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Steven Nissley: Quality products and services.

(1) Steve Nissley of Fishersville, Virginia welcomes you to this website of services, recreational products and fun themes of entertainment and recreation for your life.

 (2) “Building better lives together”; on the road, at home, on the farm, at camp, at the beach, in the woods, or out on the town.

(3) Thank you for coming to join Steve Nissley here at the home of recreation and fun ideas for your favorite hobbies and sport life! 

(4) If you are here looking for pages of fun ideas for recreation or want to see the musical instruments and other products available for purchase, Steve Nissley invites you to check out those items on the relevant pages on this website.

(5) If you are in search of a certain page, Steve Nissley invites you to check out the site map to your left or up at the very top or you can use the drop down list above to go to the page of your choice.

(6) Realistically, Steve Nissley’s site map on the left is quite likely to be the easier option to maneuver about to find what you are searching for.

(7) You may also use Steve Nissley’s search box to type in any word. For example if you are looking for a certain type of musical instrument like a guitar, flute or trumpet or other products of interest you can type a word of your choice in the search box.


(8) If you came here to learn as much as possible about Steve Nissley interior painting, please refer to the various "Painting" pages, or you can type words in the search box like “door painting” for example, or you can simply skip down to the lower part of this page and read about Steve Nissley painting here as well, if that is what you would prefer to do.

(9) Steve Nissley is so glad you have chosen to be here. This artistic website is composed of many fun themes, hobbies & activities, entertainment, services and many enjoyable quality products to choose from. 

(10) Steve Nissley takes great pleasure in welcoming you here at his theme of “recreation fun for life” and to introduce you to the website pages of articles and entertaining stories etc. that he has written along with the various services he offers and the fun recreational products available.

(11) Steve Nissley believes you will pleasantly enjoy the many fantastic quality product pages he has been adding from time to time for your useful enjoyment and recreation. 

(12) You have come to the right place with lots of new ideas to re-create your recreational life.

(13) Steve Nissley invites you to browse through this entire website to enjoy the many products and services and entertaining stories and articles of this website now and bookmark the pages you like the most for your pleasure, or simply continue having fun reading this entire Steve Nissley web page first, before continuing on to the next Steve Nissley web pages of enjoyment for your entertainment and recreation.  

(14) Steve Nissley has designed each of his web pages to lead you to some type of entertainment or recreational product or a service or entertainment either for your own benefit, or the benefit of others in your life, or both. 

(15) While it not being the original intent, this website somehow has become a consolidation of five prior websites, which Steve Nissley has combined into one fun package deal.

(16) The five websites that Steve Nissley had maintained over the years were as follows;

(1) painteryourway.com.

(2) buildingbetterlivestogether.net 

(3) recreationfunforlife.com  

(4) foreverhappy.com

(5) SteveNissley.net

(17) The consolidated one is of course SteveNissley.com


      Who Steve Nissley is

(1)  If you want to know more about Steve Nissley and his personal background and who he is in this world, you are invited to keep reading this Steve Nissley page. 


(2) Steve Nissley is a naturally born citizen of the United States of America, he was born in the State of Virginia.    

(3) Steve Nissley is a native of the village of Fishersville in Augusta County between Waynesboro and Staunton nestled in the central part of the Shenandoah valley basically near the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Alleghany Mountains being about 30 miles due west.

(4) Steve Nissley lives in one of the most gorgeous valleys in the country and has had the privilege of being brought up here and wouldn’t trade it for the world.  

(5) Steve Nissley does get itchy feet to travel at times to see what’s out there. Steve Nissley has always had this burning desire to bust loose and explore someplace else in the world, "anywhere but here", he says.

(6) But it seems like each time Steve Nissley leaves to go someplace else, whether it is only for a few days or for longer periods of time, he gets homesick very easily. It seems like Steve Nissley is always happy to come back to the valley, most natives of the valley would probably vouch for that also! 

(8) Steve Nissley was born to a large farm family in the Amish and Mennonite culture and heritage, which may have been a very good way of life back then.

(9) Steve Nissley’s parents, having been born and raised Amish, moved here from Kent County Delaware, in the Dover area, where they were raised. They later left the Amish and became Mennonite.

(10) Still later they settled for Amish Mennonite along with some participation with the old order Amish church still, simultaneously.

(11) Amish Mennonite is a step up from Amish and is a step down from Mennonite.

(12) Steve Nissley’s dad once asked him how he thinks he would have felt about it if the move from Delaware and the culture change from Amish to Mennonite, then to Amish Mennonite, had never happened.

(13) Steve replied that in such a case one would probably be ignorantly happy to have remained in ignorance as an Old Order Amish person, but that he is "very happy now that it is as it is"!

(14) Whenever you have a normal conversation with Steve Nissley, if he uses unclear terminology due to his Amish Mennonite heritage and culture, or if he says or writes things that are unclear please bring it to his attention.

(15) Steve Nissley is committed not to allow any irresponsible communications stemming from his heritage and culture to be in the way of any of his terminology so as to hinder, harm or hurt any of his relationships or friendships or to hurt or harm his social life or business dealings.

(16) What in life can be more important than to have clear communication in relating with our fellow human beings?

(18) All too often humans, especially anyone who was born in the Amish and Mennonite culture, may have been slightly reluctant in the past to take personal responsibility in a moment of any misunderstandings that may have been caused because by peer pressure or because of wanting to look good.

(19) Feel free to speak to Steve Nissley about it if you feel that he has not spoken clearly or appropriately concerning a matter.

(20) If Steve Nissley has been unclear in his speaking or has left you with unanswered questions about anything please make it known.

(21) Steve Nissley grew up in a large family on a small beef farm in the village of Fishersville VA in conjunction with another farm which his dad had also owned near the village of Stuarts Draft VA.

(22) Steve Nissley's parents moved to Stuarts Draft from Dover Delaware in 1951, perhaps in part to escape the rigidness of the "Old Order Amish community" in Delaware

(23) Thanks for the influence of numerous kinfolk already living in the Fishersville and Stuarts Draft area that took and welcomed them in as newcomers.

(24) Steve Nissley was born with the natural artistic talent and a passionate love for the interior painting trade, it seems as though he was “born with a paint brush in his hand”. You can read about his painting services in the painting section of this website.

(25) Steve Nissley's dad took great pride raising his children the right way with integrity and teaching them "hard labor”, and by all means, “do it right” if it was "worth doing at all", he would say. 

(26) Steve Nissley is grateful that in their youth, their dad had trained them hard labor, success, and perseverance.

(27)This training has really helped prepare Steve Nissley to establish himself and succeed in life in general and in his professional interior painting contracting business.

(28) Steve Nissley could not have asked for a smarter dad. One can imagine he is smiling down on his children now with great pride at their accomplished lives of success. 

(29) Steve Nissley’s dad was raised in the old time Amish Community of Delaware; his own father was a horse and buggy Amish Pastor "Bishop” in the Amish church in 5 church districts.


(30) Steve Nissley is one of the son’s of the late Ira D. Nissley, and their mother Matilda.  

(31) More often than not, Ira was called "I D", he had adopted a business title “Nissley And Son’s”. 

(32) Steve Nissley is sometimes called “Steve Jr” or “Ira Jr” or "I D Jr" though neither name is officially accurate. 

(33) Sometimes his friends call him Stevie or Steven. On his birth certificate, his official given name is Steven Eugene Nissley.

(34) Steve’s dad, the late Ira Nissley, was a Builder and a Master Brick and Block Layer; he also trained others in the trade.

(35) Steve Nissley’s dad, the late Ira Nissley, was also known as a Machinist. Plus that, Ira was also a Farmer, a Machinery dealer and a Real Estate and Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Salesman. Steve enjoyed this saying; “we don’t call these sweepers, we call them vacuum cleaners because that is what they are” end quote.

(36) The late Ira Nissley was also a real estate investor and mortgage broker. Before he passed away, he asked Steve Nissley to continue that legacy, which Steve Nissley may do in the near future.

(37) Steve Nissley is a grandson of the late Pastor "Bishop" David LeRoy ("Roy"). Nissley. The late “Roy Nissley” family came the east from Kansas.

(38) It could be possible that some of the Nissley’s ancestry may have settled in Kansas as a result of having migrated from Russia.

(39) It was said that some of the Russian Mennonites, who had fled the Russian communist persecution against any Christian religion, migrated to America. It was said that some of them settled in Kansas.

(40) It was said that they brought with them their prize red wheat from Russia and raised and harvested they the wheat in Kansas. That is how Kansas became known for growing and producing Russian red wheat, so it was said.

(41) But Steve Nissley is a direct descendent of Christian Nissley who supposedly sailed here from Germany several hundred years ago.

(42) As a result of having no resources of his own to pay his ship fare, Christian Nissley was supposedly stranded on the ship, unable to exit until someone was willing to pay his ship fare.

(43) Research revealed, or so Steve Nissley was told, that Christian Nissley was supposedly taken under the wing of an Amish man who paid his ship fare.

(44) Steve Nissley was told that this is probably how it came to be that Christian Nissley was introduced to the Amish way of life. 

(45) It is supposedly not believed that Christian Nissley was previously of the Amish or Mennonite culture. 

(46) Beings that Steve Nissley also does have some difficulties at times pronouncing the sounding of some of the other difficult Amish or Mennonite names, he certainly understands if you have difficulty with the pronunciation of the name Nissley.

(47) The pronunciation of Nissley is pronounced as it is spelled, or so we say. Northerners seem to have the easiest time with this. There are only short vowels in the name.

(48) Southerners tend to draw the name out by pronouncing it with a long "i" or sounding out the "i" as an "e".  The actual "e" in the name Nissley is rather subtle or silent or carried out as a long "e" In writing it out some have written Nicely or Nicley or Nessley or Nisly or Nisley.

(49) While these are all correct names in themselves, they are independent names, and likely came from the original name, none of them are the correct way to spell or pronounce "Nissley".

(50) Steve Nissley is believed to be in the sixth generation going forward. 

(51) Please, if you have any further information on this subject of Steve Nissley's family tree, or if you know of someone who does have, please do not hesitate to let Steve Nissley know about it.

(52) Steve Nissley wants to do some traveling in search of kinfolk, friends and other lost connections in the Amish and Mennonite communities across the nation. Help Steve Nissley build a family tree story.

(53) Steve Nissley would like to find some Amish kinfolk who would teach him how to operate a farm horse to plow a field; this would be a good experience and valuable knowledge. It could turn out to be a good experience to be able to drive a road horse, he is hoping he could adapt to the real country life and live like the Old Order Amish do for a short while. 

(54) Steve Nissley wishes he could find all the living descendents of Christian Nissley and Thomas Lee if it were possible, but that is a much larger task than Steve Nissley wants to take on right now, but still, if you are one of those descendents in the following paragraph, let Steve Nissley know.

(55) Steve Nissley wants to find as many descendents as possible of his paternal great grandparents, “Abraham and Elizabeth (Kauffman) Nissley” and Moses and Lydia (Miller) Schrock, and also as many descendents as possible of his maternal great grandparents: Noah and Matilda (Yoder) Lee and Gideon and Lydia (Yoder) Byler.

(56) If you have any such information, if you care to, please send Steve Nissley all the info you have on hand. Thank you so very much!

(57) If you care to, each of you who is a descendent of those mentioned, please send me your name, address, phone, email etc.

(58) And if you don’t mind, please include a brief personal statement or brief life story on a 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of copy paper and send it to Steve Nissley by snail mail or ask him for an email address. Thank you so very much!

(59) Please feel free to use both sides of a regular 8 1/2 x 11 size sheet of copy machine paper. Please include your signature on both sides as permission to use the page in the “family tree book”. If you email it you can sign it electronically

(60) When Steve Nissley has printed the book, it will be available on a 
donation gift basis to cover expenses.  A pre-donation gift would be more helpful so that Steve Nissley can cover the expenses already.

(61) If you are part of the family tree and would like to help, you may send Steve Nissley a suggested gift of about $14.00 to $18.00 of any amount towards the book that you feel is reasonable or appropriate.

(62) You may send the gift to Steve Nissley P.O. Box 1062 Fishersville VA 22939 or you may use the gift form. Thank you! 


And now for Steve Nissley interior painting

(1) :n this portion of this web page, if you feel at some point that it seems as though Steve Nissley is repeating himself below here somewhat in regards his last name and his background and as to whom he is as a painter, it is probably true in a sense.

(2) But Steve Nissley chose to do it that way because he is basically describing himself below here in a slightly different way in light of who he is as a interior painting contractor, even though he is the same person otherwise.

(3) Also keep in mind that what follows here is basically what you will likely see in the other Steve Nissley “painting” pages if you read them as well.



Steve Nissley painting: 

By Steve Nissley,  A hearty welcome is extended to you.

Section A: Steve Nissley painting service

(1) Steve Nissley is a professional Interior luxury painter for your home, your local & travel painteryourway interior Steve Nissley painting person. For painting, call or text him at 540-255-3787 

(2) Steve Nissley thanks you for your interest in his residential & commercial fine Steve Nissley painting business.

(3) Steve Nissley is joyful to provide you with first choice professional interior paint projects. His upscale interior paint projects are a priority because he is totally committed to his specialty; Steve Nissley interior paint projects.

(4) Because Steve Nissley likes to do a lot of traveling and he has kinfolk scattered across many states, he is offering painting services state by state in the following states

Alabama (AL), Arkansas (AK), Delaware (DE), Florida (FL),   Georgia (GA) Illinois (IL), Indiana (IN), Iowa (IA), Kansas   (KS), Kentucky (KY), New York (NY), North Dakota (ND) Minnesota (MN), Missouri (MO), Maine (ME) North Carolina (NC), Ohio (OH), Oklahoma (OK), Pennsylvania (PA),  Tennessee (TN), Texas  (TX) and possibly others.   



Section B: Steve Nissley painting service

(1) Established 1987, 25+ yrs of excellence! Steve Nissley is a skilled experienced interior painter since more than 30 yrs ago! 

(4) If you have a completion deadline for the Steve Nissley painting project that must be met or if you have a certain proposed start date and a proposed completion date for the Steve Nissley painting project, he will try his best to accommodate your needs.

 (2) Steve Nissley painting availability varies; there are times when he has just gotten done with a Steve Nissley painting project.

(3) In such cases, Steve Nissley may have an interval in his painting schedule available for you, before the next Steve Nissley painting project is due to be commenced.

(4) But there may be times that Steve needs to schedule your Steve Nissley painting project on the bottom of the list for Steve Nissley painting projects.

(5) In such a case Steve Nissley will probably get to your Steve Nissley painting project within two or three months, or he may be able to fit yours in a interval that comes up sooner than that between two other Steve Nissley painting projects.

Section C: Steve Nissley painting service

(1)  As a confident leader in the Steve Nissley painting industry, Steve Nissley says; “Steve Nissley is the guy that knows the trade”, quietly “raising the bar”.

(2)  “Steve Nissley is the one for you”, setting a prime example in the glamorous luxurious Steve Nissley painting.

(2) The Steve Nissley painting contractor business is very well established, it is a well known reputable superior painting company. Steve Nissley is highly recommended for top quality craftsmanship in the east, west, north and south.

(3) Steve Nissley has many years of experience in providing painting. Many of Steve Nissley’s individual painting customers have regarded Steve Nissley as “incomparable”, saying Steve Nissley was the best available choice of the decade for luxury painting anywhere nearby, value for value

Section D: Steve Nissley painting service

(1) Steve Nissley; Travel painter: Having been born and raised in the Amish Mennonite culture; often times when Steve Nissley goes traveling, according to the customary cultural ways, for lodging purposes they as a people keep a habit of staying for the night with kinfolk or friends or other Amish or Mennonite connections in traveling. 

(2) This type of lodging arrangement is commonly practiced among Amish and Mennonites for a spontaneous gift or a much smaller fee than what the expense of a motel would be.  

(3) Steve Nissley feels ok about it if there is no regular bed readily prepared. Steve Nissley will gladly accept meager accommodations if necessary.  

(4) Steve Nissley will often accept a sofa bed or couch, or even rough it with a pillow and sleeping bag on the basement floor or in the hay & straw barn.

(5) In nice weather Steve Nissley enjoys sleeping outside in a sleeping bed. Also camping with friends and kinfolk is fun.

(6) These types of classical travel arrangements are great to make Steve Nissley painting projects more accessible and more readily available from east to west, pending his current independent schedule as a painter, and his availability.

(7) This type of travel Steve Nissley painting arrangement is very much like the new "couch potato" program Steve Nissley has recently discovered on the internet where you can register and hang out as travelers, getting to know and mutually trust other registered users and crash on their couches. Very unique!

Section E: Steve Nissley painting service

(1) Because of his life circumstances and because of the close knit culture Steve Nissley was raised in, he could very easily be available to travel most anywhere from east to west to serve you with Steve Nissley painting business!

(2) Pending his schedule in the Steve Nissley painting business and pending his availability, he may be able to provide Steve Nissley painting in any remote locality in VA or in other States, from east to west.

(3) In the state of VA, Steve Nissley’s “primary service area” for Luxury painting includes the I-81/I-64/29 corridors in the cities, towns & surrounding areas of the counties of Augusta, Albemarle, Greene, Madison, Rockingham and Rockbridge.

(4) Steve Nissley’s “secondary service area” in VA for Luxury painting in Luxury painting includes the 29/I-66/I-95/I-495 corridors in the cities, towns, and the surrounding areas of the Counties of Culpeper, Fauquier, Fairfax and Prince William. 

(5) The general span of area where Steve Nissley has consistently provided services as a professional painter the most frequent, in the past 25+ years of business, was in the inner and rural areas of Madison, Charlottesville, Waynesboro, Staunton, & Harrisonburg; mainly within about 40 miles of the Afton Mountain portion of the local Blue Ridge Mountain.

(6) Because Steve Nissley likes to do a lot of traveling has kinfolk scattered across many states, pending his high class interior wall painting schedule and his availability; he is offering eloquent interior Steve Nissley painting services state by state in the following states and possibly others;

(7) Steve Nissley interior room painting for [primarily in Virginia (VA)] Ohio (OH), Delaware  (DE), North Carolina (NC), Georgia (GA), Florida (FL), Pennsylvania (PA), , Indiana (IN), Missouri (MO), Oklahoma (OK) Kansas (KS), Tennessee (TN) Kentucky (KY), North Dakota (ND) Illinois (IL), Iowa (IA), Upstate New York (NY), Arkansas (AK), Texas (TX), Alabama (AL), Montana (MT) Minnesota (MN).

(8) A few of the other states where Steve Nissley may be the easiest and the quickest inclined to provide Steve Nissley interior home or office painting a little more quickly than the rest of them; besides providing High Class painting in Virginia; are the states of North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida, Georgia, North Dakota and Upstate New York.

(9) In the state of Massachusetts and in the other states mentioned, depending on the circumstances, and his availability, Steve Nissley offers contracting & subcontracting services for; interior painting of business offices, commercial Industrial warehouses, stores, storefronts, restaurants, cafés, cafeterias,  delis, community halls commercial kitchens, etc  (new construction or existing building structures).


Section F: Steve Nissley painting service

(1) Most of Steve Nissley painting business is generated through Customer referrals and repeat business from east to west and north to south. 

(2) His customers are generally more than satisfied and confidently recommend reputable Steve Nissley painting to friends and neighbors with pride. Thank you!

(3)This is the best method of advertisement that Steve Nissley could possibly wish for! Thank you! And thank you for confidently doing business with Steve Nissley.

(4) Anytime you need Steve Nissley paintings please feel to call or text him to discuss in detail any desired Steve Nissley paintings needing to be done.

(5) When you call, ask for “Steve”. His cell telephone number is 540-255-3787. Put his name and number in your billfold and cell telephone contact list and stick up it on your refrigerator door. Tell a friend.

Section G: Steve Nissley painting service

(1) On this Steve Nissley painting page, there is a lot of important information here that He would like for you to know and to be aware of concerning his luxurious Steve Nissley painting and policy if you don’t mind.

(2) It is not required that you read the entirety of this top notch page about Steve Nissley painting, or anything at all beyond this point in this Steve Nissley painting page if you really do not wish to do so.

(3) However, you may actually enjoy it to the hilt; you may want to read all of the detailed information on this classy top notch Steve Nissley painting page in its entirety.

(4) If so, He would encourage you to read this entire Steve Nissley painting page either before you call, or after you called me. Either way is ok. It is written and designed for your enjoyment


Section H: Steve Nissley painting service

(1) What follows hereafter; Steve Nissley has grouped up this Steve Nissley painting page in numbered sections to make it easier to select the particular subject you are interested in learning more about. The sections are listed below.

(2) Each paragraph is also numbered so you can easily retreat back to something that you had read earlier. Be sure to write down the section and paragraph number and also the page title of this particular Steve Nissley painter page.

(3) There may be portions of this Steve Nissley painting page that you find more interesting to read than other portions.

(4) Check the subject list and scroll down, skimming through each section to find the specific subject or the specific portions of a subject of your interest concerning his independent Steve Nissley painting. 

(5) Most of your initial questions are answered concerning his policies and how he does things uniquely in Steve Nissley painting operations. 

(6) You may feel free to contact Steve Nissley on this website or by telephone with any further questions as needed concerning Steve Nissley painting business.  

(7) As he said, you can ask for himself (“Steve”) when you call.


The said numbered “sections” of this Steve Nissley painting page also have numbered paragraphs for your record keeping for future reference, and are listed below here, and can be found in the order listed:


                           The Sections list:

Section 1: his social & Steve Nissley painting business name

Section 2: his Amish Mennonite Heritage & principles

Section 3: training in business via his dad

Section 4: carrying on his dad’s legacy

Section 5: his early start in painting as a teen:

Section 6: childhood dream of Steve Nissley painting:

Section 7: Steve Nissley painting business to eventually include a walk in paint shop:

Section 8: establishing Steve Nissley painting business

Section 9: Who Steve Nissley is as a local painter person:

Section 10: travel painteryourway Steve Nissley painting:

Section 11: loyal communication / commitment:

Section 12: Steve Nissley painting discussion & clear understanding:

Section 13: fair negotiations

Section 14 bartering for Steve Nissley painting

Section 15: providing generously:

Section 16 charity Steve Nissley painting:

Section 17: performance & skill:

Section 18: Steve Nissley’s reputation

Section 19: Red paint & other bleed through

Section 20:  Steve Nissley 100% guarantee guidelines:

Section 21: quality v. inferior paint products:

Section 22: the correct primer results:

Section 23: bonding primer types:

Section 24: using toxic primer:

Section 25: Steve Nissley earth friendly products & practices:

Section 26: chemical cleaning agent toxics:

Section 27: shopping around for the best paint:

Section 28: uniform paint for ceilings V. blotchy finish:

Section 29:  despicable “goes on pink dries white” paint

Section 30:  various sheens of paint:

Section 31:  matching colors and sheens new V. old:

Section 32:  color matching & disgruntled sales agents:

Section 33:  staying away from 24 hr discount stores:

Section 34:  more about paint types and brands:

Section 35:  other cosmetic issues in preparation for Steve Nissley painting:

Section 36: removing or painting over wallpaper:

Section 37: materiel’s; filling nail holes, patching & calking

Section 38: Steve Nissley painting tools and supplies

Section 39: Steve Nissley painting reparation procedures

Section 40: air, moisture & room temperatures

Section 41: Steve Nissley painting lighting needs

Section 42:  removing bees and wasps nests:

Section 43:  spray paint wrought iron etc:

Section 44: antiques painted by Steve Nissley:

Section 45: paint your empty house:

Section 46: to paint rentals & investments & real estate on the market:

Section 47: paint various types of ceilings:

Section 48: Steve Nissley paint walls:

Section 49: Paint rooms:

Section 50: Steve Nissley paints doors:

Section 51: paint windows:

Section 52: paint floors:

Section 53: Steve Nissley trimming it out:

Section 54: paint porches

Section 55: paint barns and sheds:

Section 56: garages painted by Steve Nissley

Section 57: paint fences:

Section 58: paint newly constructed homes:

Section 59: Steve Nissley painting restaurants:

Section 60: paint warehouse, industrial & commercial buildings:

Section 61: Steve Nissley office painting

Section 62: paint Churches & Community Halls:

Section 63: decks painted or deck staining:

Section 64: Steve Nissley painting Gift certificates & Christmas gifts:

Section 65: Non discriminatory Steve Nissley painting:

Section 66: Local Steve Nissley painting in these cities towns’ counties subdivisions:

Section 67: Steve Nissley painting Poetry:

Section 68: additional paint projects

Section 69: extras including janitor services:


The said numbered “sections” from the list above begin below the line here:


                             The Sections:


Section 1 >   Steve Nissley’s social name and painting business name:

(1) Steve generally do Steve Nissley painting business operations under his own good name, although he may at times use a Corporation.

(2) As a highly recommended Steve Nissley painting contractor, most of his customers either call him Steve, Steven, Mr. Steve, Mr. Nissley, Mr. Painter or Mr. Painter Man.

(3) As a Steve Nissley painting contractor, occasionally some of his customers actually call him “the paint man with the yellow business card”.

(4) Although, as a Steve Nissley painting contractor, sometimes in the past Steve Nissley has also given out business cards of other colors, including various shades of yellow, white, lavender, red, pink, purple, green, blue, orange, gold, beige, brown, and tan, etc.

(4) As a Steve Nissley painting contractor, his birth name of course is Steven. But most people call him Steve and he usually introduces himself as Steve. Some of Steve Nissley’s dad’s friends often either called Steve pet names or called him after his dad, like Ira Jr. or I. D. Jr. or called him Steve Jr., neither of these is correct, but he didn’t mind.

(5) Apart from being called Steve Nissley as a friend or a painting contractor, some of his friends like to call him Stevie, Stevo, or Sir.

(6) Some of Steve Nissley’s friends at times simply like to call him “Nissley” because there are so many guys around with the name “Steve” and because the name “Nissley” is uniquely unusual around here. It is more of a northern or western name.

(7) The proper pronunciation for the name “Nissley”, as in Steve Nissley painting, is to use only SHORT VOWELS; most of the emphases in the name NISSLEY is put on the two SS’s, sort of like you were going to “sssigh” but not quite like saying “sshhh…”.

(8) The sound of the “I” in the name “NISSLEY” is neither pronounced like a long I nor like a long E. And please keep in mind that the sound of the E is also not actually pronounced like an E.

(9) Also, please keep in mind that NISSLEY is definitely not pronounced like “NESTLE chocolate” or like the sound of “NEEssley”, in other words it is neither pronounced like N E S L E E  or   N E E S L E E  or  N I S L E I. Some have mistakenly called us Missley

(10) Steve Nissley’s mom was born and raised a Lee, so he does have Lee in his blood, therefore, either in a personal level or in Steve Nissley painting business, there is really no harm done with the pronunciation “NissLee”, but that is still not the proper pronunciation.

(11) That pronunciation would be fairly accurate though if one E were left off. In other words, the sounding of the E as in LEY (in the latter half of Nissley) should be softly pronounced a little more like “Leigh” without putting any emphases on either the G or the H in “Leigh”.

(12) The name “Nissley” is a German name, it is frequently found in PA and particularly Kansas where my granddad was from. Steve Nissley has read somewhere that the name Nissley stems from the name “Nicolas”.

(13) The idea that the names Nissley and Nicolas being in the same family linage may subconsciously be one of the reasons that Steve often gravitates to watching DVD movies that are played by the actor Nicolas Cage to chill out after a long hard day of creative Steve Nissley painting.

(14) Sometimes he feels like he can really admire the character that is usually portrayed by Nicolas Cage in most of the movies he acts in.

(15) Not always, but in many cases Nicolas appears heroic, and Steve Nissley really does enjoy watching him acting out his unique characteristics as a hero in a story. Nicolas nearly always plays out his character in the movie portrayed as self giving, displaying an unselfish sacrifice on behalf of the well being of the other characters playing in his movies.   

(16) Whether on a personal level or in the Steve Nissley painting  business, either way, he really does not mind what someone may choose to call him so long as you call him. Furthermore Steve Nissley feels like there is no harm done spelling his name with all lower casings; > IE: Steve Nissley.

(17) And be sure to call Steve Nissley in time for Christmas dinner, or to socialize, and when they open the gates of heaven over yonder, like “when the roll is called up yonder” as that one song goes.

(18) According to biblical scripture, Steve Nissley will even have a new name in heaven! Steve Nissley is so curious what that name will be after his interior Steve Nissley painting business and life is over on this earth!


Section 2 >    Amish & Mennonite Heritage and Principles in Steve Nissley painting business:

(1) Steve Nissley painting entrepreneurship was founded with the legacy of honesty that was passed down, instilled so early in his life by his dad, stemming from the Amish & Mennonite culture and heritage in which he himself was raised, and raised all of his own children likewise.

(2) But let Steve Nissley be quick to say that one cannot honestly lift the culture up above other cultures. While the Amish and Mennonite culture has basically carried its own weight with a legacy of truth and character, there is no one, no, none have ever walked on this earth with a 100% flawless record apart from Jesus Christ himself, whether in the Steve Nissley painting  business or in any everyday life situation.

(3) Steve Nissley’s own parents were both born and raised in very large families on hard laboring farms in the old time horse and buggy Amish culture in the Dover DE area. It was the “Old Order Amish” Community of Kent County, Delaware, an extension of the PA Dutch, German Culture and Heritage".

(4) Steve Nissley’s grandfather was an old fashioned “Amish Bishop”, as Senior Pastor of the entire 5 district community. Steve Nissley’s dad was raised up very strictly as a PK (preacher's kid) by his parents.

(5) A few years after Steve Nissley’s parents were married, they moved to VA, settling in the Amish & Mennonite Community of Stuarts Draft & Fishersville.

(6) Some of Steve Nissley’s parent’s close kinfolk from Delaware and elsewhere, and also some of their Delaware friends were already well established in either the Amish community or the Mennonite community here in the Shenandoah Valley.

(7) This is how it came about that Steve Nissley and his siblings were so fortunate as to have been born in the beautiful dogwood and cardinal state which everyone endeavors to keep earth friendly green and very alive with the cardinal and the dogwood tree. This was a perfect place for Steve’s parents to raise the kids as a family and for Steve Nissley to establish a painting business!

(8) At first, still being old order Amish when moving to Virginia, his parents then joined the more lenient local old order Amish Church in Stuarts Draft VA, but in a few years they uprooted and switched over to an even more lenient Mennonite church, of course that very much disappointed their old order Amish parents back in Delaware.

(9) With the influence and intervention of the Amish and Mennonite elders and kinfolk, Steve Nissley and his siblings happened to get an extra dose of the indoctrination of the intensified church doctrine and dogma from both view points, but eventually, miraculously they finally did learn to trust thier spiritual well being to the hand of God independently on their own level of understanding as separate individuals.  

(10) Thank God the supplier of good gifts, in thier youth thier dad consistently taught them high achievement success and perseverance in real life, not only in the hard laboring farming occupation but also to be independently business minded, whether in the Steve Nissley painting business or otherwise.

(11) Steve Nissley and his siblings grew up in on small family farm in the village of Fishersville, along with another farm, which our dad had also owned, in the Stuarts Draft area. Their dad was surely the smartest man around. 

 (12) Besides being a farmer, their ingenious dad was very skilled with a welder, he could fix nearly anything with hammer or a welder or a piece of old baler wire, the kind of wire from old fashioned hay baling machines that were run by steam engines like Steve Nissley had seen at a old time steam show once.

(13) Steve Nissley’s dad was also a well known used farm machinery dealer, an excellent skilled machinist, a master brick and block layer in masonry, a professional realtor, a friendly Electrolux vacuum salesman and an independent real estate investor.

 (14) Because of the Amish and Mennonite farming culture and heritage that Steve Nissley’s dad was trained in, he constantly kept his children in check and kept them very active on the farm and to be better and better examples to others.

(15) Steve Nissley’s dad faithfully passed down his own father’s historic teachings and training on to his children, including principles of integrity for Steve Nissley painting business.


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