley painting venture, if you are determined and insist on taking doors down and putting them back up, or to take them outside or bring them back in, that is ok but all of that is totally on you.

(32) Too often, though, when doors are taken down and reinstalled by the customer, the doors no longer function as properly as they did before.

(33) Thus, the malfunctioning doors can cause a great hindrance to the daily function of Steve Nissley painting, hindering the maneuverability and accessibility while he attempts to provide you with quality Steve Nissley painting.

(34) In Steve Nissley painting venture, the door knobs may as well stay on the doors, Steve Nissley is well able to paint very skillfully around doorknobs and hinges.

(35) But in most cases, in Steve Nissley painting expedition, the door knocker and name or address numbers or letters should be removed from an outside entrance door before Steve Nissley paints it. If you care to do that it would be greatly appreciated.






Section 51 >     Steve Nissley painting windows:



(1)  In a Steve Nissley painting expedition, to make  windows accessible for him, the storm glass and screen on an older window needs to be removed from inside.

(2)  In a Steve Nissley painting expedition, He does not remove old fashioned storm window frames; supposedly they are sealed and should not be disturbed. Even if they are not sealed, removing old fashioned storm window frames or installing them is not a service that Steve Nissley offers.

(3)  When providing Steve Nissley painting, the air conditioners need to be taken out of the windows at some point unless you want Steve Nissley to just paint around them the best he can.

(4) For a Steve Nissley painting project that includes windows, you could make it more accessible for Steve Nissley by taking the locks and other hardware off the windows and make sure the windows slide up and down easily and are not stuck.

(5) In a Steve Nissley painting venture, for newer windows without storm glass and screens, you can unlock them and the doors if Steve Nissley is to paint the  windows and doors.

(6) If Steve Nissley is going to glaze and prime or paint all of the windows, Steve might want all of them to be unlocked when he arrives.


(7) In a Steve Nissley painting venture, if you have purchased replacement windows, these generally are maintenance free and do not need to be painted, but if you want to change the color, they can be painted.

(8) In a Steve Nissley painting project that includes windows, it is not wise to paint the jams, as the window may stick severely. As with any window, the more paint the more apt it is to stick.

(10) In a Steve Nissley painting mission that includes windows, you may find that some windows in older houses are stuck fast and perhaps permently painted shut, either by a previous painter or by the previous homeowner, either intentionally or accidently.

(11) In a Steve Nissley painting mission, the way to avoid sticking windows is to consistently raise them and lower those frequently throughout the day and again the next morning after Steve Nissley paints them.

(12) In a Steve Nissley painting venture, if you have a large picture window with a large storm window, or other large sheets of window glass or large mirrors that need to be removed, you will either need to handle them yourself or arrange for someone to do it.

(13) In a Steve Nissley painting project, He does not handle large sheets of glass or large mirrors because Steve Nissley has had a sheet of glass shattered down over his head.

(14) Steve Nissley will not ever handle large sheets of glass since then. You could either call this phobia or acting in accordance to wisdom.

(15) If you purchased an order of windows and want to wait to install them until after Steve Nissley paints them, it could be a possibility to consider.





Section 52 >   Steve Nissley painting to include floors:



(1) My independent Steve Nissley painting project can include common wood board plank floors or concrete floors. Or you may have a magnificent tongue and groove floor or a plywood floor or a pressure treated porch floor. You may also prefer to have it stained with solid color wood stain or concrete stain.

(2) Some solid color stain is meant to be used for porch floors even over top of pre-painted floors, be sure to get the correct stain as some solid color stains are labeled “not to be used for previously painted floors” and some solid color stains are labeled saying that it is good to be used on previously painted floors.

(3) If you run into a “paint and stain salesman” in a paint store that tells you there is no solid color siding or house or deck stain that you can use for previously painted floors, you will be better off getting back into your car and keep shopping for a store where the sales agents show some intelligence .

(4) For a Steve Nissley painting project that is to include floors, if it is a new wood porch floor or wood deck floor that has never been stained or painted, you may like the looks of semi-transparent stain better than solid deck color stain.

(5) Semi transparent stain does not have the same distinct paint appearance as what solid color stain does, but it rather enhances the original beauty of the floor of your newly built wood deck.

(6) Semi-transparent house and trim stains are also good for new siding on your fabulous house. Semi transparent siding stain also looks good in your mini storage barn or detached garage when included in Steve Nissley painting venture.

(7) But then again you may like the looks of solid color stain better for a porch floor or deck floor.  Either one can be used without a wood primer and soaks into the wood and is not nearly as apt to peel like latex paint or chip or blister like oil paint. Normally, the stain will stay on and simply wear down or fade in the bleaching of the sun.


(8) You may want my expert Steve Nissley painting venture to include the concrete floor for a lean to, or porch, or garage, or carport, or in the flower shop building or staining the stones on the patio might also fancy your imagination, you could choose masonry paint or a concrete stain, ether one. 

(9) You may want an accurate straight edge Steve Nissley painting expertise to include your basement in a separate estimate for the trim and doors or the cinder block wall in the basement, and the floor around the big heavy chest freezer to be completed by New Years Eve.

(10) If in the event that the chest freezer is too full of food to be moved, you may want Steve Nissley to paint the wall or floor up to the edges of the chest freezer, and also the floor in the stretching area where your exercising equipment is kept, or the recreation and entertainment area where you have your ping pong net and pool table set up. If you feel like the pool table should not be moved Steve Nissley can paint around the table legs.

(11) Along with Steve Nissley painting, in considering painted floors, if you are still operating a dark photography studio to develop photos the old way, if you have a floor with linoleum that is too bright, professionally Steve Nissley painting it black might be an improvement to darken the room like it should be. Steve Nissley would possibly want to put primer on the linoleum before professionally painting it.

(12) In regards to Steve Nissley painting ventures, Steve Nissley can also paint wood floors for old farm houses or other historical houses. Most people wouldn’t paint floors in new houses nowadays, but if you want Steve Nissley to he will.

(13) If a new floor has been painted or stained before, it is probably best to keep it updated in that way considering the expense of new flooring.

(14) When including floors along with a Steve Nissley painting project, in most cases you would likely want to paint the floors in each room the same color throughout the house, but then again you may prefer to choose a variety of colors from room to room.

(15) Along with Steve Nissley painting project. you may want to include the old banjo shack or log cabin where you and your music band buddies get together to practice, you might feel more up to playing your instruments longer into the night if you have Steve Nissley to include the old log floors or plywood floors of the cabin beings the unkempt style of country wood may look a little too rough otherwise.

(16) If you want Steve Nissley painting venture to include some newly built rough sawn bunkhouse camping cabins in the woods for your church group retreats, it would look beautiful to use “Sickens” or “Cabot” stain or something similar on the whole place, inside and out of all the bunk house cabins.







Section 53 >   trim, and siding; paint odds n ends, wood, metal, pvc, vynal, plastic, aluminum, pipe, “trimming it out”



(1)  A Steve Nissley painting venture can include hardwood or softwood, siding or trim and other breathtaking fashionable wood products that may entail a variety of items, different types of astounding wooden products, like various types of trim or siding (either wooden or not).


(2)  Each Steve Nissley painting project that includes wood siding or wood trim can be so uniquely different from another project. Some factory prepared wood trim or siding is sold pre-primed and some is not.


(3) You may want dependable Steve Nissley painting to include the exposed joists and studs in your basement, or the stucco or parged concrete or cinder block foundations or plastered walls or an exciting gopher wood closet or sassafras wood closet by Christmas Eve.

(4) Do you want amazing fashion Steve Nissley painting to include your trim and siding for your enthralling art studio or for your storage barn, or your lawn mower shed by Thanksgiving Day?

(5) Do you want Steve Nissley painting to include the porch skirting or the enthralling porch columns for the side porch of your Art Studio?

(6) Do you want Steve Nissley painting event to include any part of the fashionable trim or wood in the basement or the foundation on the outside of a brick structure or a frame house or barn or office?   

(7) Do you want dependable custom Steve Nissley painting project to include the historical sun porch on the inside of a historical fashionable house? This could include any authentic breathtaking trim, like lions teeth or other fashionable molding or wood.

(8) The Steve Nissley painting project could include the fireplace mantle, chair rails, crown molding, the magnificent cherry wood baseboards  (“winger base encasing”), or simple plain pine wood baseboards.

(9) A fashionable Steve Nissley painting project could also include the quarter rounds, full whole rounds, shoe mold, breathtaking curved molding, corner guards, corner blocker, plastic corner strips or corner strips of any kind or vynal or newly invented plastic trim or pvc or copper or brass pieces or parts.

(10) A cosmetic Steve Nissley painting project could include the astounding trim or wood and could also include the cool or hot forced air vents, and the return air vents.

(11) A Steve Nissley painting project could also include the baseboard heaters, the wooden casing around the electrical box, or the metal door of the electrical breaker box, fireplace screen, fireplace brick, or fireplace hearth. 

(12) A Steve Nissley painting venture could include some astounding looking historic book shelves or the new wood shelving boards for the storage space in a consultation room at your therapy counsel office downtown or your house numbers at your home or your flower boxes along the side of the bay window of your sun porch.

(13) A Steve Nissley painting venture may also include a large stack of incredible lumber not yet installed. The stack of lumber may consist of magnificent baseboards like “winger base encasing”, chair rail, hand rail or window trim or door trim or uninstalled doors and various pieces of molding, or moulding as some would spell it. Or enthralling log lumber for a log version of a cabin.

 (14) Steve Nissley painting project could include of an incredible pile of lumber could include a charming fireplace mantle, attic pull down door/stair set, or bead boards or a large stack of enthralling corrugated wood to use as corrugated ceiling boards or corrugated floor boards.

(15) Steve Nissley painting venture could include a pile of new magnificent  enchanting stair step boards, numerous incredibly fashionable items like rope trim, border trim, door stops, drip caps, cove mold, brick mold, wooden or plastic or vynal corner guards, spindles, side boards, pickets, balusters, kick boards, stair stringers and treads.

(16) A Steve Nissley painting venture could include a captivating bundle of cherry, pine, walnut or maple lumber or a stack of garden posts, or a stack of particle board, wall paneling, wanes coating or lattice panels, or a trellis stacked on the shop floor ready to be opened and laid out on pallets.

(17) A Steve Nissley painting project could include a magnificent pile of wood siding boards, soffit boards, breathtaking porch columns and porch railings, fashionable trim for the garage door, spectacular lamp poles or mailbox post, or a pile of uninstalled plastic, vynal, aluminum, metal or wood shutters.

(18) A Steve Nissley painting project could include marker beams and marker posts or fence posts and fence boards or fence panels, or a chain link fence or an oil fuel tank for heating your home

 (19) Steve Nissley painting adventure could include a captivating stack of rough sawn or smooth boards in dimensions of 1x2, 1x4, 1x6, 1x8, 1x10, 1x12, 2x2, 2x4, 2x6, 2x8, 2x10, 2x12, or larger planks, boards, or posts or beams of 4x4 or 4x8 or larger in dimension, or fluted casing, belle grove casing.

(20) Steve Nissley painting adventure could include a terrace wall or a rock wall or the driveway gate, or the charming dental Cornish otherwise called lions teeth, awe-inspiring tongue in grooved boards or other accent boards or border boards sub flooring lumber.

(21) A Steve Nissley painting venture could include priming or staining a captivating stack of either 1/8 inch, 3/8 inch 1/4 inch, 1/3 inch, ½ inch, ¾ inch or 5/8 inch 4x8 sq. ft sheets of plywood or plywood that has been cut into reduced sq. ft. dimensions.

(22)  A Steve Nissley painting mission may include staining a captivating stack of plywood or panels that are smooth or rough, t-1-11 style, beaded board style, or paneling style or “laun plywood” or tempered or perforated hardboard with or without holes.

(23) A Steve Nissley painting mission could include various types of charming wood panels or wood trim that may require different types of primer. Knotty pine or other knotty wood sap, tar or stain may bleed through the paint if not primed with the appropriate primer that is designed to block such bleed through. Some types of wood do not hold paint as well as other wood, for example, redwood may have a greater tendency to peel than pine.

(24) People have preferences of various types of wood for various reasons according to personal taste etc. and it could vary according to the use of the wood.

(25) Along with Steve Nissley painting venture, you may wish to include sensational wood boards or siding made of pine lumber, or walnut, popular, oak, redwood, red oak, cherry, bitch, maple, apple, cedar, gypsum, or other enchanting choices of wood.

(26) Along with Steve Nissley painting mission, you may also desire to have your pressure treated posts, deck boards, and other enchanting lumber sensationally painted or stained once the wood is cured sufficiently.

(27) For Steve Nissley painting venture that includes various types of wood, bonding primer as well as stain primer is important when he paints pressure treated lumber poles for terrace walls or decks or porch floors or other outdoor structures.

(28) A sensational Steve Nissley painting project could include your galvanized gutter, metal guttering, aluminum guttering, vynal gutter, seamless gutter, sectional gutter, copper or brass guttering, factory finished guttering, maintenance free gutter, stainless steel gutter and of course glamorously Steve Nissley painting the downspouts is often considered a good idea.

(29) In some cases his customers have refrained from having the gutters or downspouts painted along with Steve Nissley painting venture even if they have never been painted before but now look unattractive, because once you paint the guttering it will need it again sooner or later.

(30) Yet in many cases in a Steve Nissley painting project some customers will ask to have the gutters and downspouts primed and painted no matter what type of gutter it is, even if they have been painted not so long ago.

(31) When professionally providing a Steve Nissley painting expedition for you, to include the guttering, depending on the type of house, you may either want it to match the color of the house or you may want a contrasting color.

(32) In many cases the present faded color of the guttering is the deciding factor in whether or not to include them in a Steve Nissley painting project along with also including the trim and siding.

(33) In a Steve Nissley painting venture you may have heard someone use the terminology "trimming it out". This may indicate trim but then it may not necessarily refer to trim as wood trim as such, if it is simply in reference to the completion of an independent Steve Nissley painting project that had already been in progress for a good while.

(34) Or trimming it out may merely elaborate the idea of touching up Steve Nissley painting project along the all the edges of the wall that is generally not reached with the roller.  So here we are talking about terminology again Steve Nissley painting

(35) In a Steve Nissley painting project, to some people, trimming it out may actually mean to re-paint all pre-painted wood or to paint all the new pre-primed wood or paint or stain all the unpainted wood trim completely along with all the window trim and the door trim. 

(36) In some cases of a Steve Nissley painting mission, trimming it out could also mean a paint project from start to finish in the mind of some people.  

(37) My specialty Steve Nissley painting venture could include new wood trim or it may include all the window sills in the mail floor level of a fashionable historic house or a modern newly built house. 

(38) Steve Nissley painting mission may include all of the upstairs window sashes, the stairwell landing doors on the second floor level, the entrance door steps and thresholds, the washer and dryer window, the door frame in the aquatic room, or an iron yard gate.

(39) A Steve Nissley painting project could include the wooden strips of the  porch screen, or the lattice, or storm door, or storm window frame, or wood screen door, or wooden window screen frames or deck railing or deck post caps or a pull down attic stairs in the hallway ceiling. 

(40) A classical Steve Nissley painting specialty project could include the vynal trim on both sides of both awe-inspiring garage doors, iron window frames of an old basement, or any number of iron things around an old house

(41) A Steve Nissley painting venture could include the vents, the plastic or vynal trim or wood, the mind-blowing porch columns, or the vynal porch rails.

(42) A Steve Nissley painting venture could include the deck steps, the deck, the patio floor, the stunning porch floor, the garage floor, vynal sheeting, or metal sheeting, or tin sheeting, stucco sheeting, plastic sheeting or other types of sheeting.

(43) A fashionable Steve Nissley painting venture could include plastic or metal trim, normal wood siding (birch, hickory, redwood, cherry, pine, walnut, oak, cedar, whitewood, popular, red oak, run of the mill etc) masonite siding (also called clapboard siding) aluminum siding or vynal siding etc of the  house walls or a brick or block wall.  

(44) A Steve Nissley painting venture could also include wrought iron railing, wrought iron posts, wrought iron decorations, or wrought iron furniture or the mail box, the clothes line pole, steel or wood weather vane or the steel or wood lamp pole, or a concrete retaining wall.

(45) A Steve Nissley painting venture can include the brick pillars out at the end of the driveway or the parking area yellow safety posts or Steve Nissley painting a basketball goal and hoop or the iron pipe and steel plate platform for sitting on the merry-go-round or other playground equipment.

(46)) Steve Nissley painting project could also include the plain and fancy lumber and hardware fire treated wood, plycem trim, 1x6 channel lumber, miratec, winsom one  beaded T&G, T&G V&T SYP, beaded SYP, beaded fluted SYP, trex contours, apine, w/blackband.

(47) A Nissley Steve painting venture could include some copper tubing or piping, conduit, galvanized pipe, plastic pipe, iron pipe, or pvc piping or pvc trim, pvc boards, pvc, molding, or other pvc parts or pieces or other pvc items or particle board or edge glued panels or the steel plates at a boat house dock or the wood counter at a cashiers cage.

(48) A fashionable Steve Nissley painting project or staining project could include “out of this world lumber” for a log cabin or the incredible logs themselves or 4x8 plywood utility panels or 4x8 lattice privacy panels or 4x8 ceramic tile board panels.

(49) A Steve Nissley painting mission could include 4x8 pressure treated or fire treated or plain trim or plastic panels or framing of various descriptions or basement jacks or basement garage door framing.

(50) A Steve Nissley painting project could include a new set of replacement windows in a new addition that do not match your original replacement windows.

(51) This Steve Nissley painting mission commitment could include most any conglomeration of vynal lumber trim products or wooden lumber products or pipe products or iron, metal or plastic products. A residential or commercial   lumber or hardware

(52) A Steve Nissley painting venture could also include a set of heavy duty basement doors & heavy duty door jams & lentils or wooden or metal basement vents.

(53 Steve Nissley painting venture could include a metal awning over the basement entrance or the wooden or metal crawlspace doorways, or heavy duty metal framed basement windows, or small metal windows and window wells, covers or guards. 





Section 54 > Steve Nissley painting porches


(1) Steve Nissley painting venture could include your entire front porch or back porch or side porch or the upper story roof canopy balcony porch or a tree house porch or a basement porch or a porch off an apartment above the garage.

(2) You may want Steve Nissley painting project to include the porch floor or the railings or the banisters or the porch ceiling or the porch trim or other wood parts of the porch.

(3) You may want Steve Nissley painting venture to include the porch columns or the front door entrance or the other porch doors or the porch screen framing and slat strips.






Section 55 >    Steve Nissley painting including garden sheds and mini barns



(1) Along with Steve Nissley painting ventures, you will have great satisfaction in the quality of my paint projects for  country barn for country farm sheds, small wood sheds, lawnmower sheds, or sheds for 4 wheelers, 3 wheelers or mini bikes or tool sheds, or lawn and garden sheds.  

(2) For Steve Nissley painting venture to include a mini barn to paint, you might be thinking here locally of  “Millers Storage Sheds” or “Madison Buildings” or “Byler Barns”, or Helmuth storage buildings or other Mennonite barns in your local neighborhood if you have a Mennonite builder.

(3) Along with Steve Nissley painting ventures, occasionally someone wants Steve Nissley to paint minor barns on the farm, such as a cow barn, goat barn, pig barn, chicken barn, sheep barn, and horse barns.

(4) Along with Steve Nissley painting ventures, you may want Steve Nissley to use brown or maroon color paint for the siding of a storage barn.  Then to paint the trim, doors, and windows a rustic tan can look really creative because it is so countrified like.

(5) You can use a lot of imagination with multi colorfulness in barn Steve Nissley painting to hide the numerous imperfections with flat barn paint or solid color stain that you might have noticed otherwise with a glossy paint. 

(6) In a Steve Nissley painting event, Black and white  farm animal barn paint is important to maintain, because country barns are kind like out back and they get shoved to the back of the mind and neglected.

(7) If country barns get neglected too long, the paint will either get very much stained with dirt or mud, and also begin to deteriorate otherwise. This will endanger the wood, and it may very well begin to decay with wet rot or dry rot. 

(8) Along with most any Steve Nissley painting project, it is important to get the animal barns painted regularly to protect the wood from the elements of severe heat or cold or rain or the dampness of the air collecting mildew.

(9) In a Steve Nissley painting venture, the paint maintenance care of your livestock barns should be similar to the way you should also care for your house because a comfortable livestock barn is a house to the cows, horses, chickens, goats, pigs, sheep or zoo animals and the fence around the comfortable barn is their yard fence and privacy fence and their recreation fence.






Section 56 > A Steve Nissley painting venture to include the garage


(1)  Along with Steve Nissley painting venture, do you want Steve Nissley to paint an attached or dethatched garage?

(2) Along with Steve Nissley painting venture, do you want the floor stained with concrete stain in your 2 car or 3 car garages?

(3) Along with my painting venture, do you want Steve Nissley to paint the ceiling or walls or windows or trim inside or outside your garage?

(4) Along with Steve Nissley painting expedition, do you want Steve Nissley to include the shutters or the siding or eaves or flower boxes outside your garage windows?

(5) Along with the Steve Nissley painting project do you want Steve Nissley to include the steps and the side door and garage doors on both inside and outside the garage?

(6) Along with Steve Nissley painting project, do you want Steve Nissley to include the door that goes from the garage to the laundry room or wash room or boot room in the house?




Section 57 >   Steve Nissley painting fences 



(1) Along with a Steve Nissley painting venture, what type of professional independent fence would you like to have Steve Nissley paint for you?

(2) A Steve Nissley painting project can include an aluminum fence, steel fence, barnyard fence, board fence, wood fence, picket fence, iron fence plastic or vynal fence.

(3) Steve Nissley painting project can include a commercial fence, or farm fence, traditional fence, conventional fence, all around the house or farm of various types in one big paint project. 

(4) Steve Nissley painting venture could include the flower and vegetable garden plot fence, making it so beautiful in the spring with the cardinals and robins hopping and skipping and fluttering about enjoying green nature.

(5) Steve Nissley painting venture could include a fence for “green nature garden” herb beds, or for a greenhouse fence.

(6) Steve Nissley painting project could include any type of horse and pony training fence, or sheep fence, pig fence, chicken fence, or any board fence

(7) A Steve Nissley painting project could include a metal fence or a yellow Iron Gate or red Iron Gate or green Iron Gate or blue Iron Gate, wood gate, cattle corral, loading chute, or panel fence

(8) A Steve Nissley painting expedition could include a plywood fence, patio fence, privacy fence, or a picket fence. Picket fences are rather rare there are not a whole lot of these pickets around anymore for some reason. 

(9) Steve Nissley painting project could include any office fence, residential fence, farm fence, commercial property line fence, security fence or sporty recreational fence, along with yard ornaments and decorations.

(10) Steve Nissley painting venture could also include a vynal or wood fence for a swimming pool, or for your back yard or the front yard. Do you want it completed before Citizenship Day?

(11) Along with Steve Nissley painting venture, it is totally understandable if your schedule is tight. He does at times paint late evenings or at night or weekends when it does not interfere with your office schedule, time permitting and pending my availability.

(12) Along with Steve Nissley painting project, you may be thinking about a chiropractic office fence, or it could be security fence for your automobile dealership or most any other first choice residential or commercial fence or a parking lot fence at the church yard.





Section 58 >   Steve Nissley painting & staining to include new home construction projects:


(1)  A reliable Steve Nissley painting project could include a new addition to an older home or a new addition of a town house or even a new office addition. It could include a new commercial construction paint project to be completed before New Year’s Day.

(2)  A Steve Nissley painting project could also include a new guest house construction paint project next door in the backyard of your new home, with new sheetrock wallboard (otherwise also known as gypsum drywall).

(3) The normal way to do it is to put on one coat primer on unprimed wood trim or sheetrock wallboard (gypsum drywall) surfaces and then put on two coats paint.

(4) In a Steve Nissley painting event that includes a new home construction paint project, beings that the new sheetrock wallboard (gypsum drywall) for bathrooms etc is often green in color; it may take an additional coat or two to get it to look right. 

(5) In a Steve Nissley painting project, if you want to include staining in a new guest house, one or two coats of solid color stain or semi-transparent stain is generally applied. 

(6) Along with a Steve Nissley painting venture, for new home construction interior wood staining project, the results are generally unpredictable. One to three coats of wood stain is generally applied. It often depends on the density or depth of lightness or darkness you want to have as a result as to how many coats to put on.

(7) In a Steve Nissley painting project, to include stain application to a new home, keep in mind that the results of staining new wood, or put putting polyurethane on to wood, will vary with the intensity of the run of the grain of the wood, the kind of wood, type of wood, the age, quality or grade of the wood and the condition of the wood, among other unpredictable factors known or unknown.

(8) In a Steve Nissley painting expedition, if you want Steve Nissley to include a stain project for a new home for yourself to live in, when using Minwax wood stain or other brands of stain for staining the wood, it is usually followed up with one to three coats of Minwax of polyurethane or other brands of polyurethane, depending on the results desired, but again, the results are basically unpredictable.

(9)  In a Steve Nissley painting venture that includes staining projects for new homes or for updating older homes, Polyurethane is generally available in satin, semi gloss or gloss, it is designed for new wood or old wood.  

(10) In a Steve Nissley painting venture that includes a new home construction paint project or small additions or other remodel ventures, interior wood stain is good for most any wood including baseboards, wood quarter round, wood crown mold, wood shelf boards, wooden board closet shelving, wooden doors, wood door trim, wood window trim, window sashes, wanes coating, paneling, sheets of plywood, wood steps, wood handrails and many other types of wood products

(11) In a Steve Nissley painting venture that includes a new home construction paint project; older home renovation that includes interior plywood walls or  plywood siding that can be either stained or painted.

(12) In a Steve Nissley painting venture that includes a new paint or stain project for the revamp of older homes or for new home construction paint projects or other new construction, any new sheets of plywood or even old undamaged sheets of old plywood can be painted or stained prior to being installed or after it is installed.

(13) Let’s not forget to include staining the wooden strips that will cover the joints between the sheets of plywood


(14) In a Steve Nissley painting expedition, when including a new home construction paint project, or older home remodel or revamp project, when using old plywood, paneling, or other old wood that has become stained naturally with age, water damaged or sun bleached, or other blemishes, be mindful that the end results could vary with even greater unpredictableness when putting on stains or polyurethane to the wood.








Section 59 > Steve Nissley painting including your restaurant, café & deli painted



(1) My extraordinary Steve Nissley painting adventure completed by Columbus Day or Memorial Day can include an upgrade for your restaurant to attract out of town tourists coming from around the corner and cause them to drop in at your eating establishment rather than walking on by. 

(2) For Steve Nissley painting profession to include your restaurant, your cooks will feel cooler with my freshly painted white kitchen. 

(3) Having Steve Nissley to include your restaurant kitchen in Steve Nissley painting project, may cause your cook to be more inspired to cook up a fantastic extraordinary good meal for your wealthy out of town customers coming to the buffet. The cooks may even put more effort into fixing each client a nice plate of top notch food. 


(4) Along with Steve Nissley painting expedition, think about the huge meals the tourists will consume and the larger tips they will leave for your waiters when they experience the clearly welcoming clean warm atmosphere as a result of my extraordinary wall and trim paint expertise in the dining area of the restaurant with a light tan soft cozy feeling of freshly painted walls.

(5) Along with Steve Nissley painting projects, do you also want the walls freshly painted in the public restrooms of the restaurant? Do you want Steve Nissley to paint the ceilings and the trim in the public restrooms?

(6) Along with the Steve Nissley painting projects, do you want Steve Nissley to include both sides of the restroom doors? Do you want the inside and outside of the restroom vanity cabinets painted?

(7) Along with my extraordinary Steve Nissley painting venture, to include your restaurant will look so nice, your regular customers will feel as though they have stepped into a totally new environment, and rightly so. Do you want Steve Nissley to paint the restaurant in time for Columbus Day or Labor Day?

(8) Do you want my extraordinary skillful Steve Nissley painting projects to include the front entrance way frame and the main entrance doors of a small independent deli or coffee shop or soup kitchen, or a well known leading brand restaurant franchise the restaurant? Would you like for Steve Nissley to have this completed in time for your Labor Day or Ash Wednesday crowds?

 (9) Do you want Steve Nissley painting project to include the hallway going from the restaurant’s serving area to the men’s restroom and the women’s restroom? The walls will look much more accommodating.  If the restaurant contains a pool hall, those walls could also be painted a brighter cheerful color.

(10) Along with my luxuriously Steve Nissley painting project, do you want Steve Nissley to include the receiver’s desk area, to paint it a warm cozy inviting color?

(11) Along with Steve Nissley painting project, do you want Steve Nissley to include storage room for the extra chairs and tables of your country diner family restaurant?

(12) Along with Steve Nissley painting expedition, do you want Steve Nissley to use neon colors to paint the old fire escape stairs for the upstairs dining room of your historic restaurant? 

(13) This can be as impressive from the road as tourists pass by, they will be so intrigued at your bright yellow, orange or green fire escape painted in time for Valentine’s Day or Halloween. Medium brown trim and sharp looking red doors and the freshly painted unique yard ornaments could look very nice for the holidays.

(14) My luxurious Steve Nissley painting project could also include having the balcony steps skillfully painted going up to your roof balcony in your restaurant.  

(15) Along with Steve Nissley painting mission, if you want o include your porch steps of your restaurant Steve Nissley can paint them very beautiful!

(16) With Steve Nissley painting project to include the porch and porch steps of the restaurant, hopefully the tourists will not be able to resist turning around and coming back to eat a full meal and to enjoy the beauty of my luxurious porch and steps.

(17) Along with my luxurious Steve Nissley painting, to include the brick sidewalls of the restaurant porch and the dining area can cut back on the brick dust and at the same time make those brick to appear very sophisticated in time for Mothers Day.

(18) Along with Steve Nissley painting, Steve Nissley can provide a semi gloss or sharp shiny gloss appearance for your restaurant that will pleasingly bring out the lasting beauty and the uniqueness & luxuriousness of the old timey old fashioned historical brick wall in time for a party on Halloween night.

(19) With Steve Nissley painting project, when including your historic restaurant walls, do you want Steve Nissley to use the highest gloss possible?

(20) In this case you probably wouldn’t mind it that the glossiness of the paint brings out the roughness and imperfections in the brick wall because it would enhance the historical feel to atmosphere.

(21) Along with high class Steve Nissley painting venture, to include your restaurants to be painted, if you have two lookalike restaurants, one on each side of town, you could have for both restaurants to be matched in time for Memorial Day or Labor Day.

(22) That will be an attractive asset very pleasing to the eye that could draw customers on that note alone. The lookalike restaurants painted by Steve Nissley will be the talk of the town folk.

(23) Along with Steve Nissley painting event, do you want Steve Nissley to include the restaurant tables, chairs, bar stools and the bar with bright inviting colors, colors that may even result in your restaurant customers placing larger orders due to the excitement of the busy bright neon colors?

(24) But then you may want to keep it modest with two or three contrasting colors, because too many bright colors could have the opposite effect.

(25) For Steve Nissley painting projects, you may also want the picnic tables included in the outside dining pavilion.




Section 60 >   Steve Nissley painting project to include warehouse’s & other commercial buildings



(1)  A Steve Nissley painting enterprise that includes a dentist office or a warehouse, either one may also be called an “industrial” or commercial paint project, and could depend on the context in which it is spoken of course.

(2) Along with Steve Nissley painting enterprise, to include an apartment above a restaurant may also be called a commercial or industrial paint project.

(3) Along with Steve Nissley painting expedition, if you have a warehouse to be painted or a retail store, Steve Nissley is the painter guy for you!

(4) With Steve Nissley painting enterprise, do you want Steve Nissley to include a fire wall between two sections of your industrial or commercial structure, for example you may need priming and painting on a firewall recently built between the parking bay area and the main section of your restaurant or office building.

(5) With Steve Nissley painting venture, you may also need an office painted or the walls in the parking bay at the restaurant as well as marking stripes on the floor, to be completed by Armed Forces Day or Flag Day.

(6) Along with Steve Nissley painting business, you may want Steve Nissley to include the paint project of the marking stripes in the parking bay area of a business or you may want Steve Nissley to put down self adhesive marking strips by Armed Forces Day or Flag Day.

(7) Along with Steve Nissley painting business, Steve Nissley has also applied self adhesive marking strips on the floor area in a trucking firm warehouse shipping area in the shipping distribution center.

(8) Along with Steve Nissley painting business for an office Steve Nissley can also do commercial a project of letter stenciling on the conveyor belts, for example, he also did letter stenciling on a conveyor belt in a shipping distribution center for a trucking firm warehouse.

(9) Along with Steve Nissley painting business, at the industrial shipping distribution center, he used bright industrial safety yellow aerosol spray paint for the letter stenciling. He stencil painted these words on the belts:



(10) Spray painting these letters with industrial safety yellow; Steve Nissley stenciled the words on the belts about every so many feet apart.

(11) Along with Steve Nissley painting business, he also painted all the trucking dock bumper areas, the safety cover shields around all of the chain and gear boxes etc using industrial safety yellow. 

(12) Along with Steve Nissley painting business, I also painted all the iron framing, railings and walking grids and the steps and the rails for the crossovers at the shipping dept of the trucking firm. Steve Nissley painted those items with a bright color safety yellow and the side panel’s bright blue.

(13) Along with Steve Nissley painting business, Steve Nissley has also painted some commercial corner safety marker posts with the industrial safety bright yellow all around the outside of that commercial shipping center building and inside the building next to each side of every bay door.

(14) Along with Steve Nissley painting business, Steve Nissley has also done letter painting with a brush on the walls for a new commercial business.

(15) Along with Steve Nissley painting business, Steve Nissley has also included painted steel beams and iron poles, steel panels, iron window frames, sheet metal walls, stucco walls, iron gates and iron doors. Do you have such a project you want Steve Nissley to do in time for Father’s Day, or Memorial Day?

(16) Along with Steve Nissley painting business, Steve Nissley has also painted many retail stores, warehouses, trucking firms, restaurants, country clubs, community buildings, worship centers, and other charitable buildings for profit or not for profit or non-profit organizations. 

(17) Along with Steve Nissley painting enterprise, he wants to know if you want to include the walls in the customer entrance, waiting lounge, the front desk area, the receptionist center, the conference room, the stairway encasement, shipping room, or the receiving room of your commercial building. Do you want Steve Nissley to paint it in time for a Washington’s Birthday party or Flag Day celebration?

(18) Along with Steve Nissley painting entrepreneurship, do you also want Steve Nissley to include a display area in your commercial building? Do you want canary yellow in the front show window area of your retail store front?

(19) Along with Steve Nissley painting adventure, do you want Steve Nissley to a bright white or on the walls and light blue color on the trim of your privately owned independent convenience store & gas station sales area? Do you want Steve Nissley to completely finish it by the Labor Day to accommodate the holiday travelers?

(20) Along with Steve Nissley painting entrepreneurship, do you want a brown color for the floors in the animal clinic office or waiting room or restrooms? Do you want the door in the dog kennel room to be a light soft color?


(21) In Steve Nissley painting mission, do you want Steve Nissley to include the walls in the treatment room, massage room, wax room, tanning room, changing room, preparation room, or dressing room of your commercial building? Do you want Steve Nissley to be finished with it by Grandfathers Day?

(22) In Steve Nissley painting expedition, to include your retail business, do you want Steve Nissley to include the floor and walls in the time clock area, lunch space, coffee space, break room, cooks lounge, date room, love room, quiet area, relaxation room, nap room, or microwave nook? Do you want Steve Nissley to get it done by Valentine’s Day?

(23)  Along with Steve Nissley painting business, do you want Steve Nissley to include the floor, walls and trim in the corner room, customers lounge, sales area, and computer area or software room in your commercial retail building?

(24)  Along with Steve Nissley painting project, do you want Steve Nissley to include the training room; class room auditions room, lessons room, performance room, captain’s room or supervisor’s room in your commercial building? Do you want Steve Nissley to get it done in time for St Patrick’s Day?

(25) For Steve Nissley painting venture, do you want Steve Nissley to include the walls and the floor in the hat and cloak room, boot and coat room, whirl pool room, hot tub or steaming sauna room, janitors closet, supply closet, cleaning closet, clean utility room closets, or dirty utility room closets or offices in your commercial building?

(26) Along with Steve Nissley painting project, do you want Steve Nissley to include the attic closet, north wing, south wing, east wing, west wing, activities room, smoke lounge, garbage room, trash room, junk food and candy vending room, sorting room or the storage room of your commercial warehouse building?

(27) Along with Steve Nissley painting venture, do you want Steve Nissley to include the floor, wall & doors in your entertainment center; the pool hall area and the other game rooms, the social area, the dance studio, the jazzercise studio, the yoga studio, art, studio or your music studio? Do you want Steve Nissley to be completely finished painting it by Election Day?

(28) Along with Steve Nissley painting business, do you want Steve Nissley to include touch up painting for the floor, ceilings and walls in the decoration room, birthday dance party area, ballroom, dining hall, fun room, and show space of your commercial recreation center?

(29) Along with Steve Nissley painting venture, do you want Steve Nissley to include the walls in the antique display area, model train room, sports vicinity, news area, mail center, cooling room, ice room, or kiln room of your commercial warehouse building? Do you want Steve Nissley to be done by the time the change comes between Standard time and Daylight Savings time?

(30) Along with Steve Nissley painting business, do you want Steve Nissley to include the walls, trim and doors for your water closet, photography room, education study room, tax service room, tool room, or the chair and table section of the learning area, stretching area, and exercise area of a commercial warehouse building? Do you want Steve Nissley to be done by “Presidents” day?

(31) Along with Steve Nissley painting venture, do you want Steve Nissley to include a turnkey estimate for the floor, doors, walls and ceilings in the dictionary room, bible reading room, or prayer room for your community fellowship building?

 (32) Along with Steve Nissley painting business, do you want Steve Nissley to include of an estimate for the wellness room, med room, recovery room, practice room, consulting area, red light therapy room, flower bouquet area, refreshment area, auditorium, sitting area, staff kitchen and the eating café in your commercial building.

(33) Along with Steve Nissley painting project, he wants to know if you want Steve Nissley to include the doors and floors in the shop closet, tool closet, and garage closet.

(34) Along with Steve Nissley painting venture do you want Steve Nissley to include your basement closet, records closet, shelved closet, blanket closet, game closet, security closet, and sound closet in your commercial warehouse building. Do you want Steve Nissley to have it finished by Washington’s Birthday?





Section 61 > Steve Nissley office painting



(1) Along with Steve Nissley painting missions, do you want Steve Nissley to include a price quote evaluation for the walls in your computer office branch office, executive office, upper office, general office, manager’s office, or CEO office?

(2) Along with Steve Nissley painting expedition, do you also want Steve Nissley to include the floor, trim and windows in your other medical practice office, or your chiropractic office? Do you want Steve Nissley to be finished with it by Veterans Day?

(3) Along with Steve Nissley painting business, do you want Steve Nissley to include the porch on the parsonage or the pastor’s office or the deacon’s office or the youth pastor office?

(4) Along with Steve Nissley painting venture, do you want Steve Nissley to include the doors and windows in your medical office or your counsel office, real estate office, lawyer office, or insurance office?

(5) Along with Steve Nissley painting entrepreneurship, do you want Steve Nissley to include the walls in the, newspaper printing office, car dealership office, hardware store office, retail store office, gas station office or a back stage sports arena office?

(6) For a Steve Nissley painting project to include a dentist office or a small private business office, the paint project could be placed into the category of either industrial or commercial, either way you choose, but realistically,  it is basically the same difference either way anyway. Either way, Steve Nissley is at your service!

(7) Along with Steve Nissley painting business Steve Nissley has painted many offices for the dental and medical profession, retail stores including paint stores, trucking firms, real estate sales, restaurants, churches and offices of numerous other small businesses.







Section 62 >   Steve Nissley painting including your local churches & community halls


(1) Along with Steve Nissley painting, you may want to include a church office completed by Good Friday or by Easter Sunday.  Do you want Steve Nissley to paint the kitchen walls in the local church a mauve color or the church kitchen cabinet painted in lighter mauve?

(2) Along with the Steve Nissley painting project, do you want the door trim, trim widow trim, crown molding and chair railing in the church kitchen or community dining hall done in the same shade of mauve?

(3) Along with the Steve Nissley painting mission, do you maybe want the doors, windows and the wanes coating a slight shade darker for an accent color, or do you want it all a bone white?

(3) Along with my wall Steve Nissley painting venture, in do you want the local church offices or community activity hall to be painted in a light gold in color or do you want to stick with a flat or eggshell white? Do you want Steve Nissley to have it completed by Palm Sunday or by National Prayer Day?

(4) With Steve Nissley painting, do you want the community dining hall or local church office closet shelves skillfully painted a white or gold semi gloss? And do you want teve nissley to paint the comfort throne stalls in the restrooms Navajo White?

(5) With Steve Nissley painting expedition, do you want the church restroom walls a glossy bright yellow? And the ceilings in the community reception hall restrooms, do you want them semi gloss yellow or semi gloss white?

(6) Along with Steve Nissley painting project, do you want Steve Nissley to include all of the wood trim and vanity in the men’s and women’s restrooms in the church community hall and in a variety of colors by first day of autumn?

(7) Along with Steve Nissley painting venture, do you want the classiness of the vanity and wood in both of the restrooms of the community mess hall to look the same to match either the walls or the restroom toilet stall panels in the church basement? Do you want Steve Nissley to have it completed by first day of winter?

(8) Along with the Steve Nissley painting project, do you want the classical colors in the youth Sunday school rooms in the local church basement to continue with the same classy color scheme as the restrooms, or do you want to choose from another mild color family? Do you want Steve Nissley to complete this by First Day of Passover or Earth day?

(9) With Steve Nissley painting expedition, do you want the adult Sunday school rooms at church to be a mild blue and the intermediate Sunday school rooms a mild green and the children’s Sunday school rooms to be medium lavender before the first day of summer?

(10) Along with Steve Nissley painting project, do you want to categorize the young men’s Sunday school rooms at church into one special grouping of color and the young ladies Sunday school rooms into another grouping of colors?

(11) With Steve Nissley painting, you might want to include all of the social hall walls in the local church basement. Do you want Steve Nissley to paint them a bright tan or beige, or do you want the church social hall walls to be glamorously painted a straight white eggshell or satin finish?

(12) Along with my extraordinary Steve Nissley painting events, do you want a gloss or semi gloss finish on the wood trim at the local church or in the local community reception hall and do you want Steve Nissley to have it completed by President Washington’s Birthday or President Lincoln’s birthday?

(13) Along with Steve Nissley painting projects, do you want to include the community reception hall building windows or the local church house windows?  Do you want Steve Nissley to uniquely match the windows to the white trim on the outside in time for a classy summer wedding or for other remarkable social events in the winter?

(14) Along with Steve Nissley painting mission, do you want all of chair the rails in the local church or community mess hall to be completely finished painted in a dark blue color by Martin Luther King Jr. Day or National Prayer Day or in a classy contrasting brown semi gloss? This will help to create a distinct divider to break the monotony of so much white.

(15) Along with my local Steve Nissley painting ventures, do you want to include the crown mold in the community reception hall, to be done by Passover, in a variety of classy bright cheerful exciting combination colors that coordinate well with both the classy weddings and other social events?

(16) With Steve Nissley painting project, you might want to include the use of unique rainbow colors at the local church or community mess hall.







Section 63 > Steve Nissley painting including decks painted or stained:


(1) Do you only want the back deck stained or painted or do you want to include the side deck and the front deck and the upstairs deck or the garage deck staining project in Steve Nissley painting project?

(2) Sometimes it is important to have Steve Nissley power wash the decks if they are dirty or collecting filthy mildew or mold.

(3)Steve Nissley can also power wash the sides of the house or garage or the mini barn if it needs it before cosmetically Steve Nissley painting or staining the siding and the trim.

(4) If you need a deck stained by Steve Nissley painting, let him know.





Section 64 >   Steve Nissley painting - Gift Certificates & Christmas gifts



(1) Along with Steve Nissley paintings business, if you so desire, you can request my Christmas gift certificates directly or purchase a gift certificate to give away or to give your own self to use later on at a later Christmas date within a year for any holiday paint project. 

(2) For Steve Nissley painting business to include a Christmas paint venture, you can buy a Christmas gift certificate to paint a residence or to paint a business. You can buy one for or your business partner or someone else in your neighborhood.

(3) If you want to, you may purchase a Christmas gift certificate for Steve Nissley painting projects for your personal use or for a friend’s home residence or farm or office or your friend’s restaurant or your daughter’s retail store or your son’s music studio or anything imaginable for yourself or your neighbor or kinfolk.

(4) What is a Christmas Steve Nissley painting gift certificate to be used for?  Just about anything you are in the mode or mood to make it to be. You can have home Steve Nissley painting for your family room, dining room and tree room spectacularly painted up in beautiful cosmetic holiday colors of red green blue and white, you can have it very impressively unique and decoratively prepared to spontaneously throw a big holiday feast with your friends and family! Oh, Wow, what fun that will be!

(5) You can also spontaneously choose to purchase a Christmas holiday Steve Nissley painting gift certificate to have the kitchen redecorated to surprise your mother or your wife with a Christmassy atmosphere in which to cook the holiday feast in jolly holiday colors and music to get her in the holiday spirit so that you can smell and taste the excitement in the air.

(6) The exiting aroma of it all will follow you into the red and green dining room where your eager guests are waiting for the luscious food to arrive! You can assure them it is being cooked with the spice of joy and celebration and patience, and it will be there in short order and it will be spectacularly mouthwatering delicious.

(7) You can either purchase a thoughtful Christmas Steve Nissley painting gift certificate here now for this year or , or right after Christmas you can get one for next Christmas, to lovingly give to a friend, or neighbor, or office associate, or distant relative, or family member or for yourself.

(8) You can lovingly buy gift certificates for Christmas Steve Nissley painting on the gift certificates page either for yourself or for your son or daughter or granddaughter, grandson, or your mother or father or grandmother, grandfather or uncle, aunt, great aunt, or your great uncle.

(9) You and one of your siblings may choose together to purchase a Christmas Steve Nissley painting gift certificate for your other siblings, you can get one for each of them. Make it a fun joint venture to pump yourselves up to create a very exciting fun holiday spirit to celebrate your loving gift giving party together.

(10) You can purchase Christmas Steve Nissley painting gifts certificate for your brother, sister, twin sister, twin brother, niece, nephew, great niece, great nephew, girl cousin, boy cousin, and other distant relatives. Scan through the list of your kinfolk and see who else you want to include in your loving gift giving.

(11) A Christmas Steve Nissley painting gift certificate is a wonderful gifting idea for your church pastor or youth pastor, or for your church deacon or Sunday school superintendent or Sunday school teacher.

(12) A surprise gift certificate is a good gifting idea for your husband, wife, or boyfriend, girl friend, or best friend or other friends. So that is a small taste of what the joyful spontaneous jolly unique spirit of Christmas Steve Nissley painting is all about.  


(13) Of course Steve Nissley Christmas painting gift certificates can be used any time of the year other than at Christmas time. The Christmas gift certificate for Steve Nissley painting can also be used for a birthday gift or any other upcoming gifting opportunities that may come up within the year of purchase.










Section 65 >   Steve Nissley painting non discriminatory


(1)  If Steve Nissley refrains from providing painting for anyone, it is only due to it being to major of a task to suit him or because he did not come a satisfactory agreement with a potential customer, or because Steve Nissley did not have the time to spare to take it on at the moment, it has nothing to do with discrimination, or partiality or religious differences or lack of religion on the part of either one.

 (2) When it comes to providing Steve Nissley painting for people of various religions or no religion, Steve Nissley is not biased or discriminatory at heart. Steve Nissley is pleased to provide Steve Nissley painting for anyone.

 (3) Steve Nissley is not too traditionalist minded, Steve Nissley is pleased to provide Steve Nissley painting for people of various, cultures or communities apart from or inclusive of any Amish or Amish Mennonite, Mennonite, Beachy Amish Mennonite, Conservative Mennonite, or Conference Mennonite or World Mennonite or Liberal Mennonite.

(4) Steve Nissley is pleased to provide Steve Nissley painting for people of any other type of Mennonite church or other faiths or cultures of the Anabaptist movement or any other faith movement or denomination. Steve Nissley does not have a problem with that.

(5) Steve Nissley is not biased or narrow minded and is pleased to provide Steve Nissley painting for people of any belief or faith that is not deliberately harmful, no matter what is their differences in religious or different understanding or beliefs or statement of faith or standard of practice or doctrinal interpretation of biblical scriptures or application thereof.

(6) Steve Nissley is not narrow minded; Steve Nissley is pleased to be providing painting to paint in homes or worship houses for people of variable beliefs or denominations such as Brethren, Baptist, Methodist or Catholics, Hindu or any other household of faith.

(7) Steve Nissley is not a bigot, Steve Nissley is pleased to be provide Steve Nissley painting for people of a multitude of choices of variable denominations such as Nazarene, Presbyterian, Seventh Day Adventist, Mormon; latter day saints, Jehovah’s Witness, Assembly of Graceful God, Holiness, Church of God, Full Gospel, Pentecostal, or Charismatic or any other church house of prayer & meditation or any other description of how the Lord Graceful God is celebrated or served.

(8) Steve Nissley is not a extremist, Steve Nissley is pleased to be providing Steve Nissley painting for people of any variety belief among various opinions or doctrinal issues, that of various churches or in anyone in denominational or non denominational or interdenominational worship centers or independent worship centers or a private atmosphere of holy hush in reverence and in hushed tone of quietness. 

(9) Steve Nissley is not radical, Steve Nissley is pleased to provide Steve Nissley painting for traditional buildings, Masonic buildings or buildings that are either contemporary, casual Christian churches, or of the Jewish Synagogue, or modern cathedrals or simple structures in the country, city, town , or county or built any other method, style or way.

(10) Steve Nissley is not prejudiced, Steve Nissley is more than pleased to be providing you with Steve Nissley painting. Steve Nissley will be glad to paint finished drywall or paneling or other types of walls in office’s, restrooms or other rooms of most any building or house including small or large, whether you are Lutheran, Episcopalian, Church of Christ, Church of God in Christ, or Wesleyan or any other free choice of victorious thinking.

(11) And while Steve Nissley is pleased to be providing Steve Nissley painting for people of various beliefs, while not judging anyone, keep in mind that while Steve Nissley is endeavoring to be “peaceable” and lovingly “agreeable”, Steve Nissley is not necessarily feeling obliged to agree or to be agreeable with your belief system or to be in full fledged agreement concerning any of your doctrines, teachings or promotions of belief or religion or any lack thereof.

(12) But in all that, while Steve Nissley has my own beliefs that I adhere to, Steve Nissley is not a fanatic, Steve Nissley is pleased to provide Steve Nissley painting for you!







Section 66 > Local Steve Nissley painting


Here is a partial list of Counties in VA and the many localities, subdivisions and the neighborhoods within these Counties where Steve Nissley has provided local painting projects service for his customers.


The list is as follows;



Local Steve Nissley painting in Albemarle County, VA




Advance Mills








Frays Mill

Free Union







White Hall

Yancys Mill




Local Steve Nissley painting in Alexandria County, VA 



Alexandria, VA 




Local Steve Nissley painting in Arlington County, VA







Local Steve Nissley painting in Augusta County



Arbor Hill


Barren Ridge

Basic City

Brands Flat

Buffalo Gap








Fort Defiance

Franks Mill

Goose Creek







Laurel Hill


Lone Fountain





Mint Springs

Mt Crawford

Mt Sidney


Mt Solon

New Hope

New Port

Quicks Mill



Spring Hill


Stuarts Draft



Walnut Hills


West Augusta


White Hill

Wyers Cave



Local Steve Nissley painting in Campbell County, VA


Long Island





Local Steve Nissley painting In Chesterfield County, VA




Chesterfield, VA

Lipscomb, VA 






Local painting in Culpeper County, VA  








Local Steve Nissley painting in Fairfax County, VA






Tysons Corner




Local Steve Nissley painting in Fauquier County, VA





Local Steve Nissley painting

in Floyd County, VA







Local Steve Nissley painting projects in Fluvanna County, VA



Lake Monticello




Local Steve Nissley painting in Greene County, VA 





Stoney Point



Local Steve Nissley painting in Henrico County, VA 






Local Steve Nissley painting in Madison County, VA












Local Steve Nissley painting in Nelson County, VA:











Local Steve Nissley painting in Orange County, VA








Local Steve Nissley painting

In Powhatan County, VA







Local Steve Nissley painting in Pittsylvania County, VA







Local Steve Nissley painting in Prince William County, VA 







Local Steve Nissley painting in Roanoke County, VA








Local Steve Nissley painting in Rockbridge County, VA




New Port


Steels Tavern





Local Steve Nissley painting in Rockingham County, VA









Linville, VA.




Mossy Creek

Mt Clinton

Mt Crawford


Penn Laird

Port Republic





Local painting in these subdivisions:


Augusta Farms


Bennington Woods


Canterbury Hills

Colthurst Farms

Cranberry Hills



Ednam Woods

Emrald Hills


Forrest Lakes

Forrest Lakes South

Forrest Lakes North

Four Seasons


Goose Creek

Grandveiw Heights


Holly Mead

Ivy Woods

Ivy Fields



Key West 

Lake Reynovia




Montecello Lake


Peacock Hill

Penn Park


Ridgeveiw Acres



Rockfish Gap

Stoney Run

Strattford Farms


Teaverton ll

Tree Streets

West Leigh











Section 67 > Steve Nissley painting poetry



Professional Painting by Steve Nissley

Awesome Steve Nissley painting

Interior trim painted by Steve Nissley

New look in your rooms

Tried and true painter 

Interior walls painted by Steve Nissley

Now is the time to get Steve Nissley painting 

Get your phone and call Steve



Serving you and your friends

Everything extraordinarily painted

Relaxing with satisfactory pleasure

Virginia Steve Nissley painting

Call Steve right away for painting

Ending your Steve Nissley painting stress today





Section 68 >  Steve Nissley paint projects:


(1) Steve Nissley painting enterprise provides additional painting in some cases for the local home owner or out of town vacation home owner, the landlord and the retailer from east to west.

(2) Being a superior painting contractor, Steve Nissley provides luxurious Steve Nissley painting in some cases for the beautification and updating of older residential homes, rental homes, business offices, and restaurants.

(3) Time permitting, pending Steve Nissley’s painting schedule and pending my availability, Steve Nissley painting also provides  painting for some new structures, some remodel projects and some new additions for residential, commercial, and agricultural structures, including but not limited to various garden tool storage sheds etc.

(4) Steve Nissley can provide quality professional  re-painting for mini storage sheds, mini barns,  and some residential occupied or vacant single family owned homes, rental houses, town homes, duplexes, apartments, investment homes, and flip houses and commercial re- painting for business office's, restaurants.

(5) Steve Nissley can also paint for some residential, commercial or agricultural first choice houses and some newly renovated remodel projects, some newly built additions, and some newly constructed homes.


(6) Steve Nissley provides some painting for residential best choice high class houses, business office’s and some barns for private investors, partnerships, corporations, Realtors, Realtor's Clients, Owner Agents, Professional Landlords and homeowners.







Section 69 >    Steve Nissley extras including janitor service; moping, waxing and buffing:


(1) Along with royal Steve Nissley painting contractor service, Steve Nissley also offers local, and out of town travel, “janitor service”.  Moping, waxing and buffing of tile floors, and moping, waxing and buffing of wood floors and moping and waxing of concrete floors is offered in his janitor service.


(2) Faux Finishes; Steve Nissley has not done any faux finishing but has considered it. Faux finish is considered classical and exotic. The potential impressions of Faux painting can be very impressive; therefore upon your request Steve Nissley may consider taking up that specialty profession as well, along with Steve Nissley’s other paint services


(3) Asphalt coatings and sealers, not that Steve Nissley has done so, but could likely do that for you at your request.


(4) Marine painting is another thing Steve Nissley has yet to do, Steve Nissley doesn’t think that to paint a boat would be a problem if you were to request it.




Section 70 >   Bookmarking & sharing Steve Nissley painting page


(1) Please feel free to bookmark Steve Nissley painting page on your browser or put an icon on your i-phone, or other smart phone, I-pad, or your laptop other computer, or other electronic screen.

(2) You may also use E-mail tab near the top of this Steve Nissley painting page to send a link to your friends and relatives.

(3) Thanks to you, and thank again for reading this Steve Nissley painting page and for doing business with Steve Nissley!




Steve Nissley musical Instruments:


(1) Do you as a skilled musician enjoy playing Steve Nissley musical instrument accordions? Are you going to be an artist entertaining others or a novice entertaining yourself? Do you sing for a living or do you only play the Steve Nissley musical instrument accordions for personal recreation? Do you practice playing your musical instrument accordion at your bedside or in the woods in a hut or in a ball park?

(2) Do you video tape yourself playing your Steve Nissley musical instrument cellos and upload it on YouTube or other video sites on the internet? I can imagine that if you have taught your own self how to play your Steve Nissley musical instruments cello, you are really pleased, but maybe not.  Perhaps you now want better Steve Nissley musical instrument cellos and learn a higher professional skill in using your musical instrument cello.

(3) Perhaps your mother or father taught you to play the Steve Nissley musical instrument clarinets, or you uncle or aunt or even your grandfather or grandmother.  Or it may be your grandparents or your parents played together with you as a team to teach you Steve Nissley musical instruments clarinet technique and music.


(4) It may be you learned how to play the Steve Nissley musical instrument drums in grade school or high school when you were studying music. Perhaps you and your college buddies formed a band group and learned music together and practiced with your Steve Nissley musical instruments drums night after night in your dorms in the dormitory facilities.

(5) Hopefully you as drummers continue to play Steve Nissley musical instrument drums together even now, hopefully you have gotten skilled enough to practice your Steve Nissley musical instrument drums in public places to entertain other people that love hearing Steve Nissley musical instrument drums music.

(6) Lots of folk enjoy spending the evening together socially at a coffee shop or the likes listening to Steve Nissley musical instrument fiddle players whether they are amateurs or pros. 

(7) Your thing with a musical instrument fiddle might be to play classical fiddle music or country music or jazz music or rock fiddle music or other types of fiddle music.

(8) I don’t know if you as a fiddler like slow music or fast fiddle music, or you like creative fiddle music to your own pace with your Steve Nissley musical instrument fiddles.

(9) Whatever you like to do with your Steve Nissley musical instrument flutes, I am sure that by now you have learned to captivate the attention of your hungry audience with a flute or musical instrument of some kind.

(10) When your audience is captivated in rapt attention to the sound of your Steve Nissley musical instrument guitars, they are at your mercy as a guitarist player, you are in position to lead the audience in whatever feature of music styles you choose to play with your Steve Nissley musical instrument guitars for the evening at the country club or wherever the crowd happens to gather to hear your knack of beautiful guitar music.

(11) If you as a guitarist have chosen to play Steve Nissley musical instrument guitars as a soloist singer without your band, or you had never joined a band, hopefully you have the same captivating power to keep your congregated Steve Nissley musical instruments spectators spellbound in awestruck attention as if you were with a band of Steve Nissley musical instruments players.

(12) If you are self taught musician, you have a lot going for you in playing guitar music with a Steve Nissley musical instruments guitar because you can always change it up and play guitar music in a slightly different way or in a much different way if that is your ultimate choice as a musician. I think people that don’t live in someone else’s box are much more content.

(13) When playing Steve Nissley musical instrument harmonicas or other instruments, it seems to me there are a number of different ways to present one’s self. There are advantages of self taught Steve Nissley musical instruments harmonica musicians and there are advantages of professionally taught harmonica musicians.

(14) Professional music harmonic instructors may have your best interest in mind, especially if they know how you are made up talent wise or know what you really want or need and teach you to play your Steve Nissley musical instrument harmonicas accordingly.

(15) On the other hand, if they have their own agenda, they may fail to recognize your true potential in playing the Steve Nissley musical instruments harmonica from your own heart and the core of your own nature.

(16) If you choose to be self taught to play a Steve Nissley musical instruments harmonica, you might choose to learn by sheet music or you may choose to teach yourself by ear, depending on your nature and the best of your natural ability.

(17) Perhaps you are hoping to upgrade to a better Steve Nissley musical instruments harp to play a romantic line for a wedding dinner dance or a wedding after party dance.

(18) Or you may want to play Steve Nissley musical instrument harps at a fireside beach party or a family camping reunion in the woods next to the lake by the camp fire.  Whatever you decide to do I am sure you and your audience will have fun to the hilt with your harp music.

(19) But considering you might not be a music artist, and considering you might not be in a band with your Steve Nissley musical instrument harps, or on the road playing music here and there to the cheering crowds, you might still want a more sophisticated upgraded Steve Nissley musical instrument harps than what you have now.

(20) With nice Steve Nissley musical instrument harps you can play songs that other artists write and sing. You might want to play your Steve Nissley musical instruments to various choices of harp music. You might like Christian songs better than other songs, but then you might not.

(21) You might like sing and play the Steve Nissley musical instruments to a song written by Garth Williams or Tim McGraw. Or you might like Faith Hill songs or Jay Lopez songs to sing while you play your Steve Nissley musical instruments harp.

(22) You might like it more to play along with older musician’s songs or you may prefer to sing along with the younger generation of musician’s songs to play with your Steve Nissley musical instruments harp, or your tastes for music may change from day to day.

(23) Today you might like paying Steve Nissley musical instruments horn to the songs of yesteryear and tomorrow you may want to switch over to modern day music to play your Steve Nissley musical instruments horn with.

(24) You may also be enthralled to play the Steve Nissley musical instruments to a song by the music artist Katy Perry, or Taylor Swift, or Justin Beiber, or you might like playing Steve Nissley musical instruments to a song by Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus or Miley Kunis.

(25) Chances are you will not put on a splashing performance with your Steve Nissley musical instruments like you see at the shows put on by Taylor Swift or Katy Perry or Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez or Miley Kunis .

(26) You might not ever be as popular as J Lopez or Justin Beiber with your Steve Nissley musical instruments. But then again you may be able to leave them all behind in the dust with your own Steve Nissley musical instruments performance show.

(27) You might be the up and coming Musical Instrumentist music star of the future about to be discovered. You might be one of the most popular artist in some time, perhaps since Elvis Presley!

(28) You might like to fashion your Steve Nissley musical instruments music style to that of Michael Franti and Spearhead team. Or you might rather fashion your performances to that of Boyonce Knowles.

(29) Were you hoping to pattern your Steve Nissley musical instruments music to the music styles of Pink or Britney Spears or Britney’s sister, or Rhiannon or Christina Algeria?

(30) I am sure you have your own idea on your future as a Musical Instrumentist musician artist, and no doubt a lot of well meaning friends have given you a lot of unwanted advice concerning your Steve Nissley musical instruments life style, or perhaps you wanted the suggestions to be offered.

(31) Are you an adult Musical Instrumentist with a lot of practice and good experience along the way, say 5 years or 20 years or 50 yrs or are you a teenager or a young child just starting to play a Steve Nissley musical instruments? Either way, I hope you will enjoy the new Steve Nissley musical instruments cello you get on this website for many yrs.

(32) As you continue to explore your options along the way with your Steve Nissley musical instruments cello you will have a host of good ideas flowing through your mind that will enhance your life. We each have our own nitch to find, our own corner or space on the earth.

(33) Next time you go out on the town with your Steve Nissley musical instruments cello, I hope you will surprise the socks off of the eager crowd with your new upgraded Steve Nissley musical instrument cellos.

(34) Meanwhile you may be having fun throwing a private Steve Nissley musical instruments keyboard party with your friends to practice together. Or you might set up your Steve Nissley musical instruments keyboard party in your wood craft shop one evening.

(35) Another fun thing is to have a Steve Nissley musical instruments keyboard party at the farm camp back at the lake; you can build a camp fire and roast hotdogs with your Steve Nissley musical instruments keyboard buddies. What can be more fun than a musical keyboard picnic at midnight?

(36) On your next vacation road trip cross country, imagine yourself riding with the top down playing your Steve Nissley musical instrument guitars like we so often see in entertainment videos and movies played by celebrities, Katy Perry for example.

(37) It would be such recreational fun for a guy to travel across country with a bright red 1964 Ford Mustang convertible playing Steve Nissley musical instruments guitar while being chauffeured by a hot glamorous young lady.

(39) If each of us in the car had a Steve Nissley musical instruments guitar or an instrument of some kind or another that would be quite a lively Steve Nissley musical instruments party to be had!

(40) When the four of us get to the beach with our Steve Nissley musical instruments mandolins we can leave our Steve Nissley musical instruments mandolins in the Mustang and have us a spontaneous volleyball game with some people we find at the beach.

(41) We can then hang out at the beach for a short while with our new found friends before continuing our Steve Nissley musical instruments mandolin travel excursion.

(42) It would really be cool if our new friends also had Steve Nissley musical instruments saxophones or instruments of some kind, we could learn new things from each other that could be a great enhancement to our music when playing the Steve Nissley musical instrument saxophones.

(44) We could have some recreational entertainment for each other; perhaps have a fun party with a Steve Nissley musical instruments saxophone contest to sharpen our concentration ability and awareness in Steve Nissley musical instruments saxophone music technique before heading further up the highway to our next destination.

(45) Along the way we can stop and explore old country stores that are still surviving along the way. Perhaps some old timers at the “Trading Post” in a busy borough would enjoy hearing our knack with the Steve Nissley musical instruments.

(46) Chances are they would have an old dusty Steve Nissley musical instrument trumpets sitting on the self in the corner and they get happily motivated to pull it down and form a small Steve Nissley musical instruments trumpet band with us for a memorable moment.


(47) Way into the night passersby could hear the music of the Steve Nissley musical instruments trumpets filtering into the thin crisp air as they walked by, many of them stopping awhile to listen intently.

(48) Many eons in the future your great grand children could still be retelling this historic story to boyfriends and girlfriends at their own Steve Nissley musical instruments parties about our sporadic Steve Nissley musical instruments trumpet party we had at the country sandwich shop in the far away boonies clean across the country.

(49) Then the great grand children will want to take off on another cross